The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


14. Chapter Fourteen: Birth of a Supreme Warrior

Chapter 14: Birth of A Supreme Warrior

The time has come at last. Soon, Sorenska will be born, because the six months have passed since Marsa and I first met. The last month-and-a-half has been the same thing over-and-over. I've punched so many boulders that my knuckles were now coated with calicus, and done the Rosna attack multiple times to the point where I had it down perfectly and could charge one up in less than a second or less.

The snow that once covered the mesas existed no more, and had melted due to spring. The first year was up, so apparently it was January or February. The hot temperatures had returned, but were fortunately very mild. It was early, so I stretched and popped all my joints. Feeling better, I grabbed my bag and wrapped Te Spetar Swors around my shoulder in its sheath secure then walked out into the opening as before to prepare for my transportation to Arm'e.

"Transport!" At that moment, a high amount of luminosity enclosed me in a dome. The light nearly blinded me, as the dome enclosed me slowly, meaning preparation for take-off. With a large breath, I leaped off the ground and transported to Arm'e at two-times the speed of light.

Due to my chest being bare, the speed caused the dome to increase in temperature. I was sweating severely and panting at the same time like a dog does on a hot day. I tucked my arms to my sides and closed my eyes, also watering from the speed. The heat intensified, causing me to sweat even more than before.

Strangely, I tensed up my muscles for some strange reason. I guess that it was my Arm'eian instincts acting up again. I passed through the asteroid belt, and while passing Jupiter, I admired the colors of the surface and the Big Red Spot, which is the most noticed feature of Jupiter's surface. It was much larger then what you see in astronomy textbook pictures of the Big Red Spot.

Saturn's rings were also astonishing, because they were much more large and extended then what you see in pictures. At times like this, I wish that everyone could have the opportunity to see these things; counting out NASA, who's already seen this. Unfortunately, all my friends and family were dead due to Black Matter, except for Marsa.

Arm'e was in the distance, so I prepared myself, due to hitting a Dorsian before I went underground during my last visit. I crossed my arms to create an "X" formation, then watched as I closed-in on the atmosphere of Arm'e, then into the city below. I passed through the ground like a ghost and landed clean in the cave that led to the home of the Resistance.

The dome of luminosity and energy faded like smoke to any opening that it could escape through. I stood tall, sweeping the sweat away with my hands. By the time I was done, a dark spot was on the ground, fading into the ground. I felt somewhat cleaner, but I knew I wasn't.

While walking down to the door, I whistled that same tune as before in the Dry Wastelands. It echoed throughout the long, extended tunnel, like a ghost humming a tune next to you. The sound calmed my nerves, that were so tied up into knots from hyperextending my muscles in training. It hurt like hell, but I toughed it out, for I'd been through much worse.

The first injury was when Black Matter completely shattered my lungs and ribcage, by pressurizing his steel boot into my chest. The second was when Black Matter first deceived me, and the rough ground in that trans was sharper than hell, that it cut my feet, back, chest, etc. The third and most painful was when I accidentally kicked myself in the groin during training. I couldn't walk for hours and was limping like a man with a broken leg.

I put the thoughts of injuries aside as I came to the door with the golden knob.

"Am I ready for this? To become a dad? A father? Mostly, are they going to recognize me, because my hair now has blonde tips?"

I gulped and reached out for the knob. "Here goes." I grabbed the knob and turned it right. I pushed the door open and walked into the courtyard.

I was nervous as hell, but luckily I was recognized by the people of the Resistance. I could hear whispers echoing throughout the courtyard saying things such as "he seems to have changed. Do those blonde tips mean he's the Ultimate Warrior? Did he dye the tips of his hair blonde?"

I shook my head and continued to walk down the center aisle toward Marsa bedroom door. No one was attempting to stop me, not even the guards that are usually putting their electric spears to my face and questioning who I am and what I am here for. Apparently, they must know exactly why I am here. At Maras’s door, I noticed it was slightly opened. "Strange. Usually Marsa prefers privacy, but I guess that she may have sensed my presence and opened it telepathically or something like that.

I pushed the door inward and entered slowly entered. Before proceeding any further, I shut the door behind me. I walked down the hall to Marsa's room, that was faintly lit with any light. "What is going on?" I rushed to Marsa's room and

entered, only to see her crying in excruciating pain. She was in labor.

Marsa saw me and very faintly she called me over to her side of the bed. I was sweating and panicking at the same time as I rushed to her aid. Her face was of nothing but pain and misery. She was sweating and crying at the same time. "Marsa are you okay!"

"Help me! It hurts!"

"How can I help! I'm not a doctor!"

"Get this thing out of me!"

"Dammit Marsa! I can't get him out! I don't even know the right way to extract a baby!"

"Vern'e! You can't tell me that you've never seen a movie or anything that shows basics on how you extract a baby! For Pete’s sake get him out!"

"Isn't there a doctor here!"

"No! Get him out! Please! I can't keep this up for much longer!"

"Fine! I'll try!" I relocated myself around to the front of the bed. "Spread your legs!" Marsa spread her legs as far apart she could. "Listen! I'm going to need you to calm yourself and breathe normally!"

"Vern'e I can't it hurts too bad!"

"Marsa do you want him out or not!"


"Then do as I say, and calm yourself!" Marsa calmed as hard as she could. Every vein was sticking out on Marsa's forehead. "Marsa breathe slowly and prepare to push!" She pushed herself to a normal breathing level with all her strength. "Okay! Ready! One, two, three push!" Marsa pushed so hard that she nearly kicked me in the face with one of her legs. "Again! One, two, three push!" Once again Marsa pushed so hard that she nearly jumped off the bed. I could see Sorenska's head and arms, which meant that one last push should do it. "One last time Marsa! One, two, three push!" Marsa push so hard that her face turned purple and every vein in arms and face stuck out bulging. "Marsa he's out!" I pulled out Sorenska and held him in my arms. Marsa sat back exhausted from labor.

