“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


26. Liam's Story

“After that night with Zayn, I ran again to find another small town to hide in. I’d found a flat to squat in with some lovely neighbours.” I raised my eyebrows at Harry with my sarcasm, images of Zed attacking Harry racing through both our minds. Harry nodded silently, his fist subconsciously clenched on his lap, one arm still draped around me. I wrapped a hand around his fist, soothing his growing anger.

“I met Liam when he was meeting up with someone living in the same block of flats as me,” I said. “It shocked me to see someone as warm and kind hearted as him to be in the block. Anyway, we got chatting, exchanged phone numbers and decided to go out for the night to see a film…”

“That was great.”

“Yeah, by far the best film I’ve seen in ages,” I replied, letting a smile play on my lips as we strolled out of the cinema.

“So where’d you wanna go next?” Liam asked, his hand brushing against mine as he gave me a sideways glance. Warmth struck through me by his touch, his eyes wandering over me. I turned my head to him, grinning widely. He bit his bottom lip, staring straight into my eyes. His gaze was so intense like he was peering into my soul. And I liked it.

My whole body tingled with excitement and desire as he ran his hand slowly down my arm before slipping his fingers between mine as we continued walking down the street. I smiled before we eventually looked away from each other. He squeezed my hand, leading me down the street.

Then he stopped all of a sudden, turning to face me fully. Before I could do anything, he pushed me up against the wall, smirking at me before pressing his lips firmly against mine. I was hesitant at first, but soon relaxed into the kiss. I felt him run his fingers through my hair as our lips moved faster against each other’s. He pressed his strong body against mine as his hands moved down to my neck, cupping each side softly. I rested my hands on his sides, melting into his kiss, his taste, his touch. But suddenly a new eruption of tingles emanated from my stomach, quickly spreading out across my body. I quickly felt I had power, but too much of it.

I could feel Liam’s hardening crotch pressed forcefully against me, causing my lips to part in shock. Liam grinned, tongue delving into my mouth at this perfect opportunity. I wanted to enjoy this moment, to really feel connected to this man, but the tingles throughout my body never stopped. This sensation began to scare me, but I didn’t want this moment to stop. So I ignored them.

I smiled against Liam’s lips, letting his hands wander down my sides. He nibbled on my bottom lip, moaning softly before the kiss grew more intense again. Until a voice interrupted us.

“Slut!” a deep voice shouted over to us.

Liam pulled back quickly, his jaw growing tense. Anger flickered in his eyes, but that name didn’t bother me. I’ve been through too much to care about someone calling me horrible things.

“Ignore them,” I whispered to him, pulling the back of his head towards me. He grinned before our lips connected again, my fingers tangled in his hair, but I could feel eyes on us the whole time.

“Fuck off you bitch!” another male voice called before laughter echoed in the street.

Liam pulled back angrier this time, shooting his head towards the voices. I followed his gaze, watching a group of big built men strolling towards us. I pulled Liam closer to me, ironically feeling protected knowing he was here with me even though I knew it was the other way around. The men grew closer, all wearing black with piercings over their faces. Tattoos covered every part of their skin noticeable. I moved my hands from Liam’s sides, slipping my hand into his.

“Let’s go,” I murmured into his ear, squeezing his hand.

He glared at the men for a long while before slowly turning his head to me, nodding slightly. “Fine,” he muttered back, pulling my hand and dragging me down the street away from the thugs.

“Where do you think you’re going, girl?” the first voice called.

Liam began striding faster down the street, a tight grip on my hand. I started jogging beside him, my breaths quickening as footsteps gained behind us. Suddenly I was yanked away from Liam from behind, my hand slipping out of his. I opened my mouth to call out, but I was slammed against a wall, knocking the wind out of me. My head crashed into the brick wall, making it spin uncontrollably. A bloke had a hand around my throat, pressing me roughly against the wall. I glanced over his shoulder, seeing Liam being surrounded by three other men. The bloke cupped my chin, forcing my head back to face him. He smirked widely at me, his fingertips digging into my cheeks.

“I think these two love birds need to be taught a bit about violence, don’t you boys?”

