The Chronicles of Arm'e

An Arm'eian that was transported to Earth at birth, must take on the ultimate challenges of his life.


15. Chapter Fifteen: Sorenska's Training

Chapter 15: Sorenska's Training

Back on Earth, the dome faded and disappeared. Sorenska unclenched from my leg and stood high, then he suddenly fell. I knew why he collapsed; it was the temperatures of the Dry Wastelands. The same thing happened to me within the first few days I was here, but I got used to the temperatures and adapted to the temperatures here.

"Why is it so hot dad?" Sorenska was struggling to stand up from the ground, so I helped him up.

"That's just how the temperatures are here Sorenska. I had a hard time dealing with them at first too, but I adapted and so will you after a few days here."

"This is insane! How did you train out here for over a full year?"

"Like I said before, I adapted to the temperatures." Sorenska looked at me funny in his blanket for clothing. "We need to get you some clothing." I knew that my old clothing I came here in would be perfect for Sorenska. He was tall enough and even if my old clothing is too big, I'd cut it short to his size.

"What am I going to wear?"

"My old clothing that I first trained in."

"Is it too big?"

"Depends. It fit me when I first came here, and at that time I was about 5 ft 9 inch. You look about 5 ft 2 inch or shorter, so if I need to cut some of the extended clothing to your size, I will."

Sorenska smiled then I grabbed my old clothing out of my bag. I sat the clothing flat out on a mesa then called Sorenska over to me. He looked up at me with a smile on his face, so I smiled back, grabbing the clothing as I did.

Sorenska looked at the clothing and immediately his eyes bulged at the length of the clothing. It was larger than I thought, so I knew that I would have to cut a large amount of cloth from the outfit, in order to make it fit Sorenska.

"Dad, isn't that a little bit too big?"

"Sorenska, I told you that I'd cut the extended clothing away from the outfit till it'd fit."

"Okay. What do you want me to do?"

"I need you to stand still so that I can tell what I need to cut away and not to cut."

"Okay." Sorenska stood straight up against a mesa and awaited me to do the cutting of the outfit to fit his body. I grabbed the only type of knife I had out of its sheath, then walked to Sorenska.

Sorenska looked kind of worried, due to the size of my cutting tool. "Dad, what is that in your hand?"

"It's a sword named Te Spetar Swors."

"The Spider Sword."


"That's the Arm'eian words for "the Spider Sword."

"Well it did come from the Spider King."

"How did you obtain such an ancient relic?"

"From my dad, who originally obtained the Spider Sword before me to defeat Black Matter."

"You know its properties, right?"

"Yes. I somehow visited the Spider King by opening a portal with the Spider Sword."

"Why is it on fire?"

"Because it knows that it's in the presence of the Ultimate Warrior."

"Interesting. Let's get to the cutting."


Sorenska sat straight-up as I began to do measurements. I measured Sorenska's height and width, and in the end his body was much smaller than I thought to fit the suit. Sorenska looked at me kind of funny as I grabbed the suit. "Sorenska, I need you hold the shirt up to your upper body, so that I know where to cut."

He agreed and grabbed the shirt from me. He held the shirt to his upper body then held still. I grabbed the Spider Sword, which ignited into flames. I could tell by Sorenska's expression toward me that it startled him a little. "Don't worry Sorenska. The flames won't burn you." Saying that made Sorenska more calm and less worried.

Very carefully, I began by cutting the shirt's sleeves to his size. The blade cut very gently and didn't even require force, it was almost like the blade had a mind of its own and knew where to cut. I cut both the sleeves perfectly and set the useless cloth to the side.

Next, was around the waist. The shirt hung over Sorenska's waist by at least a foot, so I cut about half the overlapping cloth away from bottom of the shirt so that the shirt still had some cover over his waist. The shirt was complete, so I moved onto the pants.

I asked Sorenska to do the same thing he did with shirt and hold it up to his lower body. The pants were simple, because the pant legs hung over Sorenska's ankle base by at least two feet. I decided to cut away about a foot-and-a-half, because if Sorenska grows I want the pants to fit him for a long time.