Sorenska didn't make a single peep. He didn't cry, whine, or even move. Immediately, I panicked and felt for a pulse. Fortunately, he was completely healthy and had a normal pulse rate. I wiped the sweat from my forehead in relief. I held Sorenska close to my chest. "Welcome to the world Sorenska."


* * *



I cut the umbilical cord with Te Spetar Swors gently then used some spare fabric in my bag to wrap Sorenska in. Sorenska had all of me in him. His hair was the same formation as mine and was brown. The only difference was that he didn't have the blonde tips, because he wasn't the Ultimate Warrior.

His face was all me. The nose and mouth were the same as mine. The eyes however, were unknown, because he hadn't opened his eyes yet. The point is Sorenska had everything of me in him, and until he awakens I will not know if he has any of Marsa in him. He may have her eyes and possibly her ability to manipulate the mind, but until he awakes, these traits remain a mystery.

It's been two hours since the birth of Sorenska, and currently, I was the only one awake. Marsa and Sorenska both were sleeping. I decided that maybe I should sleep with them, to kill time. Then again, I remembered what Black Matter did to me, so I decided not to, for I'd taken to many chances already by coming to Arm'e.

I sat back against the wall and closed my eyes for a second then opened them back up. I looked over toward where Sorenska lied in his blanket. I focused on him, making sure he was breathing normally, but instead I noticed something else. He'd changed in many ways.

He'd grown, developed more muscle tone, and looked like a pre-teen. My eyes bulged, for I was confused severely. How did this happen? He's only two hours out of birth and already looks about eight years old. This had to have something to do with Arm'eians. That explains it, because I was able to do impossible things at such a young age.

Did I grow like this? Is this part of Marsa's kind of culture? My mind boggled with these questions, which gave me a headache. I shook the questions away and walked over to Sorenska. "He's completely healthy, but this just amazes me." Before I could say anymore, Sorenska's eyes opened slowly and looked right at me.

I backed away as Sorenska rose from the ground and walked toward me. "Who are you?"

My heart skipped a beat. Did my son just talk in a complete sentence? I looked down at Sorenska and responded. "I'm your father."

"Oh, hi dad."

"Hello son." I was sort of creeped out by the fact I was talking in complete sentences to my son.

"Where's my mom?"

"She's right here Sorenska, but she's asleep."

"Why did you call me Sorenska?"

"That's your name."

"Well then I feel kind of stupid not knowing my own name."

"You aren't stupid. Can you tell me how you grew so fast and know how to speak full sentences?"

"It's all part of an Arm'eian birth. When an Arm'eian baby is born they're in a trans, where they grow and develop."

"Amazing. Now I know why I was the way I was when I lived in the orphanage."

"By the way what is your name and my mom's name."

"Mine is Vern'e and your mother's is Marsa."

"Good. Now I know your names."

"Very good."

"Now what?"

"We have to wait for your mother to wake up before we can leave."

"What should we do?"

"How bout' I tell you why you're here. Just to warn you, it might scare you a little."

"Tell me. I can take it."

"Here goes. A year ago, a tyrant by the name of Black Matter came to Earth and assaulted me. He told me of my true origins and that I was the Ultimate Warrior, and as you can see, I am. After I fired a Rosna attack at him, he deceived me and gave me five years to train and battle him."

"So, how did you become the Ultimate Warrior?"

"A few months ago, Black Matter deceived me by attacking the place I used to live in. He killed all of my friends and family on Earth, which caused my rage to pile up so high and release all of my rage into the form of a new being."

"Wow. So you need my help to defeat him."

"Yes. I can't continue to almost die each time he deceives me, and need a partner to back me up."

"I'll do it then. I can't lose my father."

"Good to know. We'll depart when your mother awakes from her sleep."


Sorenska and I sat talking for the next few hours, until Marsa finally woke out of her sleep. She moaned and remained tied to the bed, due to being exhausted from delivering Sorenska. "Morning sunshine."

"Vern'e, is Sorenska okay?"

"He's great. In fact, he's right here."

"Let me see him."

"Sorenska, come see your mother."

Sorenska walked past me to Marsa's bedside. "Hi, mom."

Marsa looked like me when Sorenska first talked to me. "Uh, hi, Sorenska."

"Marsa don't worry he's not unhealthy. He's just developing normally like any other Arm'eian baby."

"That's a relief."

"Yeah, it is."

"You should go now."

"Right. Say bye to your mom, Sorenska."

"Bye, mom."

"Bye, son."

Without looking back, Sorenska and I exited Marsa's room into the courtyard. All of the people of the Resistance looked at us like two strangers as we walked to the door that led to the cave. I opened the door to the cave and exited without looking back. I shut the door behind us and began to walk with Sorenska back to our extraction point.

Sorenska looked up at me, noticing Te Spetar Swors wrapped around my shoulder in its sheath. He smiled then redirected his attention to the tunnel. I ran my hand through my hair as we came to the extraction point.

"Dad. Where do we go now?"


"How? There's no exit."

"That's because we're transporting back to Earth."

"You can do that?"

"Yes. Now come over to my side."

Sorenska slowly walked to my side and clenched at my leg. "Transport now!" Just like before, the dome of energy and luminosity appeared and enclosed both me and Sorenska. The dome enclosed more and more, then I jumped, and immediately we transported back to Earth at twice the speed of light.

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