“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


57. The Final Pieces Come Together

“Hello, Rosalie,” he snarled. “Do you not remember me?”

My mind flashed back to the nightclub, a breath hissed out through my gritted teeth. But there was something else behind that, something I’ve forgotten. Blurry pictures flashed in my mind. I was punched in the face, straddled as he beat me. The other kids laughed around us as the campfire crackled softly. My eyes flickered to Samuel’s smug face before staring back at the man stood before me. Then it all came crashing down at once, that memory so vivid in my head, the first night I turned into the beast. He was the boy who had beaten me that night, who made my life hell in that foster home. I opened my mouth to reply, but I wasn’t quick enough.

“Maybe you’ll remember me now,” Louis hissed. A large hand clamped over my shoulder before a fist was slammed into my stomach. I barely had enough energy to wince, just weakly sucked in a breath through my teeth. Harry’s screaming was faint over the sound of my pulse thumping in my ears. A hand soon smacked my face. Harry cursed to Louis, yelling as loud as he could, but the beatings only grew faster, more violent.

“Enough,” a deep voice echoed in the room.

I let out a chocked sob as Samuel gripped Louis’ shoulder, wrenching him away from me. Louis stumbled back, but soon composed himself, standing with his hands behind his back, hanging his head.

“Sorry, Master,” he mumbled as Samuel stood over him, spit spraying Louis’ face as he was shouted at. I heard a smack then a small grunt followed before Louis marched over to me, his cheek bright red. He grumbled words under his breath as he grabbed my arm, forcing me over to the boxing ring.

My eyes widened as, for the first time, I noticed the boxing ring was surrounded by metal bars, as if a large cage had covered it. The rope had been cut and been tied to the bars to give access to the large metal gate to enter the ring. It was our own personal prison.

The metal door was swung open before I was thrown inside, crashing onto the floor on my front. I groaned and coughed weakly before another thump caught my attention nearby. I turned my head to the side to find Harry lying on his front next to me, groaning in pain. Our hands were still bound as Harry slowly turned his bruised head to look at me. His bottom lip gradually oozed blood, the drops running down his chin and to the floor of the ring below.

“H-Harry,” I stuttered, tears escaping my bruised eyes, running down my red cheeks.

He shuffled closer to me, his handcuffs stopping him from comforting me. I struggled against my bonds, wanting so much to stroke his cheek, to hold him in my arms. I sighed heavily, tears silently streaming down my face as I could barely touch him. I watched as Harry rolled himself onto his side, my body mirroring him. We shuffled closer so our chests were touching. His body warmth instantly hit me, sending comforting shivers down my spine.

“What have they done to you?” I whispered, fully taking in his bruises and the blood smeared across his gorgeous face. Harry lowered his gaze, staring at my chest. I awkwardly craned my head down, desiring for his eyes to be locked with mine.

“I’m sorry, Rosie,” he sobbed, finally gazing back into my eyes. “This is my fault. I lost your trust by meeting with Zoe. I should never have done it. I love you, Rosie, no matter what happens.”

I bit my bottom lip, wincing suddenly as my teeth dug into the cut. I blinked back the tears, the heartache that had been rising inside my chest in the past few hours slowly dying away. I shuffled even closer, our marked foreheads pressed lightly against each other.

“I want to touch you so much, Rosie,” Harry whispered, tears glistening in his green orbs.

Without answering I slowly leaned into him, tangling my sore lips with his own. Harry winced, but never stopped me, moving his lips in perfect sync with mine. The kiss was tender at first as if we were scared to hurt each other, but as the seconds passed we wanted more of each other. The kiss grew messy, needy as we craved each other’s body warmth, each other’s taste. A moan vibrated between us. I wasn’t sure whether it was the pain over my body or the feeling of kissing Harry that caused me to groan, but I no longer cared. I’d missed Harry’s touch so much.

I pressed my lips firmer against his, ignoring my tender lips and the light taste of Harry’s blood in my mouth as I kissed him more passionately. Tingles erupted under my skin as I squirmed around in my cuffs, using the little strength I had so I could be free, wrap my arms around Harry’s bruised body, hold him tenderly against my chest. The metal just scraped against each other, resisting against my attempts to release myself.

Suddenly Harry was wrenched away from my lips, his body warmth disappearing quickly.


My eyes flew open as Harry was forced up onto his knees and slapped harshly across the face. I whimpered as a grunt was forced from Harry’s lips.

“How cute,” Samuel hissed over me before I was grabbed viciously. I grunted as I was pulled up from the ground and hauled over to the nearest corner of the boxing ring. I struggled weakly, my legs dragging on the floor in front of me as I was heaved backwards. I watched as Harry was punched hard in the face, blood spitting from his mouth. He grunted, the men holding his shoulders letting go of him, sniggering as Harry’s weak body crashed to the floor. His hands were still cuffed, giving him no defence when falling. His head smacked hard against the ring, the noise making me wince.

