The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


17. Chapter Seventeen: Change of Heart

Chapter 17: Change of Heart

It took a couple minutes to reach the outskirts of Dorsa, but once we did it began to get cold suddenly. As we closed in on Dorsa, the temperature began to drop even more than before. I wrapped my arms around me and moved them up and down my body as an attempt to warm myself up. No matter how fast I moved my arms up and down, I still couldn't warm myself up.

Dorsa was coming into view now. It was a black and white planet about the size of Arm'e. Sorenska and I prepared ourselves for the landing on Dorsa, while Clone 2 focused on a safe place to land. He looked back at Sorenska and I holding each other close, then he turned back toward Dorsa.

"Okay you two, hold on!" The speed of our travel increased to I would guess at least three times the speed of light. Sorenska held me so hard that my legs felt like they were being constricted by a boa snake.

"Sorenska, loosen your grip! My leg is losing circulation!"

"Sorry dad."

"Just hold on!" Sorenska loosened his grip a little, but his grip was still strong enough to cut my circulation. I ignored the grip and focused more on staying balanced during the landing.

The surface of Dorsa began to get closer and closer as we began to pass through the atmosphere composed mostly of sulfur. I gagged with Sorenska, who was looking like he was going to vomit.

"Sorenska don't vomit!"

"I'll try. That smell is horrible!"

"I know. It's sulfur. That's why it stinks so bad. Just hold your breath as best you can."


Both Sorenska and I took a small breath and began to hold our breath. My lungs were beginning to feel constricted, but fortunately we were almost through the final layer of the atmosphere. Sorenska was struggling, because he was groaning and tapping his feet. In my mind, I communicated with Sorenska and said "Just a little further. Hold on my son." He nodded as we came out of the atmosphere into full view of the surface of Dorsa.

At the same time, Sorenska and I both exhaled and began to breathe in deep breaths. We landed on the ground breathing rapidly and began to examine Dorsa. Dorsa was nothing like Earth. It was a blank world with no sun or life in sight. It reminded me a lot of the Dry Wastelands, because the surface was just a long expanded desert. The ground was white and the sky was pitch black with no absolute sign of a single star.

I now realized that the reason it was so cold here, was because Dorsa had no sun to preserve heat. Whatever was lightening the ground wasn't a sun. In other words, we were on a planet that was nothing but a long expanded desert.

"Clone 2, how could anyone or anything survive in these conditions?"

"Dorsa wasn't always like this Vern'e."

"What do you mean?"

"Believe it or not, this long expanded desert used to be a field of vegetation and was covered with individual towns and colonies."

"Why isn't it anymore?"

"My memory is very persistent, but if I remember right, Dorsa used to be located somewhere else in space."


"Dorsa used to be a part of Arm'e."

Immediately I was confused. "What?"

"You heard me right. Dorsa used to a part of Arm'e"

"Then why isn't it anymore?"

"It's a long story."

"Tell me."

"Very well. In the year 1932 both Dorsa and Arm'e were at peace. The Arm'eians and Dorsians were allies with one another. The Ultimate Warrior wasn't even known of at that time, until in 1933 when your grandfather Soren was born. As he grew, he began to learn new things about the Arm'eian culture."

"The Dorsians began to suspect many things. They began to wonder if the Arm'eians were planning something because of Soren's studying of the Arm'eian culture. At first, they were planning on declaring war, then they thought about just negotiating with Soren about his sudden interest in finding out more about his culture."

"On the day they were going to negotiate with Soren unfortunately, something unknown to both Arm'eians and Dorsians happened."

"What happened?"

"A solar eclipse. The Dorsians saw the eclipse as a sign of the Arm'eians declaring an all-out war to declare who is the more dominate race. Before the Dorsians could accept the eclipse as a threat, the Arm'eians told them that they had no purpose of starting a war."

"Luckily, the Dorsians believed the Arm'eians and called off the war. Strangely, however, the eclipse didn't end and lasted for over a year. No vegetation was growing, so Dorsians and Arm'eians were struggling to survive. Over half the population was extinguished due to having no food to survive."