He glanced back at the men surrounding Liam before wrenching me from the wall, dragging me into the nearest alleyway by my hair. One weak lamppost lit up the dingy alleyway, the smell of cigarette smoke and alcohol flowing up my nose. I blinked rapidly before being forced up against another damp wall. Laughter rang in my ears before I saw Liam collapse onto the ground of the alleyway over the bloke’s shoulder who had me pinned up against the wall.

“Liam!” I called out as the three men towered over Liam’s weak, shaking body. He lay face down in a puddle, blood covering the side of his head. I watched as he pressed his hands into the ground either side of him, trying pulling his body from the floor.

Suddenly one man brought up his leg, slamming the bottom of his boot into Liam’s back, pushing him back down to the ground. Liam’s body crashed down onto the floor as he coughed and spluttered violently. Then a sudden sharp pain distracted me, striking me in the stomach. The man pinning me to the wall smashed his knee into my ribs, making me cry out in agony. A loud groan echoed in the alleyway as Liam was kicked violently in the side. I watched with tear filled eyes over the bloke’s shoulder as Liam rolled onto his side, clutching his hip. Another strike into my stomach made me scream out, painful tears pricking in my eyes. My eyes flickered back to the face so close to mine. The bloke rammed his forearm against my throat, pressing tighter and tighter.

“St-stop, please,” I begged, scrunching my face up in pain. “Hurt me, not him. Leave him alone, please,” I pleaded before his knee connected with my stomach once again. I gasped, but he pressed his forearm harder into my throat. I could barely breathe. I opened my mouth, gasping for air as he moved his face closer to mine.

“We’re gonna give you what sickeningly cute couples like you deserve!”

Then Liam screamed out, a cracking sound being drowned out by his shriek. The bloke took his arm away from my throat, forcing my head in the direction of Liam behind him. Liam curled himself up in a tight ball on the ground as the men around him kicked him violently all over his body.

“Stop!” I called, trying to pull my weak body from the wall, but the bloke rammed me back up against it, punching me hard in the stomach.

“Liam!” I cried.

Tears streamed down my face as they forced me to watch my own boyfriend getting beaten up. Liam wrapped his arms around his head, his legs against his chest as the men kicked him harder and harder, grunting with every blow. A pool of blood oozed from the side of Liam’s head, cracking noises echoing in the alleyway. The smell of his blood wafted up my nose, making my muscles ache with the urge to taste it. My fingertips tingled as I stared at the pool of blood, licking my lips lightly. But a loud sob escaped Liam’s mouth, pulling my thoughts away from the taste, the dryness in the back of my throat.

The three men finally pulled back, laughing down at him. My bottom lip quivered as my eyes flickered to Liam’s body curled up tightly. His back started to jerk as he sobbed, his face covered with his arms.

Tears ran down my face as the bloke pulled back from me, letting me finally breathe. I collapsed down onto my knees as one of the men beating Liam up spat on him before strolling away, patting one of the men’s back roughly. I pressed my hands into the ground, now on all fours, coughing and spluttering down to the ground.

I eventually looked up, my ribs aching, my throat sore. I slowly crawled over to Liam. He had his back to me, curled up, sobbing quietly to himself. I reached out to him, placing my trembling hand on his shoulder. Liam grunted as I touched him, curling himself up tighter.

“Liam,” I croaked, his blood oozing onto my hand. I swallowed hard, forcing the urge away. “Liam, I’m here,” I whispered shakily. I rolled him onto his back, gathering him in my arms. Liam slowly forced his eyes open, gazing weakly up at me. Drops of blood ran down his cheeks, mixing with his tears. The side of his head was damp with blood, his face covered in dark bruises.

“Rosie,” he choked before coughing violently. His body was weak in my arms, the energy just to cough being too much for him. But my eyes kept flickering to the blood oozing from his body. I tensed every muscle in my body, pushing away the longing to even touch his blood.

“Rosie, please,” he muttered before grunting painfully. A tear ran down my face, landing onto Liam’s cheek below. My muscles felt they were being ripped apart, the smell of Liam’s blood getting too overwhelming.

