Ten Days In Hell

An innocent man labelled as 174920 is locked up in a facility. Can he escape? This story contains, strong language and disturbing violence.


5. Day Five: Terminating

A bomb. A bomb is what was going to destroy this place, so I needed the proper requirements to make a homemade bomb. All it needed to do, was create a small spark to be enough to cause a massive explosion, once I find the fuel source in this place. The fuel source should be massive, which means if any type of flammable product would cause this place to blow into nothing but rubble. It had to be done fast, because suspicions are starting erupt and time is running out.

Luckily, I am very experienced with making bombs, so the proper things needed to make a small bomb were available. The first thing that I could use for the bomb, is parts from the controller the guards use to punish us if we don't obey. I had already taken the one from the dead carcass in the recycling machine, and was starting to break into its circuits.

It turned out that the controller only runs off of a circuit of two wires, making my task a lot easier. I could take the wires and make it so they create a small spark when touched together. The wires would be connected to the bottom of the trigger button that will make the wires touch and create the spark. However, I needed something like a hard-cased bottle, which some guards carry around. The bottle is a water bottle, but it has a hard case which would be perfect for my homemade bomb.

I would have to adjust the lid, so that I could push down on it like a button. The lid would stay down when it is pushed, causing the wires inside to connect, create a spark, and cause the end of this place. The spark would have to be very strong, though. Otherwise, it wouldn't be enough to cause an explosion, so I would need about three controllers to make it work. Luckily, two guards come to my cell everyday, meaning I could kill them and take their controllers. It was almost time for the first guard to show up, so I prepared myself for another deadly kill.

Ten minutes later, I could hear a guard approaching my cell, so I stood at my sink and looked at myself in the mirror. The guard rudely knocked on the fiberglass.

"174920, time to exercise. Put your hands behind your back." he commanded.

I didn't reply and continued to look at myself in the mirror. The guard started to get angry.

"Didn't you hear me? Put your hands behind your back!" he yelled again.

I turned my head toward him and gave him the dirtiest look possible.

"No. I refuse." I said silently.

"Just who do you think you are?!" he asked.

I formed an evil-looking smile then started to rush toward the door, which was open.

"What are you doing?!"

"Getting out!" I yelled, independently.

The door slammed open, and hit the guard in the face so hard, it broke his nose and made him collapse to the ground. The guard looked stunned, and he quickly went to grab his radio to alert others. I stood above him.

"I don't think so."

I smashed his radio into bits and pieces then began to punch him in the face as hard as possible. The guard's face looked more and more disfigured.

"I-It was you. Y-You killed the other g-guard." he said, weakly.

"Finally, you get the memo, so prepare to join him in Hell." I said with strength.

"You'll never escape." he said.

"Oh. I think I will. Now. Goodbye forever."

I landed the last blows to his face, causing his skull outline to appear. Lastly, I took his neck and snapped it, killing him instantly.

I grabbed his remote and the hard-cased water bottle on his belt then dragged his body to the recycling machine, and placed him next to his friend.

"Burn in hell."

I turned away and cleaned up the mess left behind by the guard's death.

For the next couple of hours, I worked on making the bomb. I had disassembled the wires in the remote, and used some sticky material that was underneath my bed to attach the stick the wires to the lid of the water bottle. The material was some gunky shit that was formed from something in the past, but I couldn't die, so I didn't have to worry about the content being contaminated or toxic. I know it sounds disgusting, but I had to go to the highest measures if I was going to get out of this place.

The material worked just like I had hoped, so the wires stuck to the lid with no problems. I took the other two wires from the remote I retrieved from the first guard I killed, relentlessly, and opened the back part of it, using my fist. I disassembled the wires then set them aside, for now. I grabbed more of the gunky material, so I could attach the wires to the bottom of the bottle. It was harder to do the bottom of the bottle, so it took me about ten minutes to get the wires to stick to the bottom. In the end, I was so close to finishing the bomb.

The bomb looked like a large grenade, but was not even close to being as deadly as a grenade. However, when this bomb goes off, the result of the explosion will be devastating, meaning I would have to get outside as quick as possible, when I set this thing to blow. I hoped the fuel source was near the entrance, because I would like to get out fast without having to run as fast as a rocket to avoid getting caught in the explosion. I needed to find it soon, because my ally was counting on me to get everyone out.

Two hours later, I finished working on the bomb for today, and decided to relax. I put the bomb away where nobody could find it and took a small nap.

In the dream, I could hear the sound of something crawling in the distance. It made mechanical sounds too, which kind of freaked me out, but whatever it was, I could get rid of it. The sounds of the mechanical creature were getting closer, so I prepared myself for the worst. I could see its shadow, as it approached closer and closer. The figure finally came into full sight, and I was sickened by what it was; it was the nanobot that was inserted into my body when I was initiated.

It stared at me and started to say something.

"I'm here. I'm still in you. What will you do? How will you escape with me still inside? Never will you escape. Never. Never. Never!"

I woke up, drenched in sweat. I wondered if that dream was real, or if it was just something I had imagined. Then it hit me; that dream was telling me that that thing was still inside, crawling every place it could reach. That was when I realized that before I escape, I need to get that nasty, little piece of shit out of me. How could I though? The only person that can extract something that was put there by themselves was the doctor.

