“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


38. I Need To Prove To You That I Love You

He led me out of the club, our bodies weaving through the crowd of drunken people. I kept my head down, Harry’s arm around my waist. Ed and Louis were still having a shouting match with two security guards, arms flinging up in the air in anger, grabbing the crowd’s attention. We slipped out of the club, the noise of pumping music slowly dying out as we stumbled down the street, away from the noise.

The slow walk back was silent, my feet shuffling along the pavement. Harry had grabbed my arm to sling it over his shoulder. Heat tingled under my skin at his soft touch. I leaned into him slightly, but he didn’t react. He just stared ahead of us, his bottom lip between his teeth.

We finally made it to the block of flats, Harry silently leading me up the steps. I groaned with each step up, Harry holding me securely so I wouldn’t fall back. His head was bowed, watching my feet slowly lift up the steps, his muscles tense in his body to keep a tight hold of me.

My arm was still draped heavily over Harry’s shoulder as he used all his strength to drag me up the stairs to the flat. His arm was wrapped tight around me, fingers clasped firmly around my side. My mind was spinning out of control, the alcohol still in my system. I rested my head into Harry’s neck and let out a weak cough, watching as he fiddled with the keys to the flat with his spare hand.

The door was finally opened, Harry tugging me inside with him. He quickly shut the door behind us before lugging my body over to the sofa. Harry sighed heavily as he lifted my arm from his shoulders and dropped me onto the sofa. I smiled weakly up at him, for it only to be returned with a straight face. I watched him turn to walk away, but I gripped hold of his hand. I tugged on his arm, pouting my lips up to him. I wanted to hold him, touch his soft skin. I wanted to show him how sorry I was. His muscled body towered over my intoxicated body, the dark curls adorning his head making my heart beat madly. Tingles flew through my body, but I had too much drink in me to have self-control. The beast would easily win.

Staring up at Harry’s dark features, his slim legs hugged by a pair of tight jeans, his muscles taut under his tights shirt made the tingles fly out of control, my body growing more excited by the gorgeous curly haired guy stood before me. It shocked me how quickly my mood could change from anger to love. Now all I wanted was Harry. I squeezed his arm, tugging harshly. Harry protested to my silent order, trying to pry his hand from mine.

“Harry,” I growled.

He knew not to protest and perched on the sofa beside me. I lunged at him, straddling him with the speed I possessed. His nervous body shook between my thighs, head tilted to gaze up at me. I cupped both sides of his neck, barely noticing him wince as my touch dug into the bruises I had inflicted on him only yesterday.

I craned my head down, sprinkling harsh kisses over Harry’s face, still holding his head in my hands. I just wanted him to know I loved him, that I was sorry. But I was still drunk, my powers flying out of control. Harry’s eyes scrunched closed as he reluctantly let me do as I wanted. I left a trail of wet kisses down to his jawline, my nose nudging insistently on his tense jaw, trying to relax him.

I ran my tongue down Harry’s neck as I gripped his hands tightly in my own. I made one hand grip my side tightly, the other wound in the hair on the back of my head.

“Rosie,” he said, swallowing hard.

Before Harry could release his grip on my hair, I nudged his head further to one side and sucked intently on the weak spot of his neck. Harry instinctively tightened his hold of my hair, tugging forcefully. His roughness caused a throaty groan to be forced out of my mouth, humming onto the red skin of Harry’s neck under my mouth.

“I want this,” I mumbled between harsh kisses to his weak spot, feeling the tingles prick in my muscles. But at this stage it wasn’t me who wanted this, the beast did. I suddenly kissed his neck harder, craving his touch that I’d wanted all these weeks. I wanted to feel every part of him, explore what I’m yet to discover about him.

“Do you really, Rosie?” Harry’s shaking voice asked. My head snapped up from his neck, holding his serious eye contact. The truth was that I didn’t want this, not really. But my intoxicated body was defenceless to this beast.

