Draville: The Year After

»--»Neville's POV- unless otherwise marked«--«
Neville didn't mean to murder. It just... Happened.
When Malfoy shows up, just as dirty and cut-up as Neville, saying he understands, what will happen?
»--» Draville Ship BOYxBOY so you know the drill«--«


17. Seventeen

No one was there. I checked everywhere, even fired spells, thinking that someone might be hiding under an Invisibility Cloak, but alas, there was nothing.

Except a note.




There was something next to the note that wasn't there before.

I bend down next to... It, and began probing it.

The mangled thing at my feet is a body.

He or she is covered in blood. The blood is everywhere. In the person's hair, on the clothes, in their gaping mouth, everywhere. The tangy smell reaches my nose.

I close my eyes, trying to block the gruesome image out of my mind. But once you see something that awful, you can't really forget it.

I open my eyes again, and try to remove some of the blood.

Time slowed as I recognized who it was.

Short, ginger hair, freckles, pale, short.

Ron Weasley.

Lol this is such a short update sorry guys :( I'll try to update later but no promises. Love y'all.

~ Grace Xx

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