“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


25. Zayn's Story

“So where did you go after that day?” Harry eventually asked, tearing our attentions from the view.

“I found another small village a few miles away,” I mumbled. “That’s where I met Zayn.”


I nodded to Harry, teeth playing havoc with my bottom lip.

“We met when I was finding a place to stay for a bit. I was hiding in the local park for a while until I would find a proper place to live.” I paused, remembering that very day he found me hunched up in a bush. He helped me up and from there and then we clicked.

“But I had to ruin everything again,” I spat. “I’d had a shit day. Zayn had helped me to find a flat, but I was behind with the rent. I’d been fired from my job at the corner shop so I was earning no money. But I’d arranged to go out with Zayn that night.” The words brought a smile to my face as I remembered the feeling he gave me. He was so gentle. And gentle was what I needed.

“But I witnessed something that got me mad,” I grumbled. “Something that would want me to kill.”

I stared at myself through the cracked mirror hanging above the bookcase in my flat. I sighed heavily at the pale face staring back at me, running a hand through my knotted hair. I’d waited all day for tonight, my first proper date with Zayn.

The thoughts brought an automatic smile to my face. I bit my bottom lip, my reflection cracked in the mirror. I reached up, running my fingertip down a crack, cutting my skin. I pulled back, my finger cut open at the tip. My lips parted in shock as the skin healed over, attaching itself back up again. I still wasn’t clear about my abilities and what my body could do. I’m slowly starting to realise: I’m a survivor.

I dropped my arm heavily back by my side, rubbing the back of my neck with my other hand. My heavy head throbbed on my neck, worries spinning around my head. I owed money and favours everywhere I looked. Threats are thrown at me every day, pressurising me do give them back what I borrowed. But I can’t. I just don’t have it.

I could feel the tears threatening to spill from my already sore eyes. But the thought of seeing Zayn tonight pushed every worry and every concern away. For now. Zayn was my escape from my life, the light to my tunnel. I needed him.

I cleared my throat, glancing at my cracked reflection in the mirror one more time. I ran my fingers through my hair one more time before spinning around, striding out of the flat quickly in case I bumped into any of my neighbours. I didn’t want a black eye when I met Zayn.

The stench of alcohol and burnt out cigarettes finally disappeared as I approached the end of the road. I shoved my hands deep in my pockets, a smile flashing onto my face suddenly. My fingertips brushed against a cold metal in my pocket. I wrapped my fingers around it before pulling it out. I stopped on the pavement, dangling the necklace in front of my face. My fingers were wrapped in the thin chain as it hung from my grip. A chuckle burst from my lips as the dog tag swung in front of my eyes. I slowly lowered it into my other hand, carefully turning over the piece of metal in my palm.

“Just close your eyes and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life,” I read aloud from the back of the necklace, the words carved into the metal.

Zayn had given me this necklace when we first met, showing his trust in me already. That word reappeared in my mind again, causing the smile to fade from my mouth.


I suddenly closed my fist around the necklace, quickly pacing down the street towards Zayn’s flat.

The streets were dead, dim street lights creating spotlights on the ground. The faint smell of damp faded as I left my area of town, heading towards Zayn’s comfier, warmer part of town.

I never told Zayn where I lived. I don’t tell anyone. You can call it shame I guess. But also fear, knowing that if I brought someone over to my place I would be giving my neighbours my weak spot. I refused to allow Zayn to be in any sort of trouble.

My heart fluttered as I approached Zayn’s place, shyly knocking on the door. My eyebrows flew together as the door fell open at my touch. I gently pushed the door open fully, the necklace tight in my other hand as I crept into the house. The place was silent, unnerving me. I stood silently in the hallway, the light shining bright above my head. I took a shaky step forward, my worries for Zayn shooting out of control. I had no control over my powers. Could I save him if he was in danger? I swallowed the hard lump lodged in my throat and followed the hallway towards the living room.

“Zayn,” someone whispered.

I froze to the spot, the closed living room door a few feet from me. I stared at the door, my heart in my mouth. I inhaled deeply before creeping to the door, staring down at the handle. I pushed myself to do this, preparing my body for the worst. I pulled down on the metal handle, silently swinging it open. But my eyes fell upon a heart breaking sight. My heart clenched painfully in my chest, my whole body weakening.