“Harry,” I tried to cry out before my back slammed into the thick padding secured to the corner of the ring. Harry was dragged, barely conscious to the opposite corner to me, weak groans escaping his parted lips. His hands were set fee of the bonds, but his wrists were soon gripped, a thick rope being wrapped tight around each one and tied to the ropes running around the boxing ring either side of him. He tilted his head back until it rested heavily on the padding, a groan falling from his mouth.

I soon felt my own cuffs being pulled off. I instinctively reacted, punching one man hard in the face as he crouched down next to me. The man growled as I tried scrambling up to my feet, but my wrists were locked in an iron-tight grip and a foot was smashed into my stomach. I crashed back down onto the floor, grumbling weakly as my wrists were bounded by ropes, attached to the rope of the ring either side of me. I struggled against my bonds, only able to move my wrists a few centimetres away from the rope of the ring. My head hung as a shadow was slowly cast over my mind, my body growing weak with exhaustion.

My head was suddenly lifted up by my hair. I groaned, forcing my eyes open to see Samuel crouched in front of me, his fingers fisting my hair as Louis stood over him with his hands behind his back. His grin was crooked, sinful, sending cold shivers down my spine. The other four men that had been holding Harry and I were all vaguely familiar. I blinked at them over Samuel’s shoulder, slowly recognising each sharp face, strong body. They were all boys from the foster home. They all stared back, their eyes deep, mysterious, hungry.

My hair was tugged tighter, my eyes flickering back to Samuel. His face was so close to mine, his hot breath burning my skin.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked weakly, my voice barely a whisper. “Why hurt Harry? You want him so why not just hurt me?”

“Don’t worry. Once you’re dead and I turn Harry, he’ll heal quickly enough,” he replied, his creepy smirk spreading across his face. He pulled back from my hair, slapping me lightly on my cheek. “It’s all part of the plan, Rosalie. You’ll find out soon enough tomorrow.” He quickly stood up, spinning around on his heels, back to me.

“But you told me to kill, Harry,” I blurted out. “Why would you make me do that?”

He spun back around, dark eyes glaring to me.

“I knew you wouldn’t do it,” he snarled. “Like during the bike crash. You saved Harry. I knew you would. I was hoping you wouldn’t of been able to cope with killing Harry yourself so you’d give him to me to do it myself so I’d have my son back. But I was getting bored waiting, Rosalie. So I had to speed things up. And here we are now.”

“What about the attack at the flat?” I asked, trying to piece the final bits together in my mind. “What as all that about?”

A smirk curved onto Samuel’s lips as he gradually approached me again. I swallowed down the hard lump in my throat as Samuel slowly dragged his sharp fingernails across my cheek. I couldn’t shove him away, my wrists tightly bound to the rope. But I slowly began to stare deep into his dark orbs, feeling myself drift into a dark trance. Wickedness swam in his eyes, dragging me down into a world of hatred and despair. But I quickly shook my head, forcing myself out of the cold and lonely trance. I squirmed, fighting against my bonds.

“I brought them back to life to mess with your head. You weren’t seeing ghosts. They were alive. I just wanted to remind you of what you are. A murderer, Rosalie.”

I just stared at him, the pieces coming together like a jigsaw in my mind. But there was one more thing didn’t make sense. In the past, one of my darkest memories.

 “When I was little,” I muttered, keeping my eyes low, “you tried to drown me. You held me down underwater in the bath. Why...why did you do it?”

Samuel’s wicked smile had been wiped from his pale face. I could tell I’d hit a nerve. His jaw quickly grew tense, thin lips parting to finally reply after a long pause.

“I had just gotten a phone call from Harry’s mother. She told me I couldn’t see Harry anymore,” Samuel muttered, his response barely audible. “I was furious. Seeing you in that bath, knowing that I couldn’t see my own child anymore got me angry. I was jealous. I didn’t find it fair that your parents could hold you and love you. I wanted them to feel what it was like. I held you down. But I felt guilty. It wasn’t your fault, nor was it your parents.”

I was shocked at the sincerity in Samuel’s tone. It was like he was in a deep trance, remembering, reliving the horrific memories of that moment. I almost felt sorry for him.

A long silence dragged along before Samuel soon composed himself. He coughed deeply, rage and hatred blazing in his eyes once again.

“I was too sentimental then,” Samuel finally spat. “I should have just killed you there and then. It would have made everything so much easier,” he laughed, quickly rising to his feet again. “But I wouldn’t have met Harry again though. You’re the reason we’re all here today, Rosalie. You reunited me with my son. And now I don’t need you anymore.”

Samuel spun around on his heels, marching away from me, leaving me fazed. He was right. It was my fault. I should never have met Harry. He’d be safe. Samuel would still be tormenting me, but he wouldn’t even have known Harry was still alive. I was now to blame for Harry’s new life, living forever as a blood-sucking beast. He would never cope with it. His heart’s too big. He’d be so confused. It would kill him emotionally.

Samuel barking orders suddenly dragged my attention back to the boxing ring. He stormed over to Louis, eyes glaring over to the weaker man. Louis stepped back, lowering his head as Samuel grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out of the ring. Louis kept his head down, gritting his teeth as he was gripped tightly by Samuel, his nails digging into his skin. The other men followed just after, the final one slamming the metal gate shut before locking us in.

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