"All done. Now, try it on."

Sorenska did as I said and slipped the shirt over his upper body and the pants onto his lower body. "How do you feel?"

At first, Sorenska gave me no response, but then he responded. "It's perfect, except I need something to hold the pants up around my waist."

"You mean like a belt?"


I didn't have a belt, so I didn't know what to do. "One problem. I don't have a belt Sorenska."

"Do you have anything that you can improvise as a belt?" "Possibly. Let me check my bag." I turned away from

Sorenska and walked over to my bag. Inside, I scrambled for anything like a scarf or something that you could wrap around your waist and tie it, but there was nothing but the box Reese gave me and extra cloth soaked with blood from training and previous battles.

"Hmm. I wonder if I could put all of these cloth wraps and combine them with the ones I just cut and create a belt." That thought wondered in my mind for a minute, then I decided to try it. I grabbed all of the pieces of cloth then walked back to Sorenska.

He was kicking his feet back and forth against the mesa he was sitting on, so I guessed that meant he was bored. I startled him when I walked back over to him with over two-hundred pieces of blood-stained cloth in my arms. His eyes bulged as I sat all of the pieces of cloth next to the spare pieces I just cut away from Sorenska's outfit.

"What are you doing dad?"

"I'm going to combine some of these pieces of cloth together to make a belt."

"How are you going to stitch them together?"

"I'm not going to stitch them. I'm going to use a special move that helps stick things together permanently and never rip or tear."

"What is that exactly?"

"Quit worrying. You'll see."

After saying that, Sorenska sat back as I sorted the pieces of cloth one-by-one. I sat each piece of cloth in a row slightly touching each other, until it was at least two feet long. After the assortment was done, I prepared myself for the technique I'd picked up by just playing around one day.

"Rithisma aran ora nosar roke innosa!" Sorenska must've known what the words meant, because he became startled when I yelled out the words. The pieces of cloth began to glow radiant light and began to stick together.

The light glowed so bright that it nearly blinded me, and the glow grew in luminosity when the cloth began to seal together with an indestructible substance. One last blast luminate light shot out of the location of the cloth pieces, now a belt. When the light faded, on the surface of the mesa sat a two-foot long white cloth belt.

The blood stains had faded to nowhere and were gone until Sorenska gets injured and bleeds. I picked the belt up from the mesa. It felt like a living being in my hands and was filled with a very powerful energy. It was warm, light, and soft. As I handed it to Sorenska, he nudged a little because of the power coming off of the belt. He shook as he grabbed it from my hand, it was almost as if I had created something almost as sacred as the Spider Sword.

Sorenska wrapped the belt around his waist and tied it into a knot. "Ah. That's much better. Now I don't feel like my pants are going to fall down."

"I'm glad. You seemed a little scared of the belt at first. Were you scared?"

"Just a little. I could feel a radiant energy coming from it of mass power."

"That kinda reminds me of the first time I touched the Spider Sword for the first time and held it."

"Because of the flames."

"Yeah. Also, the weight of it was massive and its properties were almighty. It kind of freaked me out a little of what it was really capable of, when the Spider King explained that it had a secret compartment for a special medicine that can heal any injury, no matter how severe it is."

"Have you used the medicine before?"

"Yes. Many times, because sometimes I injure myself while training."

"Use it wisely."

"That's what the Spider King told me."

"Then I guess that's déjà' vu for ya."


"Have you used the Spider Sword in battle?"


"Why not. It could really save you in severe battles."

"I know, but the reason why is because I want to wait for the right moment to use it. The moment of glory, when I need it most."

"You're talking about Black Matter, aren't you?"

"Yes. The first chance I get, I'll stab the blade straight through his mechanical heart of nothing but pure evil."

"That's still four years from now."

"Oh no it isn't. Trust me. Black Matter's fate will come before the four years are up."


"Soon. Very, very soon. That's a promise."

"Well, when it happens, I'll be there if you need me. That's also a promise."

