The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


5. Chapter Five: Progress

Chapter 5: Progress

It was late in the afternoon when I awoke from my rest. Luckily I wasn't sunburnt, but that could have something to do with my skin being different from a human's. Maybe the sun didn't even affect me, then again if it didn't affect me why would I surcome to it's heat.

I ignored the thought as I arose from the ground. My right side of my body had some cuts from the ground and were bleeding. I tore a small fragment of cloth from my shirt and wiped away the blood. This was uncommon, because usually my skin would be hard to even cut with the sharpest blade in the world.

I removed my shirt and was immediately shocked at what I saw. My entire body had changed. My pectoral maximus muscles stuck out, as if they were inflated like balloons. They were as hard as steel and made the ground rumble, by doing the King Kong and Mighty Joe Young move.

My abdominal muscles had also changed, and were also hard as steel, in other words my entire chest had become a giant steel wall. I flexed my chest and immediately felt as if I were a totally different person.

My arms were also different and my biceps and triceps had more detail than before. They were twice their size and almost as hard as my chest muscles. I flexed both my arms and I immediately received the same feeling I had before when I flexed my chest. I was a totally different person.

"I like this, but how did this come to be? I wasn't nowhere near this buff last ni.... I paused for a minute, then thought if my inner warrior was behind this, and that he was giving me a head start on my training. "Thanks", I said.

I stretched then walked over to my supplies, while popping my back, neck, knuckles, and shoulders. Once I finished popping my joints, I grabbed the sheet with techniques on it.



"Maybe I should practice the Rosna attack technique, so that when I use it in battle, I'll be able to control the blast.

"The key to the Rosna attack is based on emotions, so what I need to do is learn how to control my emotions. Simple enough." I walked out into an opening away from my equipment and prepared myself for practice.

I breathed slowly as I closed my eyes and imagined myself controlling my emotions. Emotions are the key. Emotions are the key. Imagine myself controlling my emotions. I thought of happy memories at the orphanage, and slowly released them into my pathway to the extraction of the blast.

Immediately, I thought I had my emotions under control so far, until I stepped into memories of Black Matter invading the orphanage. My emotions were getting harder to control, so I opened my eyes and the orb in my hand vanished.

"Anger is the one emotion so hard to control, but why? Wait, my inner warrior mentioned three emotions connected to an Arm'eian and the Rosna attack; anger, happiness, and love. Is that why I can't control anger very well, because it's the strongest one out of the three?" My anger toward Black Matter was strong and as large as a plethora.

"Hold on! My entire life, whenever I would get angry, I couldn't control myself. That's what unleashed the very first Rosna attack, and why it actually damaged Black Matter a little bit." It damaged Black Matter, because all my anger was put into that blast. Do I have to get angry? Is that the key to controlling the Rosna attack in a battle?"

"I'm going to try, and I hope it works." I braced myself as I closed my eyes thinking of only Black Matter. What he looks like, his voice, the visions of the invasion at the orphanage. My anger began to rise to dangerous levels as I led the energy from my emotions to the extraction point.

I opened my eyes and saw that a giant blue orb had formed in my palm. My eyes bulged, then I began to scream. "Rosna attack!" The giant blue orb shot out of my palm toward a mesa, where it was completely destroyed into a crater that I estimated was over one-hundred meters wide and across.

"I-I don't feel drained or weak! I did it!" I knew now, that anger was the key to mastering the Rosna attack technique.

While exhaling a breath a walked over to my equipment and grabbed the sheet with techniques on it. I looked over the first technique, which was a move called the "Thunder Strike". It was the most difficult out of the other five techniques, due to the speed it requires and the amount of kick, punches, jabs, etc.

"I need to increase my speed, so I need to hold off that technique for now." I walked back into the same opening as before. "Time to begin, hopefully it doesn't take forever."


* * *


I positioned myself in my regular fighting pose, then began by throwing a single punch. It was slow and had no strength in it, so I did another punch, but unfortunately got the same result. I began to get frustrated. My face was beet-red, but not from the sun. My anger began to rise, as a small wave of energy enclosed my entire body like a dome.

It was strange, because this also happened that night Black Matter invaded the orphanage; just before the Rosna attack was fired at Black Matter. "Anger. It progresses me in succeeding in a technique." I got as angry as possible, then burst forth a severe mirage of punches.

The punches moved so fast that I couldn't even see them being lunged forth continuous times, while hitting a boulder, that was now oddly formed with a giant gap in the center. Sweat began to run down my face, but this time not from the sun, but the impact of the punches.

I stopped and pulled back my fists from the boulder. My hands weren't red or bruised, not even scratched, or even bleeding; they were completely unharmed, as if they had received zero impact. Another thing that surprised me was that I wasn't in pain or even tired. "It's official; anger is the key to success in battle."

I decided to take a small break, so I walked back over to the mesa where all my assemblies lied on top of it. Leaning up against the mesa's side felt nice, due to all that I had been through in the past two nights. In my mind I commanded my body to calm itself to an even level, and apparently my body listened, because suddenly I cooled down, and the sweat dried up.

It felt so weird to be out here doing the impossible. The mirage of punches were moving so fast I couldn't see them, my Arm'eian instincts were finally evolving, I had an inner warrior who will help me. In other words, I was making better progress than I thought I would.

I took a slow breath then released it to the winds. It calmed me, because for the first time I felt relaxed, but I knew I couldn't for long. The universe's fate is in my hands, so no matter what I do, I cannot let my guard down or get lazy.

I lifted myself from the mesa's side, and shook my head, causing my neck to pop in a few spots. It felt nice. I grabbed the sheet with techniques on it and went over the "lightning strike" again and made the last decision. "I can do that. I know I can! It's time to get serious Vern'e. No more selfishness, or doubt!"

I went over the technique again then shoved it back in my bag. While preparing myself, I clenched my hands into fists so tight, that my fingernails dug into my skin. Blood leaked onto the ground, but I didn't shout or shed a single tear, I only smiled, then enclosed myself in a dome of energy again.

The ground shook like an earthquake, and contents from the ground floated in mid-air. I gritted my teeth, as I powered my body up to its limit. My strength began to grow even more high the more I focused my energy. I began to shout so loud that all of Salt Lake City could hear and possibly Arm'e somewhere in the universe.

I was powered-up to the ultimate limit, so I curled into a ball, then burst out a wave of energy so powerful it destroyed a whole field of mesas, and blew half of the debris away to somewhere away from Salt Lake City. The entire surface of the Dry Wastelands was as flat as one of those thin phones or laptops as if it had been polished clean of debris.

I opened my eyes then began to perform the "Thunder Strike". In mid-air I threw five kicks, twenty punches, two sets of side-jabs, then one final thrust to the ground with my left hand settled along my right hand in the shape of a fist, while yelling "Thunder Strike!" then struck the ground so hard it made a crater and the sound of the impact was loud as thunder. From the sky, a thunder strike struck me. The power was enormous inside the dome of thunder. I screamed then punched the boulder from before into nothing but small pebbles. The dome of thunder faded away, and I stood strong with my eyes shut, and not even exhausted from the technique's results.

The sound of thunder rumbled the skies. While breathing normally, I walked back to the mesa where my accessories waited for me. I leaned against the mesa again, and like before, it felt relaxing. "That's enough for today. Tomorrow, I'll do that technique again, then hopefully make more progress through these techniques and their results, because even now, due to me succeeding in that technique, I have made excellent progress as of today, and more days to come. Say your prayers Black Matter, because in five years you will fall by my name."

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