"Only the strongest survived, including Soren. Soren at that time was all grown into a full adult, so he was old enough to actually be considered a warrior. The Arm'eians and Dorsians all prayed for him to help extinguish the thing blocking the sun. Soren agreed and came up with an idea to extinguish what was blocking the sun without destroying the sun itself."

"What could have done that didn't destroy the sun along with whatever blocked it?"

"Now comes the part where you'll start to understand why the Ultimate Warrior exists."


"One day, Soren stepped out to the farthest barrier of Arm'e and stood before the dark figure that covered the sun. He used his knowledge of energy blasts and with all strength, he shot a Rosna attack at the center of the dark figure that covered the sun. The shot hit the figure, but it didn't even penetrate the dark figure. Instead, the dark figure released a strong energy straight through the path of the Rosna attack into Soren's body.

"He underwent a strange transformation. At first, all of the Arm'eians and Dorsians thought he was dead, then he rose from the ground with golden tips on his hair glowing radiantly and a dome around him. He became the first Ultimate Warrior to ever exist."

"The Dorsians and Arm'eians were scared. They thought that the thing blocking the sun possessed his body, but once they saw that the thing that had been blocking the sun for over a year and a half was retracting, and the sun begun to shine over Arm'e and Dorsa once more, they knew Soren was normal and he'd just saved Arm'e and Dorsa from extinction."

"In less than a year, Arm'e and Dorsa were back to living conditions. The population had increased to over a million, and despite the eclipse's effect over Arm'e, all of the Arm'eians and Dorsians left all of what had to do with the eclipse in the past and moved on to the next generation."

"That's amazing. I always thought that the Ultimate Warrior was brought into this world as a natural thing of the Arm'eian culture. What I don't understand, is if the Ultimate Warrior saved Arm'e and Dorsa, why do the Dorsians want the Arm'eians dead, especially the Ultimate Warrior?"

"If you let me finish the story, I'll tell you."

"Please, continue."

"Okay. Soren helped restore Arm'e and Dorsa back to normal, but little did he know that soon all of his efforts would be in vain, for an evil was born two years after Soren saved all of Arm'e and Dorsa."

"An evil Dorsian named Chaos was born and was wreaking havoc all over both Arm'e and Dorsa. Soren knew that he had to stop Chaos from causing havoc and destruction, but he knew the only way to do so was to kill him. If he killed Chaos, the Dorsians surely would see him as an enemy and declare war."

"The day that Soren finally faced Chaos face-to-face was a very devastating day. Soren tried to take Chaos down in many ways that wouldn't kill him, but it was no use. Soren had to kill Chaos, because if he didn't, he'd be killed. Any other way, war would descend upon Arm'e and Dorsa."

"Chaos had Soren pinned down, but the first chance Soren got to strike, he struck. The blow was enough to shut down Chaos's suit and automatically kill him. Some say that Soren screamed so loud he shook all of both Arme and Dorsa."

"About a week later, the Dorsians declared war and of course the Arm'eians accepted the declaration and prepared for a war that would change Arm'e and Dorsa forever."

"The war was evenly matched in power and strategy, but in the end the Arm'eians were victorious. The Dorsians begged for forgiveness, but Soren declined and split Dorsa away from Arm'e into the location where we stand."

"I can't believe it. I would never guess that the Dorsians were once good and allies. Too bad it can't be like it did back then."

"Well that's enough storytime. It's time to enter the unknown world of Dorsa."

"Let's go then."

"Follow me then, for only one city remains here on Dorsa."

Sorenska and I followed Clone 2 into the dark world of Dorsa.


* * *



We passed millions of ruins of old buildings from old towns. To me the sights were in a way sad, because all because of a single Dorsian with a twisted mind, this is what happened to the innocent Dorsians that would save anyone from anything. Clone 2 looked back at me.

"Vern'e are you okay?"

"Not really. It's sad, because of the fact that this was all caused by a single Dorsian with a twisted mind."

"Vern'e there's nothing we can do about what happened in the past, so we must proceed onto the future and hope for the one thing that can save all of Arm'e and the entire universe and that's to defeat Black Matter once and for all."

