“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


37. The Club

“Let us in, will ya?”

The front door was hit several times, a slurred voice shouting through the flat. Harry quickly spun around, his worried gaze falling onto me.

“Get dressed,” he ordered frantically, snatching my jeans and shirt from the floor. He threw them at me, the clothes landing on my chest. I propped myself up onto my elbows as the knocking grew more frequent.

“The front door’s locked, right?” I asked, watching him shove his legs into his tight jeans, his bulge a little distracting through the denim. He cursed under his breath, his shaky fingers fiddling with the button.

“Rosalie, get dressed,” he commanded once again, nodding to the jeans lying on my body.

“Harry,” I said sternly. “Is the front door locked?”

“Yes,” he replied irritably.

My upper body rose from the covers below me, my legs swinging off of the bed.

“Harry, let us in,” the same voice whined, the banging of the door giving me a headache.

“So what’s the problem?” I asked. “They can’t get it.”

Harry ignored my question completely, ordering me yet again to get dressed. His eyes frantically searched the floor for a t-shirt, irritated groans falling through his lips.


He sighed heavily, lifting his head up to face me. “It’s been locked all night. It’s just that…”

Another loud bang emanated from outside the bedroom, the voice louder to hear now. My eyes shot over to Harry, his bottom lip between his teeth.

“They have a key,” he mumbled.

I jumped up from the bed, hearing the slurring voice call out Harry’s name before approaching the door of the bedroom. I buttoned up the shirt before shoving my legs into the jeans, hopping around on the spot.

That’s when the door flew open. Two blokes stood in the doorway, both relatively small. The drunken one was leaning up against the door frame, a bottle clasped in his hand. His brown hair stuck up on his head, his green blue eyes rolling around in his head. A black vest top adorned his muscled body, sunglasses hanging from the neck of the t-shirt. The second bloke stood behind him, clearly sober unlike his mate. Stunning ginger hair adorned his head, a cute smile worn on his lips. He wore a pain blue t-shirt and baggy jeans, a mixture of colours swirling down his left arm. Blue eyes gazed at me, his hands deep in his jeans pockets.

I watched as the dark haired bloke widened his eyes at us. I was stood beside Harry, my jeans open at the top, the buttons on the shirt done up scruffily. Harry was topless, his cheeks a deep red. Both blokes’ eyes fell to Harry’s bulge clear in his tight jeans, a cheeky smirk widening on the dark haired bloke’s face.

“Are we interrupting something, Harold?” he asked before taking a large swig from the bottle. He staggered into the room, his intoxicated body finally approaching me. His eyes locked with mine. I held my breath at the stench of his, trying not to scrunch my face up in disgust.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked into my face, eyes wandering up and down in suspicion.

“Rosie, this is Louis,” Harry muttered, taking a step into us, his other hand over his crotch. He gently pulled Louis back by his shoulder, glancing back at the quieter bloke still in the doorway. “And this is Ed.”

“What are you doing in Harry’s flat then, eh?” I was asked by Louis.

I stepped into him again in intimidation. It was none of his business why I was here. He had no right just barging into the flat like this and interrupting us. I gritted my teeth in my mouth, glaring over to him.

“I live here,” I said through gritted teeth. “I’m Harry’s girlfriend.”

Brown eyes flickered between me and Harry, the corner of Louis’ lip curling up ever so slightly. Harry shuffled awkwardly beside me, staring at his feet. I quickly slipped my arm around his waist, tugging him into me.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“Look, I…I need to go to the bathroom,” Harry stuttered, wriggling out from my tight clasp. Harry’s large hand was still over his crotch. He glanced over to Ed still in the doorway. Ed nodded and marched over to grab Louis’ shoulder, wrenching him back from me. Ed took Louis’ place in front of me, an ink covered arm outstretched to me.

“Nice to meet you, lovely,” he spoke, shaking my hand. “Sorry about that twat. He’s a dickhead when he’s pissed. Ignore him.”