A woman was lying on top of Zayn on the sofa, groaning softly, her hand in Zayn’s crotch. Their tops had been removed, aimlessly thrown to the ground by the sofa. Zayn’s lips were messily attached to the woman’s, his body shifting as his crotch was slowly rubbed. My grip weakened on the necklace, my fists slowly unclenching. Tears fell from my eyes as I let go of the dog tag, the metal crashing down to the ground.

Their attention finally shot to me. Zayn’s face fell, shoving the hand away from his crotch.

“Rosie,” he whispered.

Zayn’s POV:

I paced up and down the living room, glancing at the clock hanging on the wall every few moments. My heart raced madly in my chest, my hands shaking by my sides as I waited impatiently for that one knock on my door. Rosie.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, a vibration erupted from my jeans pocket. I reached into my jeans and took my phone out. I stared down at the flashing screen, my heart sinking at the contact icon.

“Zayn!” someone sang down the phone as soon as I pressed it to my ear.

“Hey, Anabella,” I mumbled, collapsing down onto the sofa.

“What you up to, Z? I haven’t seen you for ages!”

“Nothing really.” I rolled my eyes, my gaze fixed on the ticking clock. Rosalie will be here in 10 minutes. “Look, Bella, I’ve got plans tonight so…”

“Let me guess, with that new girlfriend of yours?” Her voice hinted slight annoyance, but it brought a smile to my face nonetheless.

“Yeah,” I muttered, grinning sheepishly to myself.

“I rarely get to see you now that you’re with that Rosalie girl. Look, I’ll come around. We can watch a movie or something.”

“Bella, I really can’t...” I grew more impatient by the second, tapping my feet on the ground edgily.

“Alright, just a drink then.”

“I can’t, Bella.”

“Come on, dude, one drink. For me,” I knew she was pouting on the other end of the phone. I knew she wasn’t going to back down. I sighed heavily, but slowly began considering the idea. She could meet Rosalie, get to know her before we went out on our date.

“Fine,” I grumbled.

“Good boy. I’ll be there in a minute.” She hung up, leaving me regretting what I’d just done.

Just as Bella said, she arrived a minute later as she only lived a few roads away. I pushed myself off of the sofa and shuffled down the hallway before swinging the door open.

“Hey,” I said, giving her a big hug. She winked at me before stepping in, closing the door with her foot. It wasn’t completely shut, but I thought Rosalie could let herself in.

I grinned at Bella’s coolness, her relaxed behaviour in my house. I watched her strut into the living room in her high heels, hearing her collapse onto the leather of the sofa. A wide smirk crept onto my face as I quickly joined her.

Bella had already opened her first can, the air escaping the metal echoing in the room before he brought the can to her lips. I loved how she could still be ‘one of the dudes’. Sometimes I regret breaking up with her, but I had Rosie now.

I collapsed down onto the sofa beside her. A can was suddenly thrust at me, Bella giving me a sideways glance as I unwillingly took it from her. I nibbled at my bottom lip before placing it on the table along with the other four cans, avoiding Bella’s deep eyes.

“You’ve changed, Zayn,” she mumbled before taking a long swig, her eyes never looking away from me. I shrugged, sitting back on the sofa. I stared down at my lap, tugging at a piece of loose skin on my thumb. A small hand was suddenly placed over mine, taking my hand in his. Bella silently slipped her fingers between mine, causing my stomach to flip inside me. I gazed down at our hands, warmth running from my fingertips down to my toes. My gaze shot up to meet her gorgeous eyes. She squeezed my hand, taking her bottom lip seductively between her teeth.

“You used to be so dark, so mischievous, the sexy bad boy I loved,” she mumbled. I swallowed hard, quickly wetting my dry lips. “It kinda turned me on,” she said lowly. My eyes snapped back to her face, lust sparkling in her dark blue eyes. “Let’s see if I can change you back.”

She slowly leaned forward, our lips meeting in a tender kiss. She was slightly reluctant at first, her eyelids softly falling closed. She groaned into my mouth, her fingers slipping from mine to wrap around the back of my neck. She soon pressed against my mouth with more force, causing a whimper to escape my lips.

“I’ll be gentle,” she mumbled against my lips. “Or do you want me to be rough?”