I ignored Harry’s question and quickly tugged on his shirt, yanking it over his head. I dived back into his neck, biting down on the skin where his neck and shoulder met. I unbuttoned my shirt, my lips never stopping to attack his neck, forcing Harry to groan underneath me. I threw my shirt onto the sofa beside us, trailing Harry’s hand up my stomach to my breast. As soon as I made his large hand cup my right breast, he instantly pulled back.

“Rosie, this isn’t you. You know that.”

I was pushed on the shoulders, but I clamped my legs tighter around him, both hands exploring the soft skin of his chest. I hummed lowly against Harry’s skin as heat rushed into my muscles. I let my hands wander over his muscled stomach, tingles of passion running through my veins. But my hands were soon clasped in Harry’s larger ones and forced back down to my sides. I pulled back from his neck, growling lowly down to him. Harry gazed up at me, severity sparkling in his orbs.

“Stop this before it gets too far,” he spoke up to me, features morphed into a frown.

“Don’t you want this?” I yelled down to him, his stiff body still between my thighs. I watched Harry’s head slowly lower, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip. I grasped his head and wrenched it back up, forcing him to stare up at me. “I can see that you want this relationship to go further, but now you’re pushing me away?!”

I could feel the alcohol taking control, the beast forcing its way out of my body. I hissed through my gritted teeth, my vision growing sharper.

“Don’t you want me?!” I screamed.

“Not like this. Not when you’re in this condition.”

“I’m fine!” I yelled, ignoring the throbbing of my skull, the ripping muscles inside of me.

Harry’s hands covered mine on his face, trying to pry my touch from him. He squirmed under me, attempting to shove me off of him.

“Get off me, Rosalie!”

I let go of his head to instantly attack at his neck once again. I kissed vigorously down his neck, feeling the blood pump through his veins under my lips. Harry continued to squirm violently, but my attention was focused fully on the blood his body held.

But everything was cut short when a loud vibration coming from Harry’s jeans pocket. Harry’s attention averted to his phone, making me grow angrier. My teeth nipped harshly at his skin, my teeth slowly growing to extraordinary lengths. I let my eyes fall closed, my hands exploring Harry’s firm chest once more.

Harry shifted under me as he searched for his phone. His neck was tense as he tried to suppress the moans willing to escape his mouth. As soon as Harry’s phone was yanked out of his pocket, I gripped tightly onto Harry’s wrist, pinning his arm by his side.

“Leave it,” I mumbled, sucking harshly on his skin.

“No, Rosie. This is important.” He yanked his wrist from my harsh grip, attempting to push me off of him. “Rosie, I need to get this. Stop now.”

“No,” I growled. “I need to prove to you that I love you.”

My hair was suddenly gripped on the back of my head, wrenching my head up from his neck. I growled under my breath, stern eyes staring back at me.

“I already know that, Rosie,” he muttered.

I wanted to stop, I really did. But alcohol weakened me, the beast overpowering my every thought, every movement that I made.

Still straddling Harry, I ran my fingers down his torso, my fingernails creating red marks across his skin. A sharp breath was sucked in through Harry’s teeth, squirming between my thighs.

“Rosie, you’re hurting me,” he whispered painfully.

My head dipped back down, my long, sharp teeth grazing his neck. My shoulders were weakly shoved, my nails digging into his chest. Hot tingles spread over my body, my breaths sharp on Harry’s skin.

He whimpered innocently, struggling against my strong hold. I closed my mouth around his weak spot, sucking intently. I could hear the beast’s words whispering in my head for me to continue, convincing me this was the right thing to do.

The familiar vibrating erupted again, but I ignored it. I hummed against his skin, my tight grip clasped around his sides. My head throbbed with the pain of the beast fighting to escape, his piercing eyes burning into my mind.

“Rosalie, I need to get this. Please stop.”

I ignored his pleading and continued my relentless actions. Heat rushed into my muscles, burning me from the inside. The wild thumping of his heartbeat pumping blood through Harry’s veins was too inviting. Its warmth fanned over my lips.


Harry had answered the phone, his free hand pushing against my shoulder. I growled deeply, anger coursing through my body. Harry’s struggling increased, using all his remaining strength against my strong grip.

