Dream come true

The story is about Directioner who made her dreams came true, met One Direction, became a member of their band and fell in love with one member. The whole story is very interesting and it teaches us that we mustn't give up. Miracles happen every day so be happy and enjoy life!


8. OMG,this actually happens

The ride wasn't so bad, we talked about everything,it was great. When I finally got out of the plane, I caught a bus and came home. I greeted and hugged my family, I promised that I would call them every day. I started packing. When I finished I immediately went to sleep because I had to wake up early in the morning to catch the bus to Zagreb and then a plane to Amsterdam. The alarm clock rang me at 3am, I greeted my family, picked up my stuff and headed . The trip was very tiring, but worth it. This was a dream come true, I still could not believe it. When I finally arrived in Amsterdam I saw a big white limo and the driver who invited me in, he took me to the hotel where One Direction stayed. I barely slipped through the guards in front of their door and they didn't  want to let me in, but thank God Liam appeared at the door and told them to let me in. Their room was so luxurious and large, they had everything. I asked them where is my room and they showed me the door, I opened them. I was very surprised. The room was so big and beautiful, they even hung a large sign "Welcome to the band!"  I was very touched and close to tears. Then they surrounded and hugged me. I felt like a part of their little family. 

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