I couldn’t stop the throaty groans escaping me, the urge to deepen the kiss winning. I forced my lips roughly upon Bella’s, earning a devilish smirk from her in return. Her touch soon fell from my neck to emerge at the hem of my t-shirt. But realisation crashed down on me. What am I doing? I shouldn’t be doing this. I had Rosalie. We’re going out tonight. Our first date. Bella has never come onto me again since we broke up. She knows I’m with Rosalie. Anabella is only a mate now, nothing more.

I quickly batted her hands away, tearing my lips away from hers. Bella leaned into me to try and lock our lips again, but her eyes gradually opened once she realised I wanted to stop. Her face fell as I lowered my gaze, leaning away from her.

“Zayn,” she whispered.

I shook my head at her, pushing myself up from the sofa. I turned my back on her, knowing if I gave into her touch, her taste then she would have me back so easily.

I soon felt a presence behind me, her body warmth hitting me making me feel weak at the knees. My hand was tightly gripped before I was made to spin back around again. I couldn’t stop our eyes from meeting, the sensation stealing the breath from my lungs. I suddenly wanted her. I wanted her so bad.

“You like the touch of a woman, don’t you?” Bella muttered, her slim fingers clasping onto my sides. I was roughly tugged into her, my groans of approval bringing a smirk to Bella’s lips. My body gradually softened with her touch, slowly giving into those deep eyes. “That Rosalie’s a girl, Zayn. You need a woman,” she whispered before our lips mingled once more.

My hands instinctively gripped her hips. As soon as I did, Bella leaned further into me to deepen the kiss, her lips moving against mine desperately. My name was muttered against my mouth between sweet groans, proving to me how much she wanted this.

“Sofa. Now,” she ordered against my lips.

She turned us suddenly to push me down onto the sofa. I landed with a soft grunt, grinning broadly at the bossy side to Bella. She straddled me and kissed me with so much passion. She captured my lips in her own to kiss me hungrily. A small smile broke out on my face as I returned the passion in the kiss, groaning into her mouth.

Bella quickly cut us off, both of us short for air. She was panting a little, her wet tongue sliding across her lips in order to still taste me. A smirk flittered on her features before returning her grip to the bottom of my t-shirt.

“Shh,” she whispered, slowly pulling up my t-shirt.

I pressed my lips together, feeling the material slide up my stomach and chest. Bella breathed out as her eyes fixed onto my dark skin, my t-shirt rolled up at the top of my chest. She tugged it off over my head, her eyes never leaving my bare upper body. I suppressed a chuckle as she threw my t-shirt to the floor, running a soft hand down my stomach, tracing my abs tenderly with her fingers. A moan fell from my lips, watching as Bella’s gaze moved with her fingers.

Her eyes suddenly shot up to lock with mine, nibbling on her bottom lip. She hastily took off her tight top, my gaze falling to her naked breasts. A seductive smirk flashed on her face as she threw her top to the ground beside my shirt, watching me staring at her chest. She quickly leaned into me, crashing her plump lips to mine. The kiss was messy, needy, my bottom lip taken between Bella’s teeth. She tugged teasingly at it as I smiled into the kiss.

Bella soon began turning us, pushing me to lie down on my back. My bare back sunk into the cold leather, Bella still straddling me. Her bare chest was pressed tight to my own, her tongue wrestling mine. I reached up, sneaking my hand around the back of her neck. I weaved my fingers through her hair, gripping her locks tightly in my fist. A throaty groan emitted from Bella’s mouth as I tugged, deepening the kiss.

Bella eventually pulled back, gazing down to me. I stared back in confusion, until her touch appeared in my crotch. A gasp emanated from my mouth, her palm rubbing at my jeans.

“I want you, Zayn,” she muttered down to me.

Before I could answer, her lips met mine once more, sending jolts of warmth through my veins. She whispered my name between kisses, her fingers fiddling with my jeans zip.

A sudden metal crash echoed around us, making my whole body jump against Bella’s. Her lips parted from mine, leaving me feeling cold and lonely. Bella’s gaze shot to the doorway, her eyes wide with shock. I followed her gaze, my lips parting as Rosalie stood in the doorway, tears swelling in her eyes. I batted away Bella’s lingering touch in my crotch, my stare constant on Rosalie’s shaking form.

“Rosie,” I whispered.

