“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


62. Fight!

Wide smirks grew on their thin lips, exposing their abnormally large teeth. Their reactions angered me further, spit spraying from my mouth as I growled. One man took this opportunity to lunge forward, arms outstretched to constrict me. My leg shot out in a side kick to his leg, sending him flying. He performed a twisting flip in the air, my eyes widening as I watched him land perfectly on his feet, repositioning himself in front of me again. They were stronger than me. Much stronger.

Another lashed out from the right of me. I slammed my hands into his chest, his ripped state stumbling backwards, but the smug smirk never wiped from his face. I knew I couldn’t stop them. I could only prevent them from coming near me until I could think of a way out of this. First I had to get out of this corner.

I bent my knees to jump up, landing perfectly on the ropes of the ring. I didn’t falter or wobble, the men’s eyes following my body upwards. A boost of energy exploded out of me. My body lifted from the ropes, legs pushed back to perform a flip over their heads. But my ankle was suddenly grasped in mid-air. I screamed out, landing flat on my face in the ring. I cursed as I crashed down and spat to the ground, hands pressed to the floor either side of me.

But I barely had time to haul myself up. The back of my shirt was fisted tightly, my body roughly lifted from the ring to hang in mid-air. The neck of my shirt was strangling me, the other beasts slowly walking around us, surrounding me and my constrictor. I squirmed about madly as a strong figure approached me, features burned into my mind. Louis stood before me, grinning at my dangling body. He was another link to mine and Harry’s lives. He tortured me as a child to become friends with Harry years later. Our whole lives we’ve had traps set for us. We were just too blind to see it.

Louis beamed at me, taking pleasure in seeing me struggle before him.

“I was right,” he sneered. “Bitches are always so weak.”

That word always stung me. I growled lowly, watching Louis’ wry grin fall as I kicked him straight in the face. He stumbled back with the impact, grunting in pain. His nose was an odd shape, but no blood was there to emphasise his pain. He gripped his nose, roughly pushing it back to its original place, the sound of bone against bone sending shivers down my spine.

“You little bitch!”

He lunged towards me, but I quickly reacting. My foot flew back, heel connecting roughly with my constrictor’s groin. He whimpered like a child, the neck of my shirt released. My feet landed on the floor of the ring, fists in the air ready to attack.

With my elbows in, I eyed up my opponent. I quickly swung my arm around, my fist connecting with Louis’ jaw. Blue liquid sprayed from his mouth as his head flew to one side. His body stumbled back, hand pressed into his broken jaw.

Suddenly my senses picked up movement from behind me. I spun around, facing the man who had hold of me moments ago. I clasped my hands over his shoulders, smashing my knees into his stomach again and again. I kept in mind all the times he’d aided Louis in beating me at night. They’d sneak into my room, order me to be silent as they held me and beat me. I was so young then, so vulnerable.

The man fell to his knees before me, groaning weakly to the ground. But I barely had time to hit him again, my senses picking up movement from behind. My innocence stepped back for the beast to take over my actions. I didn’t even know what I was doing until I had spun around, grabbing the jaw of the man behind me. I pushed him forward, forcing his long teeth to stab into my previous victim’s neck, his body now swaying on his knees. He let out a cry of pain before I finally let go of the man’s jaw. He stumbled back, Samuel shouting at him in rage as the other man tried wiping the blue liquid from his neck. But it was too late.

He tried getting to his feet, but as soon as he did he collapsed onto the floor, body jerking and shaking uncontrollably. I glared down at my victim as he let out screaming cries of pain. This is the only way I can kill them, by using them against each other.

His back arched from the ring as he writhed in pain. His eyes grew black, long cries of agony escaping his dry lips. My eyes widened with shock as his thumping heart was literally visible, a part of his chest rising and falling slower and slower with each beat. If I hadn’t have done that then that would have been me in the floor, crying out in pain.

I stared down at my dying victim. Three men left. And Louis.

“Don’t just stand there,” Samuel barked. “Get her!”

My attention was suddenly torn away from my victim, his body finally dying out before my shoulders were gripped to haul me backwards. Another man with short blonde curls stood before me, fists clenched by his sides. Blonde Curls suddenly lashed out, fist aiming for my face. Without thinking, I blocked my face, grasping his large fist in mine. I glared over at my victim as I clenched my hand around his fist, crushing his hand. Blonde Curls hissed out through his teeth, pupils dilating with anger. I noticed his legs starting to wobble.

Just as he fell to his knees I pulled back my other arm, punching him in the face. His head shot to the side, a grunt forced from him before I was roughly spun around, a fist smacking me under the jaw. I stumbled back with the impact, feeling my muscles stretch with anger.

I was quickly surrounded, deep eyes glaring at me, Blonde Curls forcing his bones back to their original place in his hand again. I felt the beast clawing at my skin, trying to rip through my flesh, to be let out of its cage. And for the first time ever, I let it out completely. I let my muscles relax, feeling my skin tear apart as the beast escaped me. My cloudy head spun out of control, a growling wave coursing through my body. I stumbled back, the noise ringing in my ears before my senses picked up movement.

Before I knew it, I had swung my leg around, knocking Blonde Curls to the ground. He groaned weakly as I spun around, fist connecting with Louis’ nose. His hand flew up to his nose, deep eyes penetrating mine. He snarled at me before lunging towards my enraged body, arms outstretched to grab my neck. I gave him a smirk, Louis screaming out as my leg shot out in a side kick, sending his muscled body flying. My gaze followed his body as he landed heavily on the floor of the ring with a crack. His leg was at an awkward angle, but I knew it wouldn’t stop him from attacking me.