"Sorry, but my emotions always seem to overreact whenever I see things in other ways that others don't."

"Understood. Let's go."

"Right." I followed Clone 2 and Sorenska further into the world of Dorsa.


* * *


We came to the town about ten minutes after my emotional breakdown. The town looked like one of those old ghost towns in the old west. The buildings had been abandoned for centuries, so the war between the Arm'eians and Dorsians has lasted for over a hundred years.

As we walked further into the town, the effects of the past began to increase. I felt as if I was stepping into a part of Dorsa that was once inhabited by Arm'eians. I could feel a wave of strange energy coming from somewhere in the area. Immediately, I felt light-headed, and my head was beginning to ache.

While moaning in mild pain, I wobbled as I walked. I looked like a drunk after a long night at a bar. Sorenska and Clone 2 stopped and walked over to me. Now I was struggling to even stand, so Sorenska and Clone 2 had to catch me as I fell to the ground. On the ground, I looked around for anything that might be gaseous and may be giving off a stimulating gas, but there was nothing.

My vision begun to fade and turn blurry. It was as if something here is connected to me, and whatever it is, it isn't on my side. I thought back to the story Clone 2 told. He said that a Dorsian was taken down by Soren somewhere on Dorsa. Was this the spot? My eyes bulged to the size of tennis balls, and immediately, my vision returned to normal, and my body no longer was weakened by whatever caused this.

The thing that weakened me had to do with the battle between Soren and Chaos that happened over a hundred years ago. I stood up, with the help of Sorenska and Clone 2 and backed up a little ways.

"Vern'e are you okay?"

"I think we're in the spot where Soren defeated Chaos over a hundred years ago."

"What makes you say that?"

"When I fell to the ground, I thought of that story you told us. When I thought of that battle, the presence of that energy I felt disappeared."

"You're sure?"

"No doubt."

"Well it doesn't mean anything now. That battle's in the past."

"It does mean something."

"How does it Vern'e, it happened over a hundred years ago."

"So what? You're missing one thing Clone 2. I'm the Ultimate Warrior. Soren was the Ultimate Warrior at that time. Therefore, I am linked to that event, and that's why it's effecting me so much."

"But, that's in the past."

"It doesn't matter. In my years at the orphanage I learned the saying "some historic events- if strong enough- can exist in the present." That saying is linked to this situation."

"Vern'e we must keep moving."

"Would you listen to me! You may not feel it, but if you were me you'd understand! There's something here that's calling me. Leading me to something that may answer more questions about my life and the lives before me."

"Vern'e I do understand, but if we stick around any longer, we might as well say goodbye. My creator's watching us at the moment, and if you go snooping around for unknown questions that may lead into a trap, we'll all die!"

"Sorry, Clone 2, but I must do this to find out what is causing this effect on me." Sorenska stepped forward and interrupted the conversation between Clone 2 and I.

"Clone 2, I think my dad's right. I think going in the direction your going is the trap. I agree with my dad, so you can proceed wherever you were leading us to, or you can help us find out what is causing my dad to have sudden thoughts of retreating from this plan of yours'."

I was touched at how much Sorenska wanted to help me discover something that may be a key to finding out more about my past.

"Sorenska, your father could be leading you into a trap."

Sorenska's anger rose at that reply. "Wait just one minute! My dad has protected me through all the dangers we've encountered so far! You have a lot of nerve saying that about my dad! He'd protect all of us from danger! He'd never lead us into a trap! Maybe I was wrong about you Clone 2! You could be just like your no good counterpart, who's now dead thanks to my dad's efforts!"

Clone 2 backed away a few steps. "I'm not evil, I'll just say that."

"Then how did you know Black Matter was watching us?"

Clone 2 froze, because Sorenska just broke the ice. "Very good Sorenska, you've finally seen what Black Matter wanted me to do all along." Evil immediately infested Clone 2's eyes, just like Clone 1's.

I spoke out at the remark of Clone 2's sudden change of heart. "Clone 1 was the decoy, while you were the main subject the entire time."

