Ten Days In Hell

An innocent man labelled as 174920 is locked up in a facility. Can he escape? This story contains, strong language and disturbing violence.


7. Day Seven: Elimination

I had remained in the darkness the entire night, and in all that time, no guards had passed by. I had to patient, because if I went barging out into the open, I would be killed for sure. The day started off with nothing but silence, but I knew that this place was far from quiet, due to me sneaking out during daytime and ending up here, stuck with no place to go. It didn't matter to me anymore, because this was war now, and in order to win, I would have to do all I could to stay alive.

Surprisingly, I wasn't tired; I was more focused and in a mode of vengeance and rage. I had many things in my life worth fighting for. I had my wife, my son, my rights to live a free life, and freeing innocent people who don't deserve to be stuck here. In the time that I have been here, I always thought of what would motivate someone to even think of locking away the innocent. There had to be a reason, because I just have a feeling that the reason has something to do with military agents.

My ally had been in a previous war, and I was involved in military activity, so could the reason's of putting these people through hell for no damn reason have something to do with military-related targets? Plus, I caught just a small look of the warden in the doctor's room, and I swore I recognized him. There was more to this place's purpose then most of these people think, and somehow, I was going to find out the reason why this place ever came into existence.

A few hours passed, and finally, I was starting to see some action. I could hear guards talking to each other, and the sounds of their heavy combat boots as they walked, which meant that soon I would have to start killing the guards that passed. I stood up slowly and prepared myself for combat, because I could hear a guard nearby.

The guard was whistling a tune that I didn't recognize and was carrying a high-caliber rifle in his hands. The rifle was I would guess a automatic 273 caliber, but I could be wrong, but I had been in the military for a long period of time before, so I could identify a gun easily. His gun didn't matter anyways; what mattered was him falling dead at my feet. This gave me another idea that would help me get these bastards out of the way faster, but I immediately put it aside.

The guard drew closer to where I was hidden and was acting as if he wasn't worried the slightest. He had his eyes shut and was whistling, but little did he know that his whistling would soon be silenced forever. From the darkness, I lunged out and grabbed the guard and dragged his body back into the darkness. I covered his mouth so he couldn't make a sound, held him hard against my body so he couldn't struggle out of my grasp. As much as I enjoyed hearing him struggling, I snapped his neck and watched him fall with a hard "thump." One down, a lot more to go.

The sound of the guard falling to the floor alerted some of the other guards nearby. I stuck the guard out in the middle of the hall, but before I did, I took his knife and rifle. I wanted to kill these bastards as fast as possible, so alerting them with the sound of a rifle being shot was the perfect bait to lure my prey in. "Come and get me, bastards."

Just as I expected, it didn't take long for guards to show up and see their fellow comrade dead on the ground. Both of them raised their guns, because they knew where I was hiding.

"Come out, you son of a bitch! Face your fate!"

I didn't show myself, so they began to fire bullet after bullet at the opening, hoping to hit and kill me. The gunfire erupted for over a minute, until finally the rifles ran out of ammo. Both of the guards started to laugh.

"We did it! We killed him! Just think of the promotion we will be getting from the warden!"

"Sorry. There won't be any promotion for you," I said from the other side of the hall.

"No way! You can't possibly be alive!"

"Wanna bet?" I fired one bullet at the guard and struck him in the head, killing him instantly. The other guard panicked and rushed to reload the rifle, but I killed him before he could. Both guards fell to the ground and started to make a pool of blood around themselves. I could hear more guards approaching, so I hid myself again.

Each guard that showed up to see their comrades' dead, I killed quickly with the rifle. In an hour's time, I had killed over fifteen guards. I had to be getting close to eliminating all the guards that inhabited this place, so to make sure of it, I started to make my way further back to my cell, so I could retrieve the bomb. I remained cautious, looking behind me as much as in front of me, because I know very well how easy it is to get assaulted, due to it being the way these bastards were able to drag me into this hell in the first place.

I was at my cell door in less then five minutes, with no trouble along the way. I kicked the door in, causing it to break off the hinges and fall to the ground. I didn't hesitate and quickly grabbed the bomb from under my bed's mattress, and rushed out of the catacombs. Now that all of the guards were dead, all I needed to worry about was the operator of this entire place; the warden. However, he was just a single man and nothing more.

The field was even now, only this time it was a million pissed off prisoners versus him. The ball was in my court, and soon this war would end, and surely, it was going to end with a "bang." I came back to the bodies of the guards, and grabbed the radio off of one of the guards' uniforms.

"Hey warden, if you can hear this, listen carefully. All your resources are dead; I killed them all and you're next."

"I can hear you you bastard! How dare you kill my guards! I swear I'll find you and kill you myself!"

"It's a big building, and since I extracted that nanobot, you can't track me. There's only one way to find me, warden, so come find me."

I dropped the radio to the ground then smashed it into bits. Night was approaching, so I found somewhere to hide, but I didn't rest at all, for I would need every bit of strength for tomorrow. "Come find me, warden. Come find me."

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