Ten Days In Hell

An innocent man labelled as 174920 is locked up in a facility. Can he escape? This story contains, strong language and disturbing violence.


1. Day One: Initiation

The first day was the worst. It started first as an ambush, then the start of a eternal nightmare. They lead me down the entrance in the middle of no-man's land, where I thought I'd die. The entrance was dark and cold, like the hearts of the bastards who did this. The entrance shuts, and the light of day disappears forever. The grip of the two male officers holding my arms was tight as the knot of a rope. The feeling was of fire eating my flesh, as they fell to being numb. I felt like a piece of trash to them, because of them being able to grip me like a rag doll. The darkness grew, grew, grew, and grew, until "it" happened.

Light had appeared out of the darkest shadows that could exist in places unknown to many individuals. The light was growing, until I saw what I feared would come. There stood two machines of terror, but they had no weapons. They stared at me like prey, and awaited for me to enclose, so the guards suspending my arms, placed me on a conveyor belt.

The machines stared at me more and more, then shot beams from their eyes toward me. I thought I was dead, but all that was happening, was scanning. The machines scanned my entire body, until the observation was complete.

"He is finished. Proceed to phase two of his initiation."

I wanted to run, but I was froze in place, so I had no choice but to await the next part of this nightmare.

The next part was my identification being removed from existence. The conveyor belt moved me forward into a building. I came to a stop between two separate machines. I stared in horror at the machines, knowing I was about to experience a lot of pain.

"Remain still. Your identification shall now be terminated."

I wanted to yell out for help, but I knew I was trapped. "Fuck you! You can never take my identity away from me! It is my choice to change, and nobody else's! Go to hell! Go to hell!" That's all I had to say, as the machines branded a new identity on my arm. I screamed so loud, that it echoed through the hall in front of me. After I finished screaming, I looked at my arm to see what my new identity was. On my arm were the numbers 174920.

Lastly. The serum that would make me live forever. The conveyor belt moved me onward, into a room where I saw a table standing upward. Two men carried me to the table and placed me on the surface of the table, and restrained me, by putting my arms and legs in rings attached to the table. A doctor walked in the room, wearing a mask and glasses, just like a surgeon. The table started to move back to where its legs were touching the floor.

"Well. 174920. Welcome to your new home."

"Fuck you."

"You'd best calm your temper, for here, the warden doesn't tolerate harsh language."

"You can tell the warden that I don't give a shit, and he can go to hell!"

"All of you come in the same way, but I assure you, your attitude will change soon enough."

"I'll never change. My life is mine!" I spat a nasty one right in the doctor's face.

"Time to discipline you." The doctor grabbed scissors from the drawer next to the table. "Time to make you forget."

"Forget what?"

"Everything." The doctor started to cut my shirt off with the scissors. He cut my shirt from the bottom up to the collar, then ripped it off. "You will now be marked." The doctor grabbed what looked a small nanobot. "Open up."

"What the fuck!?"

The doctor grabbed my jaw and forced it open. He inserted the nanobot into my mouth, and immediately, I started to gag and choke. "Swallow it."

I refused to swallow, so I let the nanobot sit at the back of my throat and choke me to death.

"You really are stubborn! Swallow it!"

I continued to choke. "I'd rather die!"

"I'll make you swallow!" The doctor grabbed my head, and jerked it back, causing the nanobot to slither down my throat. "What the hell were you thinking!"


"You're the most difficult subject I have ever dealt with, however, you are not going to escape this part of your initiation."

"What are you talking about?"

"Why, this." The doctor grabbed a needle with a green liquid inside of it. "This will change you, forever."

"What is it?"

"A serum that makes you immortal."

"No. That means...

"Yes. You're stuck here, forever." The doctor injected the needle into the center of my chest, then inserted the green serum.

The serum felt like a fire, burning inside of my chest. I screamed so loud, then after about a minute, the burning sensation faded. The same two men walked in the room. "Is he done?"

"Yes. Take him to the catacomb chamber, because this one is much more different then the other subjects I've dealt with in the past."

"Very well. Release him."

The doctor freed me from the table, but before I could do anything, the two men grabbed me by my arms and escorted me to the catacomb chamber.

The two men threw me into the chamber's cell, and shut the door, and locked it with a code. "Try not to do anything stupid, or you'll have to face the consequences."

I said nothing, then the two men walked away, out of the chamber. I inhaled and exhaled with force and anger, then started punching the fiber glass door of the cell. "Let me out! Let me out!" I knew it was useless, so I stopped pounding the door and walked to the back of the cell, where the bed was. I lied down, and shoved my head in the pillow. I rose upward, then I punched my pillow, and yelled as I did so. I quit yelling and sat down. I cried for the rest of the day.

What have I done to deserve this? Why? Why would someone do this?

I didn't sleep that night.

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