"Good. Now, show me what you can do against me."

"Are you kidding! You're the Ultimate Warrior. You'll crush me!"

"Calm down. I'll lower my power to match yours."

"Phew. Then in that case, let's go."

"First, let me see how fast you are."

"Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you, when you walk away begging for my mercy."

"Funny. Let's go."

"Right." Sorenska charged right at me before I had the chance to take a breath. Despite his efforts, Sorenska's blows were easy to block. He wasn't even hitting me, so with one strike to the face by a punch, Sorenska fell to the ground hard. He looked up at me with a large red spot in the center of his face.

Blood ran down from Sorenska's nostrils and splattered onto the ground. "Sorenska, that was weak. You didn't even hit me, but I hit you."

"I know, but why couldn't I see your punch coming to me."

"It's your stance."


"Your posture is wrong."

"My posture?"

"Yeah. First, your arms are too far apart."

"My arms?"

"Yes. Plus, your knees are bent too much."

"My knees?"

"One last thing. Your fists are clenched wrong. Your thumb is inside of fingers, when it should be outside laying down across your fingers."

"Wow. I am off on my posture big time."

"Let's fix your posture. Get into your normal stance as before."

Sorenska quickly sprung into his original pose. I walked behind him and began by fixing his arms. "Okay, let's bring your arms in closer to each other." I slowly pushed both of Sorenska's arms in closer to one another. "See, if you keep your arms tucked inward, your chances of being struck to the chest. Also, if you bring your arms up to your face just a little, then you can protect your face from a blow like I just did."

"Let's fix your knees now. Stand up a little more, so that if you were to strike, your balance will increase. Before, your balance was off, which threw your speed off. If you have better balance, you'll have better speed and deliver more damage to an opponent."


"Good. Lastly let's fix your fist clench. Your thumb is in danger of being broken if it's inside your fist, so if your thumb is on the outside against the other fingers, your other fingers will be safe from damage."

I stood Sorenska up, then unclenched his fist and brought out his thumb. Sorenska clenched his fist again, but this time his thumb was lying outside against his other fingers. "Okay, this time I want you to at least scratch me or land a punch to the face. Are you ready?"

"Yeah." Sorenska stood in his stance, then he rushed up at me, beginning a mirage of movements. He was faster, because it was getting a little difficult to block his blows. "Come on Sorenska is that the best you can do! Hit me, or you might as well not even be referred to as an Arm'eian!"

This frustrated Sorenska, because he let out an intense yell, then suddenly shot up into my face and attempted a blow to the head. He missed, but then before I could block he used his other fist and landed a severe blow to my head. He also finished the assault by giving me a blow to the chin with his right knee and kicked me in the stomach with the other foot.

I fell back about six feet, then stood up. I had a severe headache and I was having trouble breathing. Sorenska stood with an angry look on his face, breathing heavily from the assault. The angry look disappeared as I fell back to the ground, because my injuries had affected me more than I thought. He ran over to me worried that I may be hurt pretty bad.

"Dad! I'm sorry! I over-did it! Are you okay?"

I grumbled as I stood back up from the ground, struggling to even balance myself evenly. "Don't worry Sorenska. I'll be fine."

"Look at you. You can hardly stand."

"Once I regenerate myself to full power, these injuries will disappear and I'll be fine."


"Just watch me." I quickly increased my power back to its highest limit. My injuries healed and the pain from Sorenska's assault faded away. It was as if I'd entered a healing chamber that was highly advanced than the ones that were once in the city's hospital. Sorenska was amazed at the sight of my non-injured body.

"Told you."

"Why can't I do that?"

"You're not strong enough. One day when you transform into what I am, you'll become as strong as I am in this stage."

"Well, I hurt you good."

"Yes, and for that I'm proud of you. I was nowhere near your limit of strength when I first arrived here."



"But for some reason, I wasn't in full control of myself."

"That's just your Arm'eian instinct for battle affecting your actions."

"What do you mean?"


"What does anger have to do with this?"