“Oi,” Louis yelled from behind Ed, but he soon collapsed onto the end of the bed, his torso falling to the covers. Ed gave me a reassuring smile before glancing over my shoulder to the lingering Harry still behind me.

“You’d better go and finish up,” he spoke amusingly, glancing down to Harry’s crotch. Harry gave him an embarrassed smile before shuffling towards the en suite door. “Have a good one,” Ed called over to him. “Enjoy it, mate.”

Harry laughed before slipping into the bathroom, leaving me alone with two complete strangers. An awkward silence lingered in the air, Louis lowly mumbling to himself on the bed.

“So,” Ed started. “You’re Harry’s new girlfriend then, eh?”

I nodded weakly, a small smile emerging onto my face. I’d never really said it before. I was Harry’s girlfriend. I was the only person who could say that. I was Harry’s.

Louis finally hauled himself up from the bed, stumbling on the spot in dizziness. Ed’s lips parted to speak, but Louis called out before he could.

“Harry’s a good man,” he slurred, staggering towards us. He leaned heavily into Ed, his forearm resting on Ed’s shoulder. My patience with this man was quickly diminishing. I glared at him, my fingers curling into fists by my sides. Louis stuck a finger out to me, poking me roughly in the chest. “You fuck him around and I swear to God I’ll rip your hair out your head. You got that?”

I hissed out through my teeth, ready to lunge at him. Ed quickly smacked Louis in the back of the head, eliciting a whiny grunt from Louis.

“Stop being a dick,” Ed ordered, shoving Louis away from him. “Look,” he continued to me, “you seem like a sweet girl. We just don’t want Harry getting hurt. You can understand that, right?”

I let out a long breath through my lips to calm myself. I nodded in response, using all my strength not to go for Louis. But Ed had a point. He was just looking out for a mate. I understand that.

“So how did you two meet?” I was suddenly asked.

The question threw me. I took my bottom lip between my teeth. What do I say? That I’d just killed my previous boyfriend in an alleyway and was on the run when I bumped into Harry and collapsed in his arms? I don’t think so. I prayed that Harry would walk back in now to interrupt this awkward conversation. Ed and Louis were both staring at me for an answer.

“I met him when…” I paused. Ed’s eyebrows raised, arms crossed over his chest. “When I came out of a cinema,” I blurted out. “I was being mugged. I managed to fight them off and I ran. I bumped into Harry in the street. He brought me back here in the flat and cleaned me up. He really helped me.”

“That sounds like Harry,” Ed laughed. “Always the hero.”

I nodded in agreement, feeling my cheeks begin to burn as I caught Louis glaring at me. I could tell he didn’t believe my story. I avoided his insistent gaze and smiled over to Ed. He could see the awkwardness between me and Louis, his eyes flickering between us. He sighed heavily, placing a hand on Louis’ shoulder to squeeze.

“Look, Rosie,” he spoke calmly. “Louis and I are going out for a bit soon. The club down town maybe? Do you and Harry wanna come?”

I shuffled uncomfortably on the spot. I’d had experiences with alcohol in my past and nothing good ever came out of it. But I should start to bond with Harry’s friends. Ed seemed chilled and maybe Louis isn’t as bad as I think. And I needed to relax. After today I needed to calm down and have a good time out. I haven’t done that in a long time.

Just as I was about to reply, the bathroom door swung open. Harry grinned at us as he strode over, flinging an arm around my shoulder.

“I hope you guys are getting along,” he spoke, glancing down to me. He flashed me a wink, dimples indented either side of his smirk. “I wouldn’t want my lover and my mates fighting now, would I?” His eyes locked with mine. My stomach flipped.

“I was just asking Rose whether you both wanted to come out with us,” Ed spoke.

We finally acknowledged Louis and Ed once more, Harry’s smile fading at Ed’s words.

“We can’t,” Harry blurted out, his arm tense on my shoulder. “We’re busy, aren’t we, Rosie?”

