The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


4. Chapter Four: Twilight

Chapter 4: Twilight

The Dry Wasteland's temperatures immediately wore me down, and my body felt like it was full of ten tons of lead. I immediately began to sweat severely and had the urge to vomit from the heat waves being inhaled into my body then staying in my lungs.

Standing was hard for me, but I knew if I didn't try to fight the intense temperatures of the Dry Wastelands, then I might as well give up and die quickly. With all my strength I fought against the harsh temperatures and stood strong against all odds, even though my body still felt heavy.

"I'm stronger than you! You won't bring me down in any way possible!" I didn't know who I was yelling at, perhaps it was the temperature getting me again, or possibly Black Matter. I picked up large rock that suddenly turned into a version of Black Matter's head. My anger begun to rise to dangerous limits that cause the ground to start shaking, as if an earthquake were occurring.

Fire burned in my eyes as I shouted so loud it echoed throughout the entire atmosphere. "I swear once the five years are up, I will kill you in ways you didn't think were possible!" I then closed my hand into a fist, crushing the rock into pebbles, but in my eyes was Black Matter's blood.

The ground began to rumble so rapid that the core would become unstable if I didn't calm myself, so I took a deep breath then let it out, and the ground stopped shaking. I shed a tear then whispered " I swear on my family's graves you will perish."

I walked to a nearby mesa, and set down the sword and sheets that the computer gave me. The heat was intense against me, but I knew I was stronger, so I grabbed the sheets and began to study them.

The first technique was the one I performed last night out of instinct being an Arm'eian. The Rosna attack was simple,



because all you had to do was charge your body's energy up to a certain limit, then form the attack in your extraction point, which is your palm.

I prepared myself as I began my first attempt at the Rosna attack technique. I closed my eyes picturing myself finding my inner core. Concentration and patience was the key to finding your inner core, which I had plenty of, because I found my inner core fast. What happened last night, I figured must've opened my pathway in my body.

The energy inside of my inner core immediately began to extract itself to the extraction point. I opened my eyes, only to see that I was encased in a force field of energy, and the energy from my inner core was forming in my palm. All I had to do now was give the command. I held my arm with the orb in it away from my body then yelled "Rosna attack!"

The orb of energy shot out from my hand and flew out toward a mesa, where it later exploded. A blue haze lit the entire sky, and the sound of the explosion echoed throughout the sky for all to hear. Once the blue haze faded, the mesa that once stood was now nothing but a giant crater.

"Did I overdo it?" At that moment I began to feel dizzy then fell to the ground. Before I passed out, I had a small memory of a positive event in the orphanage when I was very young. Finally, I passed out into a deep slumber.



* * *



I awoke feeling kind of sick. I coughed out the dust, then rose off the rough surface; nearly collapsing as I balanced myself. My eyes were full of dust, so I wiped the dust away using my clothing. My head was pounding and I had a headache that nearly was killing me. I tried to brush it all away by shaking my



head, but it only made it worse.

I looked at the sky, noticing that it wasn't just any ordinary night due to its appearance. The sky had a mixture of colors such as mixes of purple, green, and blue. Tonight was twilight. It is a common event in Salt Lake City. It occurs once or twice and sometimes rarely three times a month.

I loved to admire this event, because it is so beautiful due to its features. Nearby I could see a light in a small cave, so being curious I began to walk toward the cave. As I got closer, I felt a strange energy around me, as if I were connected to whatever was leading me to the cave.

The closer I got I began to feel as if I were reborn, and my energy was increasing inside. My heart began to beat faster than ever in my whole life, as I entered into the cave. Inside, it was dark with a slight dim of light against the cave wall. The wind created a slight humming sound, as if a song were being sung to me. Looking up at the cave wall, I began to walk toward it, due to a force pushing me to the cave wall for some reason connected to my destiny.

Along the wall I saw nothing but stone smooth as ice, as if it had never even been touched or affected over time. I rubbed my hand along the wall's surface, then the wall ignited with carvings of ancient writings. "What the... I was interrupted by a voice.

"State your name Arm'eian."

I gulped then responded. "Vern'e."

"If you can read the sentence I show you, you may remain here, but if you cannot, you will leave. Understood."

] "Yes." I'm doomed. The sentence appeared in front of me, carved in the stone wall. "Sen a Vern'eska enoa Moonsha; Eh oma te Ulateme Waro."

"Here goes strange voice." I overlooked the sentence and thought of how to say it, so with all my effort I read it as best I could in English. "Son..of Vern'eska... and Moonsha;... I am the



Ultimate Warrior." I gulped.

"You may stay Ultimate Warrior."


* * *


"May I know your name now mysterious person speaking to me?"

"I am you."

Immediately I was confused. "What?"

"I am your inner warrior."

"What? My inner warrior?"

"Yes. I am what must be revealed in order for you to transform into the Ultimate Warrior."

"Why am I here?"

"I summoned you here, because I must warn you about the consequences of using the Rosna attack."

"Why did I pass out?"

"Vern'e, how well do you know the Arm'eian language?"

"Not very well."

"The word "rosna" means "life" in the Arm'eian language. So, when you use the Rosna attack, you are using much of your lifeforce in the orb you form. Emotions such as anger, happiness, and love are the main key to the Rosna attack."

"When you used the Rosna attack your first time, you put your hatred for Black Matter into the orb then released it all, so you took most of your emotion out of your body, causing you to lose much of your lifeforce then pass-out, which you witnessed."

"How do I prevent that from happening again?"

"Don't put so much energy into the blast."

"How do I do that if I have to use it in battles soon to come?"

"Vern'e at those times you'll know what to do."

"No I won't. Besides I probably won't be able to ever to transform into the Ultimate Warrior."



"Don't doubt yourself Vern'e. By that time you'll be stronger than ever before, and able to defeat Black Matter. Trust me, you will."

"How? All I have been my entire life is an assistant for the orphanage."

"You are an Arm'eian. Your instincts will unleash themselves in battle."

"How do you know?"

"I am a part of you. Assisting you in battle is a privilege."

Outside the cave, I saw the sun beginning to rise above the horizon.

"Our time is up for now Vern'e, but we shall meet again in a different way."

"What if I have questions?"

"I will help you, I am a part of you, so anytime you need assistance I will help you in many different ways, but none like we have now."

The sun shone into the cave and with a faint glow.

"Until we meet again Vern'e."

The energy I felt before disappeared. I walked out into the harsh temperatures of the Dry Wastelands to the spot where my equipment lay on the surface of a mesa, then lied down and shut my eyes into a dream.

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