The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


10. Chapter Ten: The Inner-Warrior's Lesson

Chapter 10: The Inner Warrior's Lesson

A month has passed since the battle between me and the innocent beings. In that time, I've felt different about myself in many ways. Every time I train, I always think of how I acted in that battle. I was ruthless; killing in ways that only a cold-blooded killer would kill. Breaking spines in two, tearing a body into two different pieces, shoving my fist through a body, being soaked in blood. From that day forth, I wondered if I truly was a monster.

What really began to scare me was if -when I transform- will I be able to control myself in battle, or will I turn into an even more ruthless monster? None of that mattered now, because I'm still not sure if I have what it takes to become the Ultimate Warrior and succeed in my destiny.

I stood up from my laying position on the mesa's top layer and began to stretch all of my limbs. While doing tiny moans during my stretching, I popped all of my knuckles, popped my back, and popped my neck. After all of these opening exercises, I felt more free and that my body was no longer stiff.

"What to do? What to do?" I decided to start off my training today by mixing up the techniques I've learned, because during that last battle, I noticed that I was off on my timing. My posture was also off by just a little, because some of my jabs nearly missed my target by a slight inch or less. I was lucky to even escape that battle alive.

"How bout I mix up the Thunder Strike and the Rosna attack and try to create a storm that strikes in a Rosna attack, instead of a regular thunderbolt. It could be dangerous, but it's worth a shot." I stood in my position that I use to start off the Thunder Strike, then begun the technique by jumping at least fifty feet in the air. I did the usual pattern of body movements to create the thunderstorm, then instead of yelling "Thunder Strike", I prepared myself for a Rosna attack by charging up my energy.

A small orb of blue light formed in my right palm, and -with all my might- yelled out "Rosna Strike!" The blue orb shot out of my hand and struck the ground so hard that it rumbled the entire desert, as if it were an earthquake. With one last yell, the entire thunderstorm cloud became inflamed with blue light then exploded so loud that the entire world could feel and hear it echoing out into the universe and beyond.

The sky glowed a bright blue that shone so bright, it would blind a human eye instantly. I descended to the ground with my eyes shut, no emotion, and breathing slowly. I looked like a battlescarred angel that had just descended from the heavens beyond.

The ground stopped rumbling and the sky returned to its regular blue color when I opened my eyes. I felt reborn, just like the night I met my inner warrior, but also felt a little drained. It didn't matter though I succeeded in a technique that I've never even thought of until now.

"I bet that even Marsa felt that, along with Black Matter and the rest of his pawns." In my thoughts, I wondered if I might've scared all of Salt Lake City to death. I know Reese knows that it was me, and of course Black Matter, who is somehow spying on me out here. The thought of Black Matter spying on me caused my anger to rise and clench my hands into fists gripped so tight, that my fingernails stuck into my skin like before.

Blood dripped from my fist to the ground, so I unclenched my fist, then ripped a small piece of cloth off my shirt. I wrapped the cloth around my hand and tied it into a knot, so that my wounds could heal. My fingernails were cover in blood, so I just wiped the blood away by rubbing it against my clothing.

I looked like a person who'd been through a battle and barely came back alive. There were cuts on both my pectoral muscles and some cuts on my arms and shoulders. My entire body was covered with dirt and dry blood from the previous battle.

My muscles had grown much larger than when I first started training out here. My chest muscles are completely divine and you can tell every muscle apart from another. My skin is as hard as steel whenever I would flex my arms and chest. I also have grown a few inches and stand at least six feet high. My legs are really divine, so now I understand why when Marsa said I was rough. My legs out-size her's and have much more muscle mass than she does.

Speaking of Marsa, I wonder how she's handling her first pregnancy, how big she is, and still I am trying to think of a name for our son. It has to be something that compares to all of my family. Vern'eska, Moonsha, Marsa, and lastly, my name. Every time I think of one though, nothing ever comes to me.

Why did my father name me "Vern'e" and my sister "Marsa"? Does my name mean something similar to his? Marsa's name had to have come from my mother, because her name kind of goes along with her's. I thought over-and-over again, but once again my mind gave me no answer. "A name will come to me before he's born. He can't be nameless."