He glanced down to me, pleading with his eyes for me to agree with him. My eyebrows furrowed at his abrupt response, my eyes narrowing up to him.

“I don’t think we are, Harold,” I replied, giving Ed a warm smile. “Yeah, we’ll join you. It’ll be fun.”

Harry took his arm from my shoulder, shoving his fingers through his knotted curls.

“Fine,” he eventually grumbled. “Just give me and Rosalie some time to get dressed. Make yourself comfy in the living room or something, yeah?” he insisted.

Ed grabbed Louis by the arm and dragged him out of the room, Louis trying to shrug him off like a child. As soon as the bedroom door shut after them, Harry turned to me.

“Cheers, Rosie,” he mumbled, pacing away from me. He shook his head, weaving his fingers through his messy curls.

“What did I do?” I asked quietly.

He spun around, anger raging in his eyes.

“I don’t want to go out,” he spat. “Didn’t you get the hint?”

His words stung. I stepped closer to him, his chest heaving with anger.

“But why not?” I questioned. “What’s the problem?”

Harry’s mouth opened to rage at me once more, but he quickly stopped himself, pressing his lips together. He glanced at the door behind him before storming up to me, his body shadowing mine.

“You don’t know Louis and Ed like I do,” he murmured down to me. “They change once they’re drunk. It’s not fun to watch. Trust me.”

A hint of fear sparkled in his orbs, taking me by surprise. Harry’s face gradually softened in front of me as his hand slipped into mine.

“I don’t want you getting hurt by them,” he mumbled. “They’ll get you angry. And we both know what happens then.”

His other hand gripped my side lightly, tugging me into him. But my thoughts were constant on his words. They scared me, but not because they could be a danger to me, to Harry instead. It sounded like Harry was speaking of a personal experience.

“Have they ever hurt you?” I asked.

Harry’s eyes flickered up quickly, giving me the answer I needed.

“They didn’t mean to do it, Rosie,” Harry said quickly. “They were drunk...”

“What did they do to you?” I asked, my voice quivering with the thought of Harry in pain. I began to worry with Harry’s sudden change of tone. One minute he was angry, the next he was making excuses for them. It raised my suspicions even higher.

“It was nothing, Rosie. Just a little tussle. That was all.”

I scoffed at his words. I’ve already seen one of them drunk and ‘just a little tussle’ didn’t match Louis’ behaviour towards me.

“Tell me, Harry.”

He murmured something under his breath in response, his chin lowering to his chest. I tilted his head back up, eyebrows raised at him.


“They beat me up outside a club,” he murmured.

My hand clenched tightly around Harry’s, my teeth gritted in my mouth.

“But it’s fine,” he said frantically, watching my body slowly burn up with rage. “I forgave them afterwards. They were drunk. They didn’t know what they were doing.”

I hissed out through my clenched teeth, rage coursing through my veins. I took a step back from Harry, ready to march into the living room and test their strength on mine. Harry gazed at me warily, placing a hand on my neck.

“Rosie, what are you…?”

But a knock suddenly interrupted him, making us both jump.

“You coming or what?” Louis shouted through the door, banging his fist continuously on the door. Low murmurs soon followed the shouting, the banging ceasing finally. My eyes were locked on the door, glaring at the wood through narrowed eyes.

“Sorry, guys. It’s just that it’s getting late,” Ed spoke softly behind the door. It shocked me how violent Ed could get once he was drunk. He seemed like a decent bloke. And I guess Louis was too. Just not when he was drunk.

Harry stared at me with fright in his eyes. I knew Harry’s had past experiences with alcohol, with the accident at the club when he was younger, to the violence of his mates. But there was no way I was gonna let this go.

“Right, we’re going out with these little shits,” I spat.

Harry’s eyes widened. I’d never seen him so fragile before.

“What? Why?”

“I need to show them who’s fucking boss.”


“This is it.”