That meant, that in order to get this thing out, I would need to see him again, but how could I? Then I remembered a movie I had seen, where a guy purposely hurts himself to see a dentist, by having a prisoner punch him in the face. The dentist in the movie was kind of a lunatic, but he managed to get the dentist to make him a fake key to get out of his cell. Maybe I could do something similar, but instead of befriending the doctor, I would be his enemy and force him to give me a solution.

First, I needed to have a reason to see the doctor, so I would have to fake an injury, just before the guard came to my cell tonight, to take me to dinner. What type of injury should I do? It had to be something simple and not to painful, so I figured I should just loosen a tooth in my mouth. This place really was hell, because I had to inflict an injury to myself to survive.

Nighttime was near, so I was ready to loosen a tooth, before the guard arrived. The only way I could loosen a tooth on purpose was by punching myself in the mouth, until one tooth came loose. I readied myself for the worst then took my fist and jabbed myself in the jaw. I nearly knocked myself out cold, but I had to keep trying, because a tooth hadn't loosened. I hit myself harder this time, and knocked myself to the floor. A tooth still hadn't loosened, so I rose off the ground, in severe pain and punched myself as hard as possible.

Luckily, this time a tooth had loosened near the back of my mouth. Blood was leaking onto the floor, and a bit of the blood was on my cell's mirror. My mouth was so sore and swollen, but I was strong and sat on my bed, waiting for the guard to show. The taste of blood in my mouth didn't phase me or even bother me, because I had been through much worse in the past, so this was nothing compared to other times.

The guard arrived about five minutes later, and stood at my door.

"174920, get up!" he yelled.

"You need to take me to the doctor. I think I may have loosened at tooth or even broke my jaw." I said, faking the whole thing.

The guard noticed my jaw area was swollen and the blood on the floor.

"How did this happen?" he asked.

"I fell off of my bed and landed with hard hit." I replied.

"Ugh. Come on. I'll take you to the doctor." he said with ignorance.

I walked to the door with my hands behind my back, while the guard opened the door. He handcuffed my arms then escorted me to the doctor. I kept track of the directions to the doctor's room from my cell, so that I could return to the doctor's room at night, if I needed to. I wasn't the only person who needed their nanobot extracted; everybody trapped here need theirs out too. The doctor had to have some kind of medicine that can make you puke that thing out.

I had arrived, so the guard took the handcuffs off, and before he could do anything else, I turned around and punched the guard in the face. The guard was in pain, due to blood coming out of his nose, so I put an end to him and broke his neck. I dragged his body to a dark corner where nobody would find him, and the blood outside the doctor's door didn't bother me, because I could just say it was my own blood dripping from my mouth.

I escorted my way into the doctor's room myself, and waited for the doctor to show. The room was the same as before; nothing had changed. The doctor showed up, so I held my fists down, until the moment to strike came.

"Back again, I see." he said.

"A tooth is loose at the back of my mouth." I replied.

"That's an easy fix. Come and sit on the side of the bed." he said, unaware that he just fell into my trap.

"Alright." I replied.

I walked over to the side of the bed that was closest to the doctor, and sat down.

"Open up." he commanded.

"No, because the last time you said that, my life was ruined for eternity!" I lunged forward and forced the doctor to the ground. I started punch him across the face.

"This is for taking my life away!" I slammed my fist across his face. "This is for putting that nanobot in me!" I landed another nasty blow to the face. "Lastly, this for giving me that serum!" I hit him so hard, one of his teeth went flying out of his mouth. He was still alive, so I picked him up and put my arm beneath his chin, starting to choke him.

"Now, tell me if you have anything that can extract that motherfucking nanobot inside?"

"I-I don't know." he said through his choking.

"Not cooperating eh'. I guess I'm going to have to get more serious." I took my knee and slammed it three times into his stomach then I punched him in the face again. He groaned from the pain and gasped for breath. "I won't ask again. Do you have anything to get the nanobot out?"

"O-Okay, okay! There's a medicine in the second drawer down that will cause you to puke the nanobot out!"

"Was that so hard? Now, good bye."

"No! Wait...

I snapped his neck then released him from my arms. He fell with a hard 'thump', which caused me to form a serious look on my face. I wasted no time on getting the antidote to getting the nanobot out, and opened the drawer, only to be full of small tubes with a blue liquid inside. I shoved as many as I could in my pockets then placed the doctor in a position, where it looks like he committed suicide with a scalpel knife that I saw on the top of the drawers. That was done, now it was time to get the nanobot out.

In my cell, I held the small tube in my hand, preparing to drink it. I went over to the toilet and stood over it, so when I vomit, the nanobot will be ridden of me for good. I took the cap off of the tube, and slowly raised it to my mouth. This is for everyone giving me hope. I guzzled down the blue liquid, which tasted like nothing, and waited for it to do its magic. It didn't take no time at all, because once it hit my stomach, I immediately started to vomit.

I vomited to the point of no return, and as much as I didn't want to keep vomiting, I knew I had to. After about five rounds, I finally saw the nanobot fall into the toilet, which relieved me. It was out! It was finally out! I stopped vomiting and flushed the toilet, watch the nanobot disappear from my life forever.

"And stay out."

The nanobot was gone at long last, so I wiped my mouth clean of vomit then lied down on the bed, knowing I was going to make it out, and no one was going to stop me. Whoever would get in my way would be terminated on the spot. I grabbed the bomb from under my pillow and continued to work on it, until I started to feel sleepy.

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