Rosalie’s POV:

Anger scorched my skin, burning my insides viciously. I stared silently as the woman hastily pulled herself off of Zayn, grabbing her top from the ground. She quickly glanced at Zayn still lying on the sofa as she shakily pulling the material over her head. Her presence was infuriating me, my fists clenched by my sides. Once she put her top back on her gaze began to linger on Zayn’s bare chest for too long. I strode forward, rage coursing through my veins.

“No, Rosalie!” Zayn shouted, but it was too late.

The woman spun around just as my hand connected violently with his cheek. She collapsed to the floor in front of the coffee table, pressing a hand into her cheek. Zayn jumped up, grabbing the woman’s arm to carefully pull her back up. But that just enraged me further.

I reached out, fisting the woman’s long hair. Zayn’s grip fell from her arm as I wrenched her up to his feet, dragging her towards the door. Blood oozed from her cut lip, making the already low tingles suddenly explode out.

The woman cried out as I tugged her out to the hallway. She tripped on her own feet before I swung the front door open, throwing her out of the house. She collapsed to the concrete path, coughing and spluttering to the ground. She turned her head around just as I slammed the front door shut, every object in the hallway shaking madly. I hissed through my teeth before striding back into the living room.

Zayn was stood in the middle of the room, his gorgeous body covered back up with his t-shirt. His eyes glistened with tears, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip nervously. He refused to look me in the eye, his feet clearly more interesting than me.

I marched over to him, roughly cupping his chin. I forced his head up, bringing it closer to my face until our noses brushed. His lips were all swollen with his hair a mess on his head. Beads of sweat lingered on his forehead, telling me how much he was enjoying the touch of that woman.

Zayn whimpered at my rough action, my fingertips digging into his cheeks. My heart pumped wildly in my chest, my pulse pounding in my ears. Spit sprayed Zayn’s face as I hissed at him, my rage taking over my actions. But the pure fright in his deep eyes caused me to loosen my grip slightly. I pushed his head away from me and spun around, refusing to look at him.

Angry tears swelled in my eyes, cold shivers exploding down my spine. I buried my face in my hands, screaming out into them. The picture of Zayn with that woman never left my mind, a constant reminder that I was always second best.

A warm hand squeezed my shoulder, shocking me suddenly. I spun back around, swinging my arm in the air. A sharp slapping noise cut through the air, the back of my hand connecting with Zayn’s cheek. I watched as Zayn’s head shot to the side. His hand flew up to caress the pain I had inflicted on him, tears threatening to spill over his eyes. But he soon composed himself again, staring at me with pure pain in his eyes, his hand pressed tight to his marked cheek. Fury seized my entirety. He’s the one that deserves this pain, not me.

My gaze shot around the room until it hit the bookcase. I stormed over to it, knocking every object off of the top with one swoop of my arm.

“Rosie!” Zayn called, the sorrow and anger in words clearly evident to me, but I disregarded his pain. I ran over to the TV, pushing it onto the floor behind the stand it was sat on. Zayn tried stopping me, grabbing hold of my upper arm in both his hands, but I merely shook him off, heading towards the coffee table.

“Please, Rosalie. Stop,” Zayn cried.

I glanced over to him, a large red mark on his cheek. The beast was taking over me, screaming inside my head. I shot back around, flinging the coffee table over. The beer cans crashed to the floor, rolling across the floor panels and under the sofa. I stood straight, my muscles ripping painfully inside of me. I flung my head back, screaming deeply up to the ceiling. I fisted the hair on the back of my head and tugged, trying to rip the beast from in my mind. But it just told me to do worse, much worse.

Sobs burst from my aching chest, a tight claw squeezing at my heart, overpowering every breath I took. I didn’t want this. I wanted it to stop. But what I desired didn’t matter to this ugly beast living under my skin.

My deep, sharp eyes scanned the room once again, a familiar face staring out at me from a framed picture. I stormed over to the mantelpiece, seizing hold of the frame. I saw Zayn’s body freeze out of the corner of my eye, telling me it must be special.

“No, Rosalie,” he said sternly, taking a stride towards me.