I stared up at the building, bright lights flashing out at me. Ed had led us to a nightclub, the smirk on his face telling me he’s been here before.

Harry’s hand grew sweaty in mine. I glanced up at him, his eyes fixed on the alleyway around the side of the club. It was here. They’ve brought us to the same club they had beaten up Harry at. And the fear splashed on Harry’s face told me I was right.

I squeezed his hand tightly, finally catching his attention. He stared down at me, his bottom lip stuck between his teeth.

“What’re we waiting for?” Louis asked irritably before shoving himself between me and Harry, our hands forced apart. I growled under my breath, watching him march up to the bouncer. A warm hand soon slid back into mine, a faint smile forced onto Harry’s face.

“Can’t we just go home?” Harry suggested. “You don’t have to do this, Rosie.”

“They hurt you, Harry,” I growled. “They’re not getting away with this.”

I tugged Harry over to the bouncer with Ed and Louis. Low words were shared between the bouncer and Louis before all four of us were let into the club, skipping the queue completely.

Music blared out at every direction we faced. We weaved through the crowds of people dancing, the stench of alcohol flowing up my nose. I’ve had past experiences with drinking myself. I wasn’t going to touch a drop tonight. I’d be putting everyone in danger if I did.

People’s sweaty and drunk bodies were being pushed and shoved into us, almost knocking Harry over. I gripped his hand tighter, guiding him to the quieter part of the club. Louis elbowed his way over to an empty table, collapsing heavily onto a seat of the booth.

“What we havin’ then?” Louis shouted over the music.

Harry and I sat cautiously opposite the other two, our hands still locked tightly.

“I’m not drinking,” I shouted back.

“Don’t be a fucking wuss,” Louis yelled, rolling his eyes at me. I leaned over the table to him, but Harry tugged on my hand, pulling me back. I sat back, feeling Harry’s arm slide around my shoulders, casually resting there.

“Get us some diet cokes, Ed,” Harry called, winking over to his mate.

“And get me and you some proper drinks,” Louis spoke, glaring over at me. “For the less pathetic people here."

I went to lunge forward again, but Harry tightened his arm around me, whispering softly into my ear.


I sat back and shuffled closer to Harry as Ed slumped out of the booth to make his way over to the bar. Harry’s head was still dipped down, his lips nibbling softly on my ear. I let a smile curve onto my lips, humming softly at his touch. Louis rolled his eyes at us, leaning back in the seat. He casually crossed his legs, his ankle resting on his opposite knee. A wry grin took over my innocent smile. I couldn’t wait to see him on his knees in front of me, begging for my forgiveness. I’m going to enjoy this.

Four glasses were soon smacked down onto the table. A glance was shared between Ed and Louis as Ed slid back into the booth. I narrowed my eyes at the both of them before snatching my drink from the table. I swallowed down my anger, forcing myself to be patient. We have all night.

A smirk curled up onto my lips as I brought the cold glass to my lips. Harry mirrored my actions beside me, his eyes anxiously staring down at me. His arm tightened over my shoulders, elbow bent behind my neck. I leaned into him slightly, the cold coke trickling down my throat. A strange pang hit my taste buds once I’d taken a sip, my features morphing into confusion. I brought the glass up in front of my face, trying to look at the liquid inside with the dim lighting around us.

“Lime,” Ed suddenly spoke. “There’s probably some lime in there.”

“There isn’t in mine,” Harry said, taking another sip of his drink. He shook his head as he swallowed. “Just coke.”

Ed just shrugged at Harry’s words. He quickly turned to Louis, his glass raised in the air. “Let’s get fucking hammered!”

Their glasses clinked in the air, wry grins shared between them. I glanced up at Harry, his cheeks growing pale with fright as he stared at his two mates quickly swallowing back the drinks. Ed’s eyes had already lit up as he downed the alcohol, his body relaxing into his seat. I rested my hand on Harry’s thigh, Harry’s eyes tearing away from his mates to stare down at me.