I decided to take a small break and think of what to do next. I sat down on the rough ground and lied back against the mesa. My mind boggled like a bullet was ricocheting in my skull. I wondered if I should try another combination, then I thought that if I did another combination, that the citizen of Salt Lake City would become paranoid, due to not knowing what is causing all of these unexplainable events, so the answer to that suggestion was no.

I thought deep in my mind, as if I were digging for gold or any other priceless material. The only thing that came to mind was a crazy suggestion; to try and create a new technique. "Vern'e are you crazy?! Doing this could possibly kill you or destroy the atmosphere, etc. exc."

I was crazy, but what else could I do? Sit and do nothing, while Black Matter is probably raining himself as we speak?

"If I'm going to try this, I need to do something simple." The only easy technique to attempt that came to mind was flying.

It would sure help, because walking is really exhausting anymore, and I could even do better at techniques that require flying. It was official. I was going to try and learn to fly, hopefully without killing myself. I stepped out into my little training ground area and put my hands to my sides, thinking of how the flying technique pattern goes.

"Let's see. The Thunder Strike requires jumping high in the air and holding your stance while in the air, so maybe I need to do that, but the question is, once I'm in the air, how do I stay there?" Suddenly, I was interrupted by a voice inside me.

"It's quite simple. Instead of releasing the energy you build up, you must hold it inside of your body's core."

It was my inner warrior speaking. "What do you mean hold it in my body's core?"

"You don't understand because you've been doing techniques that release energy instead of holding it."

"How do I do that?"

"First, you build up your energy, but not too much energy. Flying only requires a small amount of energy. Try it and see what I mean, just remember to not release it."

"I'll try." I built up some energy in my body and did my best to not extract it.

"Good. Good. Now make sure your body isn't tensed up so much."

"I have to keep it tensed up, otherwise, my energy will escape."

"Vern'e, lead your energy to the one place it can't escape: your heart."

"That'll kill me!"

"Just try it."

I grunted, then focused on my energy inside by leading it to my heart. It was difficult, because my energy is used to being extracted through my palm, so I had to create a pathway for the energy to follow to the heart. "Come on." I struggled, but managed to calm myself, which caused the energy to follow the pathway I created to my heart. I was immediately enclosed in a dome of energy.

"Well done Vern'e, now fly."

"Do I jump?"

"Just get into mid-air, then point yourself in the direction you wish to go."

Worried, I jumped into the air and floated there without falling. With a smile on my face, I pointed myself straight. Immediately, I flew off toward Salt Lake City at speeds of at least one-hundred miles-per-hour. I shouted out in glee, as I flew over Salt Lake City. The people in the city look like small ants.

A plane was passing by, so I decided to fly by and say hi to everyone. I flew up toward the windows of the plane, and immediately everyone looked out of their windows in amazement. One kid waved at me, so I waved back with a smile then flew off away from the plane, back to the Dry Wastelands.

"How do I land?" My inner warrior spoke.

"Breathe slowly and imagine yourself descending to the ground."

I breathed as slow as I could and slowly descended to the ground. "That was actually fun. Thank you inner warrior."

"Like I said the first time we met, I'm here to help you whenever you need it."

"Well, I'll call you next time for advice on anything else I don't know of."

"I'll look forward to it. You getting much closer to becoming the Ultimate Warrior."


"Yes. Today you accomplished something that not even your father could do."



"Well, if it weren't for my father, I wouldn't even be here right now."

"How is that?"

"He saved me in that trans that Black Matter put me in."

"Oh, forgot about that."

"It's alright. I sometimes have times when I forget about past things."

"I look forward to helping you again, but not in this form."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You'll find out in the future."

"Man, I hate when people tell me these unpredictable things."

"Don't worry about it."

"Okay, well, see ya, hear ya, whatever."


"Bye." My inner warrior's presence disappeared. All I could think of before I took my second break for the day, was what my inner warrior meant by you'll find out in the future. What did it mean? With no answer in my head, I walked back over to the mesa and sat back and closed my eyes into a trans.

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