I turned to face him, the frame hanging between my thumb and index finger. Zayn silently shook his head at me, glancing down at the picture of him and that woman, her kissing his cheek, beer cans clasped in their hands. My eyes burned into him as I let the frame fall from my grasp. I barely flinched as the sound of glass smashing beside my feet echoed in the room. Tears dripped from Zayn’s eyes, eyes fixed on the photo.

I spun back around, finding any other object to smash, to let my anger out on. But I soon sensed Zayn approaching me from behind, shuffling towards the broken frame by my feet. I wasn’t going to let him touch it. Zayn was mine.

I turned around, fisting the front of his t-shirt. I marched him backwards, a gasp forced from between his lips as his back crashed into the wall behind. I pressed my fists harder into his chest, closing the gap between us. Zayn’s breathing was shaky and unsteady against my lips. I could feel my teeth ripping through my gums, the beast erupting from me. Heated tingles ran over my body, the smell of Zayn’s sweet blood flowing up my nose.

“R-Rosie,” Zayn stuttered barely as a whisper.

I brushed my nose against his, Zayn’s hands over mine gripping his shirt. He squirmed in my hold, shear fear causing his face to grow pale, his body to shake uncontrollably.

I pressed him harder to the wall, my lips ghosting over his. “You betrayed me, Zayn. I’ll never forget that,” I whispered.

I suddenly forced my mouth to his, kissing him messily. He reacted eventually, believing I was forgiving him for what he’d done. The kiss grew more intense, my tongue invading his mouth. I could tell he was enjoying the control I had, groaning into my mouth. I gripped his hand, forcing it to hold the back of my neck, the other arm wrapped around my back. I was preparing him and he didn’t even know.

My sharp teeth grazed Zayn’s lips, taking him by surprise. I let go of his t-shirt, pressing my chest hard against his. I could feel Zayn relaxing against me, mumbling apologies between kisses.

My lips finally left his, trailing wet kisses from the corner of his mouth to his jawline. I nudged his head to one side, giving myself full access to his neck. My plump lips pressed forcefully to his skin, my sharp teeth nibbling at the crook of his neck. He groaned softly, tugging at the hair on the back of my head. I sniffed deeply, tingles shooting across my body at the smell emanating from his veins.

I finally held my breath, lifting my mouth up to his ear.

“Shh,” I whispered, stopping him from moaning my name. He shut his mouth, listening to what I had to say. The beast was yelling at me to get on with it, my muscles ripping to an excruciatingly painful state.

“You’re mine Zayn, only mine,” I hissed. “So if I can’t have you, then no one will.”

My lips moved back to the skin of his neck, my hot breath fanning over the area. Zayn’s body grew stiff with fear against me at my words, his voice trembling as he called my name.

“Rosalie…Rosie, what are you doing?”

I breathed in deeply, craving that one taste that would stop this pain, this desire for a little while. I smirked devilishly before breathing out slowly, sinking my sharp teeth into the skin of his neck. He flung his head back until it smashed into the wall.

“Fuck,” he swore through gritted teeth.

His body squirmed painfully against me, but it never stopped me. I sucked intently, craving the liquid running down my throat. I groaned deeply, Zayn’s body weakly trying to fight me off. He sobbed quietly, his energy being sucked out of his body. The beast was smiling at me, reassuring me I was doing the right thing. Zayn’s grip on my hair loosened, his arm around me falling away. I kept myself pressed to him, keeping his dying body from crashing to the ground. I sucked madly, Zayn’s skin growing cold under my lips.

My heart tingled, strengthening with every drop I swallowed. My let my eyes fall closed, focusing on the taste trickling down my throat. I sucked faster and faster, never stopping, never fighting the beast...until Zayn stopped squirming, his head tilting heavy to the side.

I gradually tugged my teeth from Zayn’s ripped veins, his deep, dead eyes staring straight at me. Suddenly my thoughts came crashing down around me. The words I’d spoken spun in my mind, my body growing cold at the thought of them escaping my mouth.

“So if I can’t have you, then no one will.”

I would never have said those things without being influenced by this monster creeping under my skin. But as much as I tried blaming this beast, it was still partly myself. The words fell from my own lips.

I took a shaky step back, whimpering quietly as I watched Zayn’s body crumple to the ground. He landed with a heavy thump, his head smashing into the hard floor. But his eyes never left mine, constantly following me wherever I stepped. I stumbled back, my scared eyes on Zayn’s until the back of my legs crashed into the tipped over coffee table. I jumped out of my skin.  I spun around, my tears blurring my vision. My legs grew weak under me, ready to collapse. But a voice from behind me snapped my attention back into the room.