“I won’t let them touch you,” I murmured. “I’ll protect you. I promise.”

As the night grew on, more and more drinks chucked back by Ed and Louis, I watched them slowly turn ugly. Louis had already been warned for groping another woman on the dance floor and Ed had been banned from buying any more drinks.

I took a slow slip from my coke, my head beginning to throb a little. I blamed the music pumping throughout the club, but after my eighth coke, my vision began to blur. I leaned heavily into Harry, jolts of electricity coursing through my veins. My taste buds quickly grew addicted to the taste of the coke and lime, swallowing the whole glass in three gulps. I slammed the glass back onto the table, my mouth dry again. I wanted more.

“My round!” I yelled over the music. Grins crept onto Louis’ and Ed’s faces, watching me slam my hands into the table, pushing myself out of the booth. “What do you want?”

Harry’s hand caged over mine on the table, worried eyes gazing up at me.

“You alright, Rosie?” he asked over the blaring music.

“Of course I am,” I bit back, wrenching my hand from under his.

“Let’s all have some real drinks,” Ed hinted, sharing a glance with his drunken friend.

I quickly agreed, completely forgetting I wasn’t meant to be drinking. I stepped out of the booth and took a step forward. My legs felt like jelly, everything around me twisting and turning. A pair of arms suddenly caught my waist from behind, tugging me back up straight.

“Rosie, what’s wrong?”

Harry’s voice leaked concern, but I didn’t care anymore. I could just about make out the barman pouring a drink for a young man across the room to us. My mouth quickly grew dry, my body craving the liquid to run down my throat.

“Nothing,” I groaned irritably, pushing myself out of Harry’s arms. I spun around, my knees buckling under me again. Harry grabbed my arms before I fell, but I shrugged him off again. “For fuck sake, Harry. Lighten up a bit!”

A dejected expression morphed onto his face as Louis and Ed sniggered at the table. I quickly spun around, stumbling over to the bar.

“Four shots of Tequila,” I slurred, leaning heavily against the bar. The young man gave me a wary glance before placing four shot glasses in front of me. As the liquid was poured into each one, I glanced back over my shoulder. Harry had his arms crossed over his chest, eyeing up Ed and Louis suspiciously as they shouted to each other over the music.

“Here you are.”

I turned my head back around, snatching up the glasses in both hands. I managed to get over to our table without spilling the drinks and slammed them down onto the table. I collapsed back next to Harry, grabbing his arm to put it around my shoulders. I leaned into him, Ed and Louis cheering at the drinks I’d gotten. I mirrored their actions and grabbed the glass, leaving one on the table.

“I’m not drinking,” Harry stated, pushing the glass away from him.

“Don’t be a pussy, mate,” Ed slurred. “Fucking join in.”

“No,” Harry spoke sternly.

I rolled my eyes, my fingertips tingling as they pressed onto the cool glass. I needed this drink now.

“Fuck him,” I called over the music, nodding towards Harry. “We don’t need ’im to have a good time.”

I rose the glass up into the air, glancing at Harry’s fallen face. I ignored him and grinned back at the others. But as I did so, a thought lingered in the back of my mind. I’d come here for a reason tonight, to give back something that had happened. Revenge. But now I didn’t care. Whatever it was wasn’t important anymore.

“Cheers,” I called, banging my glass into Louis’ and Ed’s. Harry sunk lower in his seat beside me, watching us all knock back our drinks.

“Right, I wanna dance!” Ed slurred, heaving himself up to his feet. “Come on!”

A wry grin grew on Louis’ face as he followed his mate to the dance floor, arms slung around each other’s bodies for support. I pulled myself up to my feet to join them, but my bicep was tightly gripped, Harry forcing me to sit back down next to him.

“Can you not see what’s going on?” Harry asked, glancing back at his mates. Anger blazed in his eyes once his head turned back around. “They’re getting you drunk.”

I angrily shrugged his touch away, glaring at him through narrowed eyes.