"Anger is the key to an Arm'eian's strength. That's why I yelled at you during that assault. I was trying to fuel up your anger so that you'd have an effect on me, and as you saw, it worked."

"Strange, but handy."

"Very funny, now let's get back to it."



* * *


Sorenska and I decided to end our training around the time just before sunset. Both of us were hungry and tired. Sorenska was sweating from today's training, but as usual not even a droplet of sweat appeared on my body. Using the small gadget that Reese gave me, I fixed up some burgers and a Pepsi for Sorenska and I.

Sorenska finished his burger in less than a minute and literally devoured the Pepsi into the stomach of his small but bold body. I was very impressed by Sorenska's progress, because just like me, he progressed a lot his first day out. This was starting to seem like déjà vu over a year ago.

My number one concern however, was if he would be able to stand against Black Matter. Sorenska was strong in every way, but Black Matter was stronger, faster, and almost indestructible as far as armor goes. I knew that I'd have to teach Sorenska the Rosna attack no matter what, because he'll need some defense against any scheme that Black Matter is going to pull at any moment now that I fueled his rage.

This time when he deceives me, it'll be at a whole different level compared to the amateur level deceptions, except for attacking the city. The city once known as Salt Lake City is now ash and rubble thanks to Black Matter and his little pawns. No matter, I will get my revenge by killing him so severely that he'd be wishing he were never born.

Sorenska was lying against a mesa with his eyes shut and seemed to be in a state of peace. He was breathing slowly, which sort of scared me a little. Was he dying due to pushing his body too far in training? I rushed over to Sorenska and put my head on his small chest. His heartbeat was faint, so immediately I panicked.

"Sorenska!" Suddenly, Sorenska jumped and yelled out something before he hit the ground.


I seriously felt dumb now. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah! I was just fine until you interrupted my trans!"

"Oh. Sorry."

"Don't scare me like that."

"I just didn't know that you can be in a trans with shallow breathing and a faint heartbeat. I know that I can't."

"Every Arm'eian is different, so each individual Arm'eian has different effects while in a trans."

"Sure glad you know." Sorenska laughed at my reply.

"My trans was almost complete anyway, so I guess I'll just train a little more."

"No. Get some rest, because tomorrow you learn the one thing you'll need to know as a defensive tool against foes."

"What is that?"

"You'll see. Now, go to sleep."


"I'll wake you at dawn." After saying that, Sorenska walked over to the mesa he slept against and lied down against the mesa's side. He fell asleep in seconds after shutting his eyes.


* * *


The next morning was cool and only half-warm. Sorenska was snoring loudly and the closer I got to him to wake him up, the snoring increased in volume from mild to hard-core. I shook him, and immediately he awoke from his slumber. He wiped the dust from his eyes then popped all of his joints, just like me. He looked ready for the day, as for me, I'd been up for quite awhile.

I awoke sometime just before dawn and did my usual warm-ups by doing all sorts of stretches that affected my arms, legs, and every muscle in my back, chest, and neck. I did a couple of sets of push-ups, sit-ups, dips, and did mirages of punches and kick combos that I've used in the past to wipe out Black Matter's pawns.

"I'm ready dad."

"Good. Get in your fighting stance." Sorenska obeyed and quickly changed his posture into his fighting stance. "Excellent. Today's objective is to learn the Rosna attack technique and how to control it."

"What do you mean by controlling it?"

"The Rosna attack is an energy attack, so you need to know how to control how much energy you put into one attack. If you put too much into the blast, you can possibly die or pass out. If you don't put enough into a blast, your enemy will not be affected by the blast."


"The Rosna attack is a very simple technique and does not require much expertise. The only thing you need to know is how to keep your balance. In your Rosna attack stance, you want to keep yourself sideways with your right foot sticking out in front of you and your left foot sticking out behind you."

"Your right foot is the "stepping into" part of the technique, while your left foot is "the supporter" part of the technique. Your arms are positioned in two different spots. Your right arm should be back by your hip with your hand open, and your left arm should be out parallel of your other hand away from the body with it also open."

