“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


66. Control

“I promised one day that I'd bring you back a star.

I caught one and it burnt a hole in my hand.

Seems like these days I watch you from afar.

Just trying to make you understand.

I’ll keep my eyes wide open, yeah.”

The words were faint. But the voice was so distinct. The lyrics pulled at my heart strings. So much meaning laced each word and each sound of this man’s sweet yet raspy voice. I wanted to react. But I couldn’t. Only my lips were able to part, letting out a small breath. My head throbbed painfully. Where was I? Was I dead? Where were my parents?

The lyrics were repeated again and again as if those were the only words to the song. I couldn’t move, but I listened to each word intently. But then the singing stopped. My aching heart fell in my chest. I heard a long intake of breath before warm heat fanned over my ear. Tingles shot through my numb body, soft words murmured lowly into my ear.

“Don’t let me go.

‘Cause I’m tired of feeling alone.”


I was running. Again. So far. But nothing was following me. I couldn’t understand why I was running. Where were my parents? My legs never stopped running. My heart raced, the muscles pumping in my legs. I was getting away from somewhere. I was escaping, but where from I didn’t know. Darkness surrounded me, but my heart leapt in my chest as a small flicker of light caught my eye in front of me. The faster I ran, the closer it approached me. My whole entirety was drawn to this small light. It gave off a warm aura. I knew if I got there I would be okay, I would be comforted. I didn’t know where it led, but I was willing to take the risk…

I realised I must have drifted off once again. The running dream quickly faded in my mind before it disappeared almost altogether. But fragments remained stuck in my mind, tiny fragments that made no sense to me. I tried shrugging away the dream, focusing my attention back onto now.

The room around me was now silent, no soft singing encircling me. I was so confused, my last memory being lying in Harry’s arms. Fire was burning at my heart. I was in pain, so much pain. But now I felt the complete opposite. I felt numb.

I soon realised I wasn’t alone in the room. Soft breathing was emanating from my left. With the little energy in my body I managed to peel my eyes open. I groaned softly as light invaded my senses, my eyelids no longer protecting me from the world around me. The ceiling was vaguely recognisable. I had stared up at it before. But when? Where the hell was I?

I blinked rapidly, pictures spinning around inside my head. I’d died. In Harry’s arms. The Aquavirine got into my system. But I remembered dying happy. I’d saved Harry. That was my main priority...

Wait. Harry!

Where was he?

The soft breathing soon grew into quiet snoring beside me. I slowly turned my heavy head to face the comforting sound, groaning softly at the simple yet tough action.

There he was.

Curled up in a ball beside me on the bed. His knees to his chest, arms wrapped around his torso. Our faces were millimetres from each other’s, lips so close to touching. My heart sank as his eyelids masked his emerald eyes from me. He was sleeping softly beside me, waiting for me to wake up.

He was singing to me earlier. He had fallen asleep singing to me. My heart fluttered at the thought. His breath warmed my lips, chest rising and falling peacefully. But all I wanted was for him to wake him, have him hold me in his arms.

I inhaled deeply, mind focused on one part of my body. I let my eyes fall closed, forcing my energy into my left arm. My lungs felt as though they would explode, until my arm finally lifted from the bed covers. I grunted weakly at the effort, but the thought of touching Harry again got me through this. I let a smile relax onto my face as I slowly wriggled my fingers, my eyes watching them move stiffly.

I took another deep breath before I placed my hand over his knee. My eyes took in every tiny movement of his facial features. His face scrunched up, a whimper falling from his mouth. He stirred slightly, messy curls brushing against his forehead. And mine. He was waking up. Finally.

Our faces were still so close. I squeezed his knee weakly, watching his eyelids gradually peel open. Our eyes met. We gazed at each other, eyes locked securely. Minutes passed by slowly, Harry never blinking at me as if I’d disappear if he looked away for even a moment. A large hand finally rose to rub his eye before staring at me once again. He didn’t quite believe it was me.

“Harry,” I whispered.

I watched as tears fell from his eyes, trickling down his cheeks. His gaze lowered down my body before making contact with my eyes once more. I squeezed his knee again, using most of my energy to curl one side of my mouth up.

“Rosie,” he sobbed.

The tears were falling faster, his face crumpling before me. His hand rested over mine on his knee, squeezing it every few seconds.

“Yeah, Styles,” I muttered. “It’s me.”