“I’m having fun!” I bit back. “Jesus, what’s you’re fucking problem?”

“Look at what they’re doing to you, Rosie!”

His eyes wandered up and down my intoxicated body, sending shivers down my spine.

“Lime my fucking arse,” he called over the music. “They spiked your drink, Rosie. Open your eyes.”

“I don’t need this bullshit,” I called, feeling close to tears, but I wouldn’t give Harry the satisfaction. I hauled myself back up to my feet, my hands pressed into the table. Harry’s slim finger’s wrapped around my forearm, grabbing my attention again.

“You promised me you’d protect me,” he spoke.

“Well people lie, Harry,” I slurred. “They let you down. It’s part of life. Get over it.”

I watched as Harry’s features fell, his touch loosening on my arm. My emotions were mixed inside of me, swirling around like the alcohol in my body. A distant memory told me Harry was right. I was here to protect him, but from what? Or who? I couldn’t remember.

“We should never have come out tonight,” Harry spoke softly, his voice quivering with emotion. “This is your fault, Rosie.”

Louis suddenly stumbled up to us, his shoulder roughly colliding into mine, almost knocking me over. I shoved him away, but he quickly regained his balance,  a deep frown on his face.

“Watch it you little bitch,” he spat.

His words finally set off the anger that had been boiling under my skin these past few hours. My rage suddenly exploded out of me. I tore my arm from Harry’s grip, fisting Louis’ top in both my hands. He stumbled back, crashing into someone behind him, spilling their drink. I growled into his face, barely able to hear the faint noise of Harry calling my name from behind me.

“You little prick,” I spat. “Say that to me again. I fucking dare you.”

A smirk crept onto Louis’ face, amusement sparkling in his eyes.

“Bitch,” he whispered.

Anger burnt my heart. I’d always hated that word ever since the night of Liam’s death. One of those men called me. It broke me every time I heard it, bringing back such awful memories. One of my hands released his shirt to punch Louis in the stomach. It quickly wiped the smile from his face as he attempted to double over. But I hauled him back up straight and marched him over to the bar, slamming him up against it. He coughed and spluttered painfully.

“Rosie, stop!” Harry called from behind me. A large pair of hands grabbed my shoulders before they were pulled back off of me. “Get the fuck off me!”

My head spun around. Ed had hold of Harry, his back pressed to Ed’s chest. Harry thrashed about madly, his dark curls falling over his face. His teeth were gritted as he put up a fight, only to be held tighter by Ed. Harry jerked his broad shoulders forward in an attempt to pull away from Ed as the crowd around us grew.

“Go and…protect your boyfriend…then,” Louis croaked, a weak smile plastered on his face. “Stupid bitch.”

I slammed my fist into his stomach again, forcing a groan from him. But a deep laugh fell from his lips soon after, tipping my anger over the edge. Heat burnt at my muscles, my flesh ripping. Everything was too much, the alcohol, the argument with Harry, Louis’ drunken words. It was unleashing the beast in me.

I gripped his shirt back into my hand, spinning us around to throw him across the room. He went flying across the room. I watched with beady eyes as he landed heavily onto the table we were at moments ago.

“Rosie, don’t do this!” Harry yelled, but the crowd’s cheers and chants were drowning out his words. Everyone was egging me on. I couldn’t say no.

I sped over to the intoxicated man, jumping up onto the table to straddle him. He groaned as his body was caught between my thighs. His chest was rising and falling heavily as he gazed up at me in fright. I bent my back, slowly leaning down to my prey.

“No one hurts my Harry,” I growled.

Louis’ eyes widened in shock as I straightened my back, sending a punch flying to his jaw. My head pounded, my muscles stretching agonisingly. The crowd of drunken teenagers encouraged me to continue, Harry trying to shout at me over the noise. But the only voice I could here was that voice, the beast in me. He was telling me it was the right thing to do, that the more punches I gave to this man the less painful it would be. I believed the voice. I wanted this pain to end. I could feel I was close to turning in front of everyone here. I would reveal my secret. But I couldn’t stop.