His body suddenly jolted under me as my growing teeth poking at his skin.

“W-what, you mean now?” he asked down the phone. Harry’s lips were pressed together, stopping the moans trying to force their way past his lips. My face scrunched up in anger, the phone call clearly more important than me. The beast was right, I’m always second best.

My jaw tightened, my teeth so close to cutting through Harry’s skin. The smell overpowered my other senses, every inch of me focusing on Harry’s blood. I craved this; I was made to do this. Harry’s weak pleading grew distant, the beast’s voice guiding me through this. My grip around Harry’s sides was excruciatingly painful, my thighs clenching tighter around him. My muscles ripped and stretched inside me, a low, pained groan emanating from my mouth. I was so close, my teeth sinking into his skin.

A sudden gasp was forced through my lips, my enraged body being shoved away. I fell back, off of Harry’s lap. My body crashed to the ground by Harry’s feet, landing on my back. A grunt was forced to escape my lips with the impact. I lifted my throbbing head from the carpet, glaring up at Harry’s body. The phone was still pressed to his ear as he jumped off of the sofa, throwing my shirt at me, thick tears swelling in his eyes.

“S-sorry, you were saying?” he muttered down the phone, holding my forceful eye contact. He nibbled at his bottom lip to stop himself from sobbing. I watched in silence as Harry stormed towards the bedroom. The muscles in his back became prominent as he swung the door open.

My strength instantly fizzled out, leaving my body trembling on the ground. Realisation smashed into me like a collapsing wall at what I’d done.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” I called just as the bedroom door slammed shut behind him.

A whimper fell through my trembling lips as I rested my head on the carpet, sobbing loudly up to the ceiling. My chest jerked, each muscle slowly healing itself inside of me. My heart clenched painfully in my chest as my throbbing head rolled to the side. I stared at the bedroom door, tears thickening in my eyes. I was right. I was losing my angel.

Harry’s deep tone echoed in the flat before he lowered his voice so I couldn’t hear him. I climbed up to my feet and ran a shaky hand through my knotted hair. I’d done it again. I’d let Harry down, put him in danger. I’ve lost my trust with him.

I collapsed down onto the sofa, a trembling sigh forced from my parted lips. The beast was still under my skin, laughing, mocking me, never stopping. Always there.

After several long minutes, the bedroom door opened. I jumped up from the sofa, staring over at with teary eyes. Harry’s red and sore eyes narrowed to me, chest heaving heavily. I was the reason for this, the hatred glistening in his orbs, the tears staining his cheeks. His slightly slouched posture stood stiff in the doorway, a clean shirt now adorning his muscled upper body. Dark green orbs stared at me from across the room.

“Harry,” I whispered.

His features creased into a frown, fists clenched by his sides. He suddenly marched forward, storming past me. I spun around, clasping his tight bicep in my hand. He glanced back at me over his shoulder before merely shaking away my touch. His prominent back muscles under his shirt expanded and contracted as he marched away, towards the front door. I tried running after him, struggling to meet his large strides.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“Out,” he grumbled, wrenching his hoodie off of the coat hanger.

“Harry, please,” I pleaded, gripping his shoulder. He spun around, his dark eyes causing me to stumble back in fright, realising I was witnessing the secret side to Harry, the one I’ve only seen once before.

“Stay away from me,” he growled, his muscled body towering over my shorter frame. I took another shaky step back from his raged presence, allowing him to swing the door open to march out. I couldn’t watch him walk out, leaving me alone in this quiet flat. I couldn’t think of any other way to stop him. I was losing him. So I cried.

I collapsed to my knees in front of him and broke down. Harry’s face fell slightly at the sight of my weak state before him, the hoodie in his hand falling to his feet. My entirety groaned in pain, my heart breaking inside of me. I buried my face into my hands to mask the tears escaping my already sore eyes.


“Please,” I cried. “Not you as well. Don’t leave me. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I shuffled closer to Harry’s receding body on my knees, more of my emotions streaming down my face as Harry took wary steps back from me. His shaky gaze was fixed on my pleading state, his emotions building up in his eyes.