“Help me, Rosie,” he groaned, sobbing quietly, his whole body shaking. That’s when I knew I had a choice. Save him or let the urge take over.

I let out a shaky breath, leaning down to Liam in my arms.

“I love you, Liam,” I whispered.

I pressed my lips lightly onto his, a drop of blood lingering on his lips. I closed my eyes, the taste of his blood swirling around in my mouth. He barely kissed me back, moving his lips slightly against mine. I pulled back, my mouth hovering over his.

“I’m so sorry,” I wept quietly.

I kissed the corner of his mouth, slowly trailing my lips to his jawline until I pressed my lips lightly against the skin on his neck. I could smell the blood coursing through his body under his skin. I let my jaw drop slightly, grazing my bottom lip on his skin. I could feel my teeth growing inside my mouth, begging for that gorgeous taste I longed for. Liam just lay heavy in my arms, his chest barely moving. He was dying. I could call an ambulance right now, get him some help. But his blood was too much to say no to.

I tightened my arms around Liam’s weak body as I breathed in deeply. I slowly dug my sharp teeth into his neck, my whole body tingling. A small gasp escaped Liam’s lips, his chest jerking slightly as I slowly began sucking. I let my eyelids droop as the first drop of blood trickled down my throat, giving me a soothing sensation in my body. I gradually sucked faster and faster and faster. I couldn’t stop; the taste was too good. A corner of my mouth tugged up as I gave into it, letting the blood run down my throat. I sucked and sucked and sucked…

Until Liam finally grew still in my arms.

I slipped my teeth out of his neck, pulling back slowly. I gazed down at him, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand shakily to try and rid myself of the evidence of what I’ve done. I’ve killed again.

His face was so pale, a lone tear lingering in the corner of his closed eye. Tears swelled in my eyes as his broken, injured body lay lifeless in my arms.

“I loved you Liam,” I whispered down to him, letting the tears escape. Slowly I bent down, planting a soft kiss on his forehead. But I knew I had to go. I had to run, like I always do.

“We were attacked for being a couple,” I spat, tears trickling down my face. “We weren’t doing anyone any harm.”

“Oh God, Rosie. I’m really sorry,” Harry spoke softly, squeezing me tightly. Kisses were sprinkled across my head, Harry mumbling comforting words.

“But t worst part about it was the fact that he didn’t fight back. He let me slowly and painfully suck his blood…and kill him,” I sobbed, the view ahead of me distorted as tears filled my eyes.

Harry’s embrace tightened, soft lips pressing kisses to the skin under my ear in an attempt to comfort me. I smiled through the tears at the gesture, grateful that I had someone in my life I could talk to, I could trust. I didn’t know what I’d do if I ever lost Harry.

But Samuel was set out to ruin everything, to rip the only happiness from my life. I wanted to know why he was doing this, using all his power to make my life a misery. He would always treat me like a daughter while my parents were still alive, so why do this to me now?

“I could have called an ambulance, gotten some help,” I continued. “I could have saved his life. But the bloody state he was in brought this beast in me to life again. It wanted blood, so I had to give it to him.”

Harry’s hand pressed into my head, encouraging me to lay it on his shoulder. His arm wrapped around my back, fingers curled around my side. He rested his cheek on the side of my head, lips pressed to my hair every so often as a way of comforting me.

“That’s why I was running,” I spoke lowly. “That night when we met. I was running. I’d just done it. I’d killed him. I was so scared. Until I bumped into you.”

My head rose from his shoulder, eyes locking with his. I shakily reached up, playing with the baby curls on the side of his head. He leaned into my touch, a smile illuminating his face.

“I can’t thank you enough for being there,” I whispered, smiling regardless of the tears trickling down my cheeks.

Harry’s hand caged over mine, gently pulling my touch from his curls. I watched intently as my hand was brought to his plump lips, a sweet kiss pressed to the back of it. His eyes fell closed, his deep orbs masked from me. Warm kisses trailed up each finger, each kiss pressed to the skin sending jolts of affection to my heart. My eyes widened at this feeling, so strong, so pure. I loved Niall, Liam, Zayn, but I’d never felt anything like this before. This was love, pure love.

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