I could see Harry struggling in Ed’s hold, his arms pulled back painfully, in the corner of my eye. My fists continuously pounded Louis’ head over and over, my knuckles sore and rough.

“Stop fighting like a little bitch, Rosie!” Ed yelled. “Beat the shit out of him!”

My punches stopped. Blood oozed from Louis’ cut lip, bruises already emerging onto his skin. My head shot around to Ed. Tears were in Harry’s eyes as he tried fighting from his mate’s grip. Ed’s fingertips were digging into Harry’s arms, pained groans forced through Harry’s lips. He was hurting Harry.

In a matter of seconds, Louis was free of my grip. I fisted Harry’s t-shirt at the front, yanking him out of Ed’s grip. I violently pushed him away, squaring up to Ed.

“I hate that word,” I spat.

“What, bitch?” he laughed.

I lunged at him. I wrapped my hands around his throat, but my stomach was soon hit by a fist. I grunted before smacking Ed right in the jaw. I remembered Harry’s words at training. Balance, power and control. That’s what I needed.

Suddenly I was punched under the chin, the blow sending me flying back. I stumbled back before charging at Ed again. He grinned down at me as I approached him. An arm was suddenly wrapped around my neck from behind, stopping me instantly in front of Ed. I gasped for air, clawing violently at the forearm. I was held securely by Louis as Ed stepped up to me. It was two against one. I gazed up at Ed, my fingers around Louis’ arm.

“I think this bitch needs to be taught a bit about violence,” he spoke loudly, the music still blaring out. “I’m going to enjoy this.”

I squirmed about violently, but a harsh blow to my stomach stopped my fighting. I whimpered weakly, Louis’ chest vibrating against my back as he laughed. I tried fighting against my bonds, but Louis secured his other arm around my waist, holding me tightly to his body. My head was tilted back by Louis’ forearm, lungs gasping for air as I was brutally attacked. My grunts of pain were drowned out by the crowd cheering.

Security finally managed to push their way through the crowd, attempting to tear us apart. The low heat in my muscles and the rush of adrenaline I was feeling had fizzled out. For once I needed my abilities for self-defence and I couldn’t use them. They were gone again.

My stomach was still continuously punched before a knee hit my groin. I groaned, my intoxicated body frail. The alcohol was still pumping around my system, weakening my body completely. I had no energy left to fight back.

I noticed Harry was in the crowd of security men trying to tear us apart. His cheeks burned red, teeth gritted in his mouth. Our eyes met for a brief second, rage burning in his orbs. Harry was right. We shouldn’t have come out tonight. I should have listened to what he said. My whole life’s been revolving around revenge, revenge on Samuel for killing my parents, for making me what I am. I’ve let it get to my head.

Harry’s hands had caged over Ed’s shoulders from behind, yanking him back from me as Louis was ripped away from me by a security man. I let out a weak sigh as my body was finally left alone. I crumpled to the ground, gasping frantically for air before coughing down to the ground. I was hurting everywhere, but there was no point in crying about it. I would heal by the morning. But I didn’t want to. I wanted to feel my punishment for going against Harry. I promised him I’d look after him tonight, but I didn’t. I let him down. I deserved so much more pain than this.

A comforting pair of arms soon encircled me, gently pulling me up to my feet. I was held to a firm chest, soft curls tickling at my ear. A smile curved onto my lips, but it slowly faded away at Harry’s words.

“I trusted you to protect me,” he whispered.

My heart sank at the sad tone in his voice. I’d put him in danger tonight. If I had turned there was a chance I would have killed him. I buried my face into his chest, leaning heavily into his strong form.

Loud shouting erupted around us, security guards yelling at Louis and Ed. I lifted my head as a large built man had his hand on Harry’s shoulder, murmuring into his ear. Harry kept his eyes on me before finally nodding.

“Let’s go.”

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