Ten Days In Hell

An innocent man labelled as 174920 is locked up in a facility. Can he escape? This story contains, strong language and disturbing violence.


2. Day Two: A Spark of Hope

Knocking was what caused me to wake up the next day. One guard stood at the door, looking at me with a grin of pure evil. "Rise and shine."

"What time is it?"

"The time of your life. Now, get up. It's time for you to exercise."

"Don't I get breakfast?"

"Not necessary. You are immortal. Therefore, you don't need food."

"I'm hungry. Get me some fucking breakfast!"

"They said you were stubborn, but I didn't think you were this stubborn. I suggest you follow my orders and not give me orders."

"Fuck off."

"Very well. Let's see how the warden deals with this little problem." The guard grabbed his radio. "He's not cooperating." I overheard the warden on the radio.

"Do what you must."

"Very well." The guard put the radio back on his belt. "Remember that small nanobot that was shoved down your throat?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Because, right now, that little nanobot is erasing your memories."


"Also. The nanobot has another nasty effect."

"What is that?"

"This." The guard pulled out a remote with a single button in the middle. He pushed the button, and immediately, a strong electric shock filled my body.

"What the hell!" I screamed from the pain, and fell to the ground, suffering from the pain that continued to fill my body. "Son of a bitch! Damn! Stop!"

The guard pressed the button again, and the shocking stopped. "Stand up."

I struggled to get up, but I managed to get back on my feet. My breathing was so heavy, and my heart was beating so fast, that I thought it was going to jump out of my chest.

"Now. Will you disobey me again?"


"Good. Now. Get up, so you can exercise."

I listened, and came to the door. The guard opened the door. "Hands behind your back."

I did as he commanded, and I put my hands behind my back. The guard put handcuffs on me and escorted me out of the cell, to the exercise room.

The exercise room was a small, secluded area with a machine at the end of the room. "What am I supposed to do with that?"

"Operate, and use it, dumbass. What else would you do with it?" The guard was grinning and looking at me as if I were stupid.

"Don't insult me. I don't appreciate that a tiny bit."

"I suggest you quit complaining, and get to exercising."

"Alright. Jackass."

"One more insult, you'll be shocked to death by the nanobot in your system again. Only, this time, I'll set it to level two."

"Okay, then let me be."

"That's better. Get to exercising." The guard turned away from me, and shut the door behind him with a "bang."

The machine looked like a deathtrap, so I decided to do usual exercises. I did one-hundred push-ups, two-hundred sit-ups, two-hundred jumping jacks, and five-hundred dips. These were exercises I would do every morning, when I still worked for the police department. Yet. Somehow, I ended up working for the government, which led to too being stuck in this hidden hell. After the exercises, I was sweating repulsively.

The exercises took me over an hour to complete, so, when I finished, I wiped away the sweat from my face, chest, and back with the shirt that they provided me with. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Times up. Gather your things."

I was filled with rage. I just wanted to run toward the door and hit it so hard, it broke off the hinges and crushed the guard against the wall across the hall. "Can I get some water at least?"

"That's up to the warden, so we'll see. No guarantees though."

I could hear him chuckling from my desire for thirst, but he could care less about me. Who the hell were these people? Who did they work for? All I knew is that soon, I would find a way out of this place, no matter the cost.

I was taken back to my cell and left there to sit, and do nothing for the rest of the day. While lying on the bed, I thought of only one thing; my wife and son. Right now, they were the only thing preventing the nanobot from erasing my memories. Once I get a chance, I swear on my life, that I'll find a way out, and burn this place to the ground.

When I worked for the government, I was put in a position to build bombs. Unfortunately, there was nothing in my reach to make something like that, or was there? As I attempted to go to sleep, just before I shut my eyes, I caught a small scent of something. I sniffed more and more, and couldn't catch the smell again. It was my mind playing tricks on me, but I could've swore I smelled something. I ignored the thought, and lied my head back on the surface of the pillow then fell asleep in a matter of seconds.

I dreamed of my wife laying next to me. There is sunlight gleaming in a window in the background, and both of us are under the sheets. She is staring at me with her blue eyes, saying over and over, "Remember who you are." The words echo in my head, like a bullet ricocheting in my skull. The repetition of the four words lasts for over ten minutes, then the sun brightens more and more, until she's out of my sight, then she says one last thing, before I wake up. "Don't be afraid, and you'll see freedom again."

I woke up, knowing that that was no ordinary dream. It was my wife telling me to remain strong, despite whatever happens. Now, I knew I had to do all I could to escape, but how?

Little did I know that it wasn't even nighttime yet, and that it was only around 5:00 in the afternoon. "How can I escape from this place? How?" Suddenly, I heard the door to the catacombs open. Out of the dark entrance, was a guard. "Now what?! More torture?"

"Hey!" The guard, violently knocked his fist on the fiber glass wall that separated me from him. "174920! Get your ass up! Time to eat!"

I was surprised. "Really? The other guard told me it wasn't necessary."

"That's bullshit. The serum may make it so that you are unable to die, but it doesn't support the immune system. You still need protein, so get up, unless, you don't want any food."

"I'm coming. I need water as well, because your 'ass' of a guard didn't give me any after exercising this morning."

"What! The warden is going to wring his neck for that."

"His fault. Not mine." I walked to the door and awaited the guard to cuff me or something. He grabbed his handcuffs, then he opened the door. "Hands behind your back."

I did as he said and placed my hands behind my back. The guard cuffed me tight, then dragged me out of the cell. "Let's go." He escorted me out of the catacombs.

The food I was served was horrid. The meat looked rotten, the corn was brown, but one thing was decent; the mashed potatoes. As for a drink, I guzzled down the water they gave me as fast as I could. It wasn't cold, but at this point, I didn't care if the water was fifty-degrees. I'd still drink it. Strangely, the guard gave me another bottle of water, which I guzzled down. I was so dehydrated from this morning and yesterday. Those moments of drinking the water, made me forget that I was here, but once I saw the chains that barricaded me, I regained reality and what was really going on in my life.

"Well, 174920. Is that good enough, because that's all your getting for now."

"I refuse to eat the meat and corn, but the potatoes and the water were good."

"Sounds good to me. Now. Back to your cell."

As much as I didn't want to go back to my cell, I knew I had no choice. "The day will come, but today is not that day. Hang in there. Don't give up. Remember who you are."

I slept for the rest of that day.

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