I couldn’t let him go. I’ve hurt so many people in my life. I’ve killed. And as Harry’s face paled, his eyes widening as I grew closer to him on my knees proved to me I was right. He was petrified of me.

“Not again,” I sobbed. “I can’t bear to lose anyone else. I-I’m sorry, Harry. Don’t go.”

“I can’t do this, Rosalie…”

His hands were placed on my shoulders as I knelt before him, stopping me from approaching him. My teary orbs locked with his, the seriousness sparkling in them shocking me. He really was scared of me. I couldn’t give him up.

I quickly flung my arms around his waist, tugging his body into me. He stumbled, gasping at my rough action. I buried my face into the soft material covering his solid stomach, my weeping muffled. I squeezed him tightly, begging for his forgiveness when a sharp intake of breath was taken by Harry. I gazed up at him, his eyes locked with the revealed skin of his lower hip where the material of his t-shirt had risen as he struggled in my hold. I loosened my grip on him, eyes widening at the poor sight of his once perfect skin. Dark bruises adorned his sides, the shape of fingertips. Harry held his breath above me as I lightly pressed my fingers into the circles on his sides. A perfect fit.

My gaze lifted. My broken angel. My innocent, lonely angel. I’d lost him.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

Before I could be stopped, I shuffled closer to him, craning my head to the side. Light kisses were sprinkled across his marked skin, causing Harry to flinch at my touch. His body quickly grew tense as he stood before me, my lips to his skin trying to sooth his pain. I mumbled apologies against his skin, tears dampening his lower hips. I could tell Harry wanted to do something, to push me away. His eyes were squeezed shut as tears rolled down his cheeks. With his arms locked to his side, he refused to give me any affection back. No pat to the head, no stroke of my cheek. He was cold.

I finally let his hip go, trying to clasp his hand in mine. I let my forehead rest on his muscled stomach, quietly sobbing to myself.

My body jumped as I was finally given the first bit of attention from Harry. His hand closed around a chunk of the hair on the back of my head, tugging for me to lift my head from his body. He angled my head up, a dejected expression morphed on his tear stained face. I gave him a faint smile, a little spark of hope in me that I was forgiven, this action on me always a way of teasing.

“Don’t touch me,” he growled.

His blunt words stabbed at my heart. They were emotionless, leaving me feeling cold and alone. The corners of my mouth flattened down, new tears swelling in my eyes. My lips parted to let out a shaky breath, dark eyes glaring down at me. Harry’s pupils had dilated, his jaw tense with fury. Not the response I was expecting. It broke my heart.

“Don’t do this,” I whispered. “I need you.”

He shook his head vigorously, eyes closed to force back the tears. He took a small step back, our skin quickly losing contact. I was on my knees before Harry, begging to be loved again. But Harry ignored my silent pleading, refusing for his eyes to meet mine.

“I can’t be here,” he muttered, a few feet from me now. “I can’t bear to look at you like this.”


I shuffled towards him on my knees, my emotions trickling down my cheeks. But the closer I attempted to get to him, the further back he stood. He was now in the open doorway, finally lifting his gaze from the ground. His eyes took in my weak entirety, sadness splashed on his face.

“I love you,” I whispered.

He didn’t respond. Silence grew thick between us as he kept my teary gaze before anger clouded his sad expression.

“Sort yourself out, Rosie,” he growled.

He slammed the door shut behind him, causing my whole body to jump. I knelt there on the floor, staring at the wooden door before me, praying that it would fly open. Harry would be stood there, gazing affectionately down to me. He’d pick me up in his arms and hold me close. But as the minutes past of agonising silence, my hope for him returning weakened quickly. I was alone again.

My gaze slowly fell to the discarded hoodie Harry had left on the floor. I weakly grabbed it, hugging the soft material to my chest in an attempt to sooth the pain emanating from my heart. I tensed every muscle in my body, hanging my head in shame. My face was buried in the hoodie, breathing in the strong scent of Harry emanating from the material. Screaming out angrily, I scrunched my face up in pain as I sobbed shakily into the hoodie, the claw around my heart tighter than ever.

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