Before I knew it, his arms had flung around my numb body. He pulled my weak form on top of his body, my shorter frame sprawled out over him. His fingers locked against my back, face buried deep in the crook in my neck. He cried and cried, tears dampening my skin quickly. I nuzzled my face into his shoulder, silently letting the tears fall. He squeezed me so tightly I could hardly breathe. Wet kisses were pressed frantically up and down my neck as his chest rose and fell quickly as he sobbed.

After a few minutes, I lifted my head from his shoulder, Harry gradually tearing his lips from my neck. His head sank into the pillow under him, red puffy eyes gazing up at me. I pinned my forehead to his. His shaky breath warmed my lips, curls tickling at my skin. Harry was still sobbing softly, arms tight around my body as if protecting me, keeping me with him.

“Harry,” was all I could say. Our eyes locked, the world around us so still, so quiet we could hear each other’s heartbeats.

“Is it really you?” he whispered, eyes taking in each facial feature of mine, grinning through his tears. I smiled silently at the feeling his fingertips running down my cheeks. I nodded, leaning into his sweet touch, never feeling as happy before in my life.

“I’m worried I’m dreaming,” Harry sobbed. “It’s really you, isn’t it? Tell me I’m not making this up or dreaming all of this. You haven’t left me, have you, Rosalie? You’re not gonna disappear or...”

“Harry,” I interrupted, grinning at his rambling. “I promise you I’m here.”

I left wet, slow kisses on the corner of his mouth before sponging his cheeks with my affection. Harry let out a shaky breath, arms squeezing tight around my waist as if I may fade away any moment.

“I’m sorry,” Harry whispered, eyes falling closed for my lips to place soft kisses to his right eyelid. Warm breath fanned over my neck, Harry letting out a content sigh. “I’m just scared of losing you, of going through the pain again.”

“Shh,” I whispered, lifting my head to gaze down at him. His eyes fluttered open, a few tears managing to escape his eyes. I brushed them away, letting a reassuring smile take over my face. “I’m going nowhere, Styles.”

Harry sighed with relief, his grin lighting up his whole face. “I really thought I lost you, Rosie,” Harry whispered. “When Louis sucked the Aquavirine out of your body I thought you wouldn’t come back to me…”


My shocked face clearly displayed my emotions. Harry’s smile slowly faded from his lips.

“Louis…he saved your life.”

I blinked down at Harry. This was so much to take in all of a sudden. Louis had saved my life?

“Where is he?” I asked weakly, grunting softly as I rolled myself out of Harry’s arms and onto the bed beside him. Harry remained silent beside me, nibbling on his bottom lip. A grunt left me as I tried lifting my upper body from the bed, but a large hand pressed at my stomach, lowering me back down to the bed. I stared over at Harry. The silence was unnerving, Harry’s head slowly turning to face me. Teary eyes gazed at me. That’s when I knew. I guess it made sense. Louis had sucked the poison out of my body. And into his. That means…

“He sacrificed himself to bring you back to me, Rosie.”

My hand was taken in Harry’s. A heavy pressure pushed against my eyes. He’d died for me. To save me.

Harry slowly sat up, squeezing his fingers between mine. I remained lying on the bed, trying to process what I’d just been told. Harry’s soft eyes gazed down at me before lowering it to our locked hands as he fiddled with my fingertips. As much as I tried thinking how he saved my life, how he brought me back to Harry, I couldn’t see it any other way.

“I killed him,” I muttered.

Harry’s gaze shot up from our hands, locking sharply with mine.

“No, Rosie…”

“He died because of me.”

“That’s not what happened, Rosalie…”

“It’s my fault he died.”

“Rosalie!” Harry snapped.

My body shrank away with the rough tone of his voice. My eyes widened in shock at Harry’s outburst.

“You didn’t kill Louis,” Harry said sternly. “He killed Samuel in that changing room. He saved us. Samuel’s gone, Rosie. We’re free.”

A sudden pulse ran through my body. I was running. Again. So far. But nothing was following me. I couldn’t understand why I was running.

That’s why I was running from no one. In my dream. There was nobody there. Samuel’s finally gone from my life. Every dream I’ve had before I’d been running from Samuel, but there was no one there this time. I‘m finally free. But I was still running. I must have been running from something. But what?

Harry could see I was still hurting. I was the reason that Louis died. We were free from Samuel, but deep down I knew I could never free myself from the constant guilt of killing so many innocent people.

