Draville: The Year After

»--»Neville's POV- unless otherwise marked«--«
Neville didn't mean to murder. It just... Happened.
When Malfoy shows up, just as dirty and cut-up as Neville, saying he understands, what will happen?
»--» Draville Ship BOYxBOY so you know the drill«--«


5. Five



What else was there to say?

Just wow.

I was astounded.

I've always hated Malfoy. I always knew he seemed evil to the core, but Imperuising my grandmother? That's horrible! What could possess a person to do such a thing?

So then he tells me he's gay. Fine. You like me like that. It still doesn't excuse what you did.

Still, I felt bad for leaving Dra- Malfoy. I mean, I don't really know, but I felt guilty for leaving him.

So, me being the kind person I am, I decided to go back to Malfoy's house.

I knocked, and the door swung open. "Malfoy?" I yelled into the void of darkness.

But there was nothing. No response, no sign of life.

I run up the stairs two at a time, desperate to find something, anything.

There was one closed door. "Malfoy?"

Nothing. I strained my ears for even the smallest noise, but it was as silent as a tomb.

Then, there was a scuffle. "Hello?"

"Dra-Malfoy, let me in."

The door opened and he smiled. "Did you almost call me Draco? After years of calling me Malfoy?"

"No... No, I didn't." I feel myself blush and look down.

"Why are you here, Neville?" He asks, taking a step closer to me.

"I...I'm sorry."

"Don't be," he breathed, taking yet another step toward me. "It was my fault you got kicked out of your home."

"Understandable. Besides, you made up for it."

He snorted. "Hardly. And it's my fault Harry is dead-"

"I was the one who killed him."

"Yeah, but if I didn't have your grandma kick you out, he would still be alive and breathing. And finally, I manage to ruin it all by having you leave."

"I would've found out soon anyhow. I like it more this way, without such a strong feeling of betrayal. You get me, Draco?"

"You just called me Draco. Not Malfoy. Draco!"

I smirk. "Hmmm. So I did, Draco."

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