Jessie, a 16 year old stowaway on the titanic, has always wanted to go to America.
Dean, an 18 year old first class man, has always been bombarded with information and wedding plans.


1. Enter At Your Own Risk.

(Jessie's POV)

There it is, the ship of dreams. Standing in front of me. Nothing in the world can sink this ship, or so people say. I myself don't have a ticket but I know how I will be getting on.

I follow behind a family and keep my head down.

"Ticket please." The man says.

The older gentleman hands him a piece of paper. He looks and sees what room and class.

"Second class room 89." He says and hands back the paper to the man. I walk on right behind him and then away from him.

I start to explore the halls and see what there is to see. I find a room with on bed in it. It's away from all the other rooms and says "extra" on it. I keep walking to find a different room, can't draw attention to myself now can I?

I walk down a narrow hall and find a room with two boys around my age.

"Morning boys." I say and they look up to see me.

"And who might you be." Says one in a thick Irish accent.

"Jessie. What about you and nervous or' there." I respond.

"Pat, and this here is Harold." Pat says and gestures toward Harold.

"Well I'll be with the two of you till the end of this trip so." I say.

"You can top bunk." Pat says. Harold is on the little couch and Pat is putting hit things away.

"Thanks." I say and crawl up to the top bunk.

"You know Jessie, you don't really dress like a girl." Pay says and I look down and smirk.

"Dresses ain't my fancy. I prefer boots and pants." I say and smirk.

"You know if you didn't have such long hair I would have thought you were a lad." He says, I place my bag behind my pillow and swing my feet over the railing.

"It's a dead giveaway huh."

"Definitely, a pretty lil one like you should be in first class."

"Well thank you, but people there are pricks and can't stand em."

"You're right with that un." He says and I laugh.

"I see you lads later for dinner, I'm going exploring." I say and jump off my bunk.

"Be back in time fer the party." Pat says.

"The what." I respond.

"The party. Down in third class they are having a party for us all with beer dancing and all the good stuff."

"I'll be there then." I say and smile at them, Harold gives me a smirk and Pat smiles back at me.

I leave them in the thoughts and go up to the deck to get some air. I see people look at me weird. I mean who would look at a girl with long brown hair and pants with boots on normal.

I walk over to the very front of the ship, nobody is up here. Walking to the railing I place my feet on them. Looking down I can see dolphins in a race to see if they can beat the ship.

I stand all the way up and let go.

"I'm on top of the world!" I yell at the top of my lungs.

Looking out I can see the waves crash against the boat.

I close my eyes and let the sea wind take me on a journey.

(Dean's POV)

I step out of the car and in front of me I see the ship they saw is unlike any other.

My father steps out behind me and then my "fiancé" whom I do not love or want to wed.

I walk up to the boat and walk right onto it, my father handles the rest of it.

Walking in I can see only a dark hallway lit by faint lights.

"First class sir?" A man says to me.

"Yes." I reply back.

"Follow me,sir." He says and walks off, I being to follow him and he leads me to an elevator.

I step in and we ride up to first class. When I step out I am on plush velvet carpeting and white walls stand I front of me. I make my way down to the room and see my bed. I won't be sharing with Angela, my fiancé until we are married and I am thankful for it.

I have a whole suit to myself.

My bags come and so does a young butler.

"What can I do for you sir?" He asks.

"If you could help me unpack that would be great. I'm Dean Skot. But you can just call me Dean. No need to treat me like all the other stuck up first class." I say to the boy.

"Sounds great. I'm John." He says back and I smile.

"Well John, let's get unpacking." I say and he laughs.

No sooner than when we started all my clothes were out and away. The boxes are stored in the closet along with father's safe.

After we have finished I ask John if he could come help me get ready for dinner later.

"Of course." He says.

I quickly change into a suit, as there is no time to shower, and John helps me with hair.

"Well look at you, ain't that a dashing sight to see." John says to me.

"Can kill a girl of I dress any sharper" I say and he laughs.

"Well off to dinner you go." He says.

"Will you be here when I get back?" I ask hoping he will be.

"If you would like me to be."

"I would, if you care to there are some books in the stand and can use a pair of night garments, shower if you want. I'll be back around 11. " I say and his face lights up.

"Thank you!" He says and I make my way off to the dinning hall.

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