"Your right hand charges and leads the energy to your palm from the core of your body, while the left completes the blast when joined by your other hand. How you lead the energy to your palm takes a lot of concentration and patience, so don't get mad if you mess up your first try."

"Yes sir."

"Do you understand what I've told you?"


"Good. Now, let me show you a demonstration."


I changed my posture into my Rosna attack stance posture and began to charge up a small Rosna attack. It took seconds to charge up tiny amounts of energy in my right palm, so I moved my right leg forward, leaned into the blast, joined my right palm with my left palm, and finally released the blast into the sky.

Once I finished, Sorenska had an amazed look on his face. His eyes were the size of tennis balls and his expression was only that of excitement, which worried me.

"I'm ready to try it."

"Okay, but remember what I told you. Don't do anything reckless."

"I won't."

"Go for it."

Sorenska stood in the same position as I did and prepared himself for a Rosna attack, but immediately I could tell that he wouldn't be successful.


"Yeah, dad."

"You’re going to fall going into the blast."

"How do you know?"

"Your footing is off along with your balance."

"I feel fully balanced."

"Okay. Try just the movements without charging up a blast."

"Fine." Sorenska moved out his right foot to go into the blast, but he fell over onto the ground.

"You were right."

"Told you."

"How could you recognize that?"

"I've been doing this technique for over a year now. I know every move, step, even position in this technique."

"Sorry I doubted you. I guess I need to pay more attention to what you say and quit being so overconfident."

"Don't worry about it. At least you know a little more on how you should position yourself."

"Guess so. Let me try again."

"Alright, but do it right this time."


Sorenska got into his stance and stood a different way than he did before. So far I saw no mistakes, and he was doing very well. The only part I believe is going to be hardest for him is leading his energy from his body's core to his right palm. The rest is cake.

Into the process of guiding the energy being led to its extraction point, I could tell Sorenska was struggling. He was trembling and his face was beet-red. I knew the mistake that he was making, but I decided to not correct him of his mistake, and instead, let him learn from his mistakes.

His muscles weren't relaxed, he wasn't concentrating, and his focus was off by just a little. He was getting frustrated and was ready to snap at any moment. His face expressed only anger and frustration, and I knew that in only a few seconds, he was going to snap. I was right.

"Ah! Why can't I do it!"

I stood up and walked over to Sorenska. "It takes time. You'll get it. You weren't concentrating and you were so tensed up, which prevents your energy from guiding itself to your extraction point."

"I don't understand."

"Think of it like this. Imagine your body as a balloon all pumped up and closed off. The helium inside is your energy. Just like the balloon your pathway for the energy to flow through was cut off like a inflated balloon. What you need to do is to let that energy flow. Tell me, what holds off helium from escaping an inflated balloon?"

"The tie."

"Right, so you need to untie that balloon and let the air flow. So, if you were to un-tense your muscles what would happen?"

"Just like a balloon, the energy would no longer be cut-off, and the energy would flow."

"Right. So, what do you need to do to let your energy reach its extraction point?"

"Open the pathway by un-tensing my muscles."

"Right. Can you do that?"


"Also, can you concentrate more on leading your energy in your body's core to the extraction point and less on your surroundings."


"Get started then."


Sorenska got back into his fighting stance, but he stopped suddenly.

"What's wrong."

"You can't feel that power."


"Try hard." I concentrated as hard as possible and caught a feeling of a large amount of strength coming from above us.

"I feel it now." At that moment, I heard an evil laugh that gave me quivers and sent a chill down my spine.

"We are so sorry, but the training will have to wait until you are in oblivion."

"What the.. Who's there?"

"Above you."

I looked straight up above me, only to see two figures. One was tall and the other shorter, almost Sorenska's height. With a little more focus, I was able to get a glimpse of the figures. Surprisingly, the two figures were exact copies of Sorenska and I. "Who are you?"

The tall one chuckled then responded. "Isn't it obvious. I'm you."

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