I held my breath, heavy pants emanating from behind me. I knew exactly who it was, the one man who was always there after I killed.

I slowly turned back around, my eyes connecting with a dark figure crouched beside Zayn’s head, his slim, long fingers pressed to Zayn’s neck. His head shot up to face me, a smirk plastered on his pale face.

“No pulse,” Samuel muttered, his grin widening. Before I could react, he quickly stood up, his body towering over mine in a flash. His incredible speed took me by surprise every time. “Another one,” he said, shaking his head at me. He made a tutting noise down to me, smirking at my reaction. My fingers curled into tight fists, my face scrunching up as fury bounded through my body. “I can’t wait to see whose next.”

I suddenly lifted up my knee, smashing it into his stomach. My loud scream echoed around us as I hit him violently, but he didn’t react, his smirk constant on his sharp face. I repeated my action before punching him in the face. His head didn’t move, the grin never wiped from his face as I attempted to beat him. He was invincible.

“He deserved it, Rosalie,” he said sternly, turning his head to glance down at Zayn’s body. “He betrayed you. You’ll never forget that.”

That’s when he disappeared, leaving his words to linger in the air around me. But I knew he was still here, watching me intently, never stopping. My eyes flickered down to Zayn’s dead body, his hair still a mess on his head from earlier, his deep eyes wide open. He laid heavy on his side, gazing up at me with such sad eyes.

“I’m sorry, Zayn,” I whispered.

I knew what happened next. I would run to the next quiet village I could find, hide myself away and start again. And that’s exactly what I did.

“Samuel was there again?” Harry asked, eyebrows raised high.

I nodded silently as I slowly laid back, my back pressed to the slanted tiles of the roof. I crossed my hands behind my head, letting my eyes fall closed. Samuel’s face illuminated my mine. He was always there. After every killing he would make sure that I knew what I was: a blood thirsty murderer.

I took my bottom lip between my teeth, stopping the sobs threatening to escape.


I remained silent, squeezing my eyes shut in order to prevent my feelings spilling from me. A warm hand pressed into my stomach, causing an eruption of affection to shoot through my body.

“I was just so angry,” I suddenly sobbed, peeling my eyes open. Harry sat over me, gazing down at my shaking form. “Oh God. Why did I do it, Harry?”

My hands slipped from under my head, covering my face to mask the tears. I sobbed heavily, cursing into my hands.

“Why did Samuel have to make me this beast? I just want to be normal again!”

Harry lowered himself next to me, lying on his side to embrace me tightly. I covered my face with my hands once more, a long arm snaking over my torso. Curls tickled at my ear, soft lips nibbling at my earlobe.

“I don’t want you to be normal,” Harry muttered, lips brushing my ear. “We met because of what you are. I never want you to change.”

“But I’m a murderer, Harry.” My hands lowered from my face, my head turning to meet his. “I’ve put you in trouble before and I’m bound to do it again.”

“I trust you, Rosalie,” he muttered, eyes falling closed. I watched as his head leaned into me, brushing his lips on mine. He knew this was the closest he could get without awakening the beast in me. “I love you.” His warm breath tickled at my lips, affectionate tingles shooting through my body.

“I-I love you too,” I whispered, tears trickling down my face.

“Don’t cry, Rosie,” Harry muttered, bringing a hand up to wipe the emotions from my cheeks. He pressed a forceful kiss to the corner of my mouth, letting his touch linger on my skin. I felt his eyelashes brush against my skin as his eyes fell closed.

“I’d take the pain away for you, Rosie. I really would,” he muttered, pulling back from my skin.

A warm smile crept onto my face, eyes gazing into his. “I know,” I whispered.

Harry’s arms quickly embraced me, tugging me into his muscled chest. “Do you want to go home?” he asked, lips pressed to the skin under my ear.

I pulled back from Harry’s body warmth, sitting up on the roof again. “No,” I muttered, brushing away the lingering tears. Harry’s upper body rose from the tiles, an arm around my back to support me. “There’s one final person I haven’t told you about, the reason why I met you that night. His name was Liam…”

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