"Exactly. He wanted you to defeat Clone 1, so that you'd gain my trust and believe that was good. I tricked you into coming to Dorsa. There's no such thing as a room where you can train for over seven years in seven days."

"Then that energy I felt was Soren's energy warning me of you sending us into a trap."

"Unfortunately, yes it was. He was here warning you of my deception against you."

"Well, I can't have another one of Black Matter's creations existing in this world, so it's time to extinguished once and for all."

"Go ahead and try, because if you think I'm weaker then Clone 1, you are dead wrong. I'm ten times stronger than that weak piece of trash."

"Let's go then." At that moment, Sorenska interrupted.

"No dad, let me waste this one. You're still in rough condition from that last battle."

"Sorenska, I wasn't even able to teach you the one thing you need to defend yourself. I can't let you get hurt."

"Don't worry dad. There's still many things you don't know about the Arm'eian culture that I'm much aware of."

"What do you...

"Don't worry I'll be fine."

I was a little cautious, but I knew that if Sorenska was determined to do this, I had to give him a chance to show me what he is truly capable of.

"Go, do your best to defeat him."

"You got it."

Clone 2 laughed then let out a slow grunt. "Fine with me. If the brat wants to battle in your place, so be it."

Sorenska walked out into the open street about ten yards from Clone 2, and stood humblely in the stance I taught him.

"Let the battle begin Clone 2."

"Let it."


* * *


The ground began to rumble as they simultaneously rush at each other. Sorenska was the first to make the move with a missed punch to the face. Clone 2 used Sorenska's misplaced punch to land a severe blow to the abdomen and a upper cut to the jaw. Clone 2 grabbed Sorenska by the sides of the head and threw a knee straight to the upper jaw. Lastly, Clone 2 threw another severe blow to the abdomen.

Sorenska fell to ground coughing up blood and splattering the ground with the blood. He was gasping for breath and trying to regain his strength. Clone 2 stood next to Sorenska, looking at him with a glare that shun of nothing but evil.

Sorenska looked upward, but he was quickly kicked hard to the ground. "Well this has been fun and all, but I have a more opposing opponent waiting." Clone 2 planted his foot on Sorenska's back and began to pressurize deep into the flesh. It was just like that night when Black Matter arrived at the orphanage to make my life a living Hell. He pressurized his foot into my chest. Sorenska was in the same situation. I couldn't take it any longer. I had to help Sorenska.

I prepared to lunge out at Clone 2, but before I could, the ground begun to rumble. Sorenska was glowing beneath Clone 2's foot. "You brat! What are you doing!" Sorenska let out a yell of power that was so strong it sent Clone 2 flying off of him into a building, where he crashed.

Sorenska stood from the ground, still glowing a radiant light. He looked at me as a totally different person. "Stay put. I got this handled." I backed away from Sorenska and leaned up against a building. Sorenska looked away from me back toward Clone 2, who was now in the middle of the road in severe condition.

"You brat! I don't know how you were able to escape my grip, but now you'll regret it!"

"I told you that there's more to me than just a small kid that sits on the sidelines. I have powers far beyond yours' Clone 2."

"What! Are you saying that your power surpasses mine?"

"Ridiculous. I was created by the strongest being in the universe."

"My father is the strongest in the universe."

"Shut up! Time for you to die!"

"Just try."

"You cocky smart-ass little brat!" Clone 2 rushed at Sorenska, but was quickly stopped by a blow to the stomach by Sorenska. Clone 2 was motionless. He was frozen by the blow that Sorenska landed. Blood begun to leak to the ground from the stomach area.

I was shocked, because I was never able to land a punch as severe as the one Sorenska just shot at Clone 2. The one question I had though was where did Sorenska get all this power, and yet he still calls me the most powerful being in the universe. He has Clone 2 paralyzed in midair and has full control over the battle. How am I still stronger than him?

Finally, Sorenska pulled back his fist and chuckled as Clone 2 fell to the ground. On the ground, Clone 2 coughed blood out of his body onto the ground. He coughed as Sorenska began with his second assault.

