Draville: The Year After

»--»Neville's POV- unless otherwise marked«--«
Neville didn't mean to murder. It just... Happened.
When Malfoy shows up, just as dirty and cut-up as Neville, saying he understands, what will happen?
»--» Draville Ship BOYxBOY so you know the drill«--«


15. Fifteen

My knees buckled. The pain oh my god the pain I can't even describe oh it hurts!

I manage to open my eyes feebly for a split second, and Draco's concerned face is the last thing I see.

I awake to loud noises. Draco?" I whisper, thinking he to be the source of the racket.

No answer.

"Draco?" I call again, a little uncertain.

Still no answer.

"Draco? Please, love, this isn't a joke anymore."

Still nothing. Just... Now, silence.

I swing my legs over the bed and gasp. There lies Draco, next to Mari, his head completely severed from his neck, eyes and mouth still open in shock.

"Neville? Neville?! Neville! Are you awake this time?"

I opened my eyes and blinked.

"Merlin's beard, Neville!"

"Wha-what happened?"

"I don't know." He says grimly.

I move my back and feel a stabbing pain. "Ah- Draco, was something in or on my back?"

"Yeah." He lifts up a rusty red dagger.

I gasp, startled. "Wha- who?"

"I don't know."

I thought, chewing on the inside of my cheek. "Security tapes!"

"What are those?"

I smile, and giggle. "Follow me."

"Uh-uh. No. You are in no condition to move, young man. You nearly died from this thing-" he pointed at the dagger- "and were unconscious for three days. You aren't going anywhere. Not yet, at least."

I sigh in anger. "I have to go- you don't know how they work and I want to know who put that dagger in my back."

"Ah, so that's what they are called." He says gently, resting it on the small table next to me.

I look at him closely. He was still hot as ever, even with the large red clumps of acne across his face. But I saw something in his eyes I don't normally see. Stupidity isn't the right word, because he was one of the top kids at Hogwarts, so I guess you could call it lack of knowledge. He's grown up with no association with the Muggle world, and now he is just... Thrust into it. It's almost pitiful... Eighteen years on Earth, you would think he knew the basics of the Muggle world...

"What? Why are you staring at me?"

I shake my head. "Nothing. C'mon, we need to see who stabbed me."

I sighs, giving in. I step out of the bed, and walked to the spot of the security tapes.

I watched it over and over agian, thinking that it couldn't be true.


Molly Weasley had stabbed me.

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