I soon heard heavy breathing emanating from behind me. I spun around, Blonde Curls and an extremely muscled man coming towards me at once. I deflected Muscles, slamming my hands into his hard chest. Blonde Curls wrapped his long fingers around my forearm, twisting it back to pin it to my back. I cried out as he forced me up against the nearest ropes, tugging roughly on my arm. Pain shot up from my wrist, bringing hot tears to my eyes.

My gaze lifted to lock with Harry’s body a few metres in front of me through the bars of the cage around us. He was thrashing about madly in Samuel’s arms, kicking and screaming to be let go of. But the more Harry struggled, the tighter his bonds got. He sobbed through the pain, but didn’t stop for anything. The sight bought more tears to my eyes.

Harry’s head lifted from his chest as he squirmed, his body gradually slowing down as our eyes connected. Tears stained his red cheeks, his body trembling in Samuel’s grip. I watched through the bars as Samuel’s arm tightened around his waist, causing Harry to scream out in pain. His head flung back onto his constrictors shoulder, sobs tumbling through his lips.

“You’re mine, boy,” I heard him growl at Harry. “I’ll make you a good vampire.”

His words echoed in my mind, an angry wave pulsing through my body. I screamed out, shoving Blonde Curls away from me from behind. I spun around as soon as my arm was released, my hands landing on the man’s shoulders to smash my knee into his stomach. I saw the other three men approach me quickly. I shoved at Blonde Curl’s shoulders, pushing him down to the floor to lunge at the others.

My eyes had instantly latched onto the one man who had ruined my childhood, who beat me every night, but was clever enough not to leave any visible marks. He had shattered my confidence, my belief to trust anyone. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t recognised him in the night club at the very start.

My hands latched onto his throat, forcing Louis to stumble backwards. It wiped the vicious smile from his lips, claws attacking my hands around his neck. Deep cuts were marked into my skin, but the beast in me numbed my pain. Louis’ back crashed into the opposite rope, my fingers only tightening around his throat.

“Don’t test me, girl,” he spat.

I grinned before bringing my right knee up, smashing it into his groin. He whimpered like a child, back going to arch over in pain, but my grasp of his throat stopped him from soothing his pain. I laughed at his weakness, but I forgot about the men behind me.

My arms were suddenly gripped from someone behind, wrenching my claws from around Louis’ neck. I was dragged backwards against my will, away from my victim until I was made to stand into the middle of the ring.

This beast had still been released, my body thrashing about wildly. I’ve kept the beast in me for years, only letting it out to kill the ones that I loved. But even then part of the beast was still held back, being the reason for my guilt afterwards. Now I’d let it out completely.

I was held still in order for me to receive my beatings, my punishment for my attacks. But I wasn’t touched. A young boy stood before me. I watched as his lips parted, revealing his dripping teeth, blue liquid falling to the ground by his feet.

I cursed, unceasingly thrashing about in my bonds. Blonde Curls and Muscles had hold of me behind, gripping onto me harder to make sure I wouldn’t escape. The young boy gave me a cruel smile before turning to stride over to Louis who was rubbing his neck still stood by the ropes I held him to. Words were murmured lowly between them. I glared over at their private conversation, Louis’ eyes locked onto me with such force, stealing the breath from my lungs. I knew I’d get a punishment for what I did to him.

Louis’ gaze finally tore away from mine, giving the young boy an order before slapping him on the back. The boy winked at Louis before striding over to me. He stood before me, Louis slowly following to stand behind him for a clear view of my beating. The young man let a wry grin cross his face as he fisted my hair to tilt it to one side.

“Please,” a voice begged. “Don’t hurt her. Please.”

My eyes flickered over to Harry, his teary eyes making contact with mine. His emotions trickled down his cheeks, the man holding him clearly taking pleasure in the sight of me weak and defenceless, knowing he was in full control of me. Like he was with my parents.

“Don’t worry,” my opponent told me. “It’ll be over in no time.”

The young boy’s tongue glided over his lips, the blue liquid glistening on his teeth. One bite and that liquid would enter my system, and then my heart. I would be burnt from the inside.

Large hands caged over my shoulders, a wicked grin slashed over the young boy’s face. He was always the weakest of the boys at the foster home, reluctant to hurt me in any way until he was bullied into doing it. But that innocent boy had been thrown away. Samuel’s changed him.

In a matter of seconds, the boy’s jaw had widened to an extraordinary length, revealing sharp, deadly teeth dripping in Aquavirine. Harry’s distant pleads and cries kept me strong, knowing if I gave in, if I gave them what they wanted then I would never touch Harry again, I’d never see him standing at the end of that aisle waiting for me. I had to save myself. And I let the beast in me do so.

Without thinking, I used my speed to bring my right leg back, smashing my foot into Blonde Curls’ knee. It cracked painfully before the right side of my body was released.

Everything seemed to slow down, my mind determined on staying alive, to get Harry out of here. Even if I didn’t make it today, I wanted to make sure Harry was safe. As the young boy’s teeth got closer, I used all my strength and speed to quickly spin myself around, Muscles still grasping hold of me. His back was to the young boy and as the sound of a pained cry travelled around the room I knew my plan had worked. The young boy had sunk his teeth into my constrictor’s neck without even knowing until it was over. My bonds loosened before a heavy thump echoed behind me.

I spun back around, taking a step back as my gaze descended to the jerking body sprawled out in front of me. His back was arched, head tilted back as he let out a spine chilling cry before his body crashed back down to the ground. His head finally tilted to one side as he let go of his final breath.

Two men left. And Louis.

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