Sorenska kicked Clone 2 with full strength in the side of the head. "You still think I'm weak? You still think that I'm just a small kid with no hope of defeating an opponent of your caliber? I sure hope you don't, because in less than a minute you'll be dead."

"You may've injured me, but I still am stronger then you!"

"Quit talking nonsense. You're defeated. It's over."

"No it's not!" Clone 2 rushed at Sorenska with all his power, but was stopped by a punch to the face. Clone 2's nose was broken and bleeding repulsively, and a few of his teeth were on the ground. "Curse you!" Sorenska grabbed both of Clone 2's legs and lifted them out from underneath Clone 2. Sorenska began to spin Clone 2 around like a tornado. He got faster and faster until you couldn't see them anymore, and they were just a giant spinning vortex.

Clone 2 was yelling that he was going to puke. I let out a little chuckle, then saw as Sorenska finally let go of Clone 2 and sent him flying into the sky. Clone 2 was motionless, so Sorenska prepared for the final blow. What I saw next amazed me, and showed that he truly was my son and one-hundred percent pure Arm'eian.

"Rosna attack!" A giant blue orb shot out of Sorenska's palm into the sky. The blast was enormous, and he wasn't even struggling or weak. How he was doing this, I had no idea. I was just glad that it was him winning. The blue orb hit and absorbed Clone 2, like a vacuum absorbing whatever is targeted.

The blast exploded and created a giant blue and white haze that could blind a human's eye at first sight. There was no remnants of Clone 2 other then a piece of fabric that fell from the sky. Sorenska caught the piece of fabric and gripped it in his hand. His gaze was of nothing but a true warrior's kind of gaze. His eyes glowed of crystal blue, and the way he stood showed who he truly was. He was a warrior by the of the Supreme Warrior.


* * *



Once the blue and white haze faded out of sight, Sorenska walked back over to me with a smile on his face and his eyes glowing like blue crystals. The glow in his eyes gave me the creeps, because that's the first thing I noticed about Marsa when I first met her. He looked up at me. "Told you I could do it."

"I guess I underestimated you. You are definitely stronger than I thought you were."

"Still, you surpass me dad."

"I know. You said so in your conflict with Clone 2."

"Guess I did."

"Sorenska, how did you do what you did?"

"I knew that question was coming. The answer lies in the Arm'eian culture. You know how I glowed and was able to push Clone 2 off me."


"Well, usually Arm'eian's would use anger and frustration as a power booster, but in the old days of the Arm'eian race, power came from love and emotions. So, when I was pinned down by Clone 2, I looked at you and saw that you were ready to take over. I knew that I couldn't let you put yourself at danger, so I just focused on the reason I was fighting Clone 2 for. I was fighting to protect you from any further danger."

"The glow represents the reason I'm fighting, that's how I was able to push Clone 2 off of me."

"Okay, what about the Rosna attack?"

"That originates to before Clone 1 and 2 interrupted our little training session. The first two attempts at the Rosna attack were failures, and I saw the flaws and mistakes I made, so when I did it against an opponent, I knew if I focused hard enough, I'd succeed."

"So it was a 50/50 chance."

"Sort of. I knew I had it though."

"Well, the important thing is that it's over."

"Not exactly."

"What makes you say that?"

"Because, when Clone 2 said that Black Matter was watching us, he wasn't lying."

"So, you're saying that Black Matter knows we're here, and we just did away with his creations."

"You hit it right on the nose."

"Damn, now he's going to be frustrated as hell."


"That means...

"Yes. We'll soon face Black Matter."

I was excited and scared at the same time, for what I've awaited for over a year and a half has finally come. "I'm ready. Let him come all he wants. It's time for him to meet his demise. He's deceived meet multiple times, now it's his turn, only this time I'll finish him. The universe will be safe once more, and my father's sacrifice will be avenged."

"And I'll be there to assist when things get ugly."

I smiled then looked down at Sorenska. "Then we're in this together."


I grabbed Sorenska's hand. "Together." We released our grips. "Let's go home."

"To face terror in the face."

"To face terror in the face."

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