“Rosie,” Harry started, squeezing my hand softly, “when he came back out from the changing room he apologised to me for everything: the night at the club when he beat me, when he used me to get information about you. He told me there was one final thing he could do to show how sorry he really was. He wanted to suck the venom out of you. I watched as he sunk his teeth into your neck and sucked up all the Aquavirine from your body. The poison was too much for him to handle. He brought you back to me, Rosie. He said he could see how much we meant to each other. He wasn’t sure whether it would work, but he was willing to take the risk. Now don’t blame yourself for this, Rosalie. It was his decision. Please, Rosalie. It’s not your fault.”

My gaze slowly shifted to the ceiling above me, tears forming in my eyes. Louis had saved my life, and reunited me and Harry. I just prayed he was in a happier place now.

“I told myself I’d thank him for sparing my life one day,” I murmured, feeling my emotions trickle down my cheeks.

“I’m sure he knows you’re grateful, Rosie.”

Harry’s body lowered back down to the bed. He cuddled up to me, his head resting in the middle of my chest. One arm was wrapped around my torso, tugging me closer to him.

“I’m just glad your back,” he whispered. “I thought you’d left me, Brookes.”

His head lifted from my chest to gaze up at me. I brushed the lingering tears from his cheeks before letting my touch wander down to his neck. I cupped it softly as I smiled through my tears.

“Never,” I whispered.

I rubbed my thumb on the skin of his neck before lowering my gaze down to my body. That’s when I realised I was wearing different clothes to before. I blinked down at Harry’s baggy trackies slung low on my hips and one of his buttoned shirts around my torso.

My gaze shot back up to Harry, a cheeky smile brightening up his tear stained face.

“Did you change my clothes…while I was unconscious?”

Harry sat up and knelt beside my weak body, the cheeky glint in his eyes giving me the answer. He placed a warm hand on my stomach, palm pressed into the clean t-shirt adorning my upper body.

“Did you…peek?” I asked, sounding like a small child.

Harry replied with complete silence, my nerves growing inside of me. I watched as he arched his back, body leaning down to me. My heart slammed against my chest as his lips grazed my ear.

“That’s for me to know and you to keep wandering, Brookes.”

His hand had trailed down my body to squeeze my inner thigh. I let out a shaky breath as Harry’s head rose back up from my ear.

“Oh and thanks for flooding the flat by the way,” Harry suddenly said sarcastically, a cheeky grin dancing on his lips.

My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I had flooded the flat? When?

“The sink…”

“Oh shit!”

I’d ripped the sink from the wall during my angered state. It was the day after finding Harry with that man in the alleyway. I’d completely forgotten.

“Don’t worry,” Harry laughed. “I’ve sorted it out.”

I let a smile creep onto my lips, laughing for the first time in what seem like years. Suddenly before I knew it my body was trapped between his thighs, Harry straddling me.

“Harry, what are you…?”

“Shh,” he whispered softly.

His hand stroked my cheek, his head tilted to one side as he gazed down at me. Silence flew around our bodies, strong heat emanating between us. I felt a heavy pressure behind my eyes as Harry’s thumb ran across my bottom lip. I closed my eyes and tried to wedge my lip between my teeth, but Harry wouldn’t allow me to. His thumb pulled it back out, my name falling from his mouth in a raspy whisper.

“Let me see those eyes,” he whispered.

I hesitated before complying, tears blurring my vision of the man above me. For the first time in my life the pressure in my heart was easing. Samuel’s gone, my parents are resting above me in peace. And I had Harry. Samuel tried to kill me, to have Harry as his own. But he lost. We’re together again.

“We never got to have that kiss,” I whispered.

Harry’s broad grin began to fade from his lips. My heart sank. But I had figured it all out in my head. When I was dying, I could feel the beast dying with me. It was burning to death. But I’ve come back to life. The beast must be dead inside me.

“I can do it, Harry,” I said. “I’m not this monster anymore. When I was dying I could feel it burning inside of me. I felt in control at last. The beast, it’s gone, Harry. I can kiss you.”

As I was speaking my left hand was taken in Harry’s. His thumb brushed over his own ring he had put on me in the boxing ring. The silence was unnerving, my gaze trying to catch Harry’s.


“There’ something I haven’t told you,” he muttered, his eyes flickering up to meet mine. The look in his eyes caused the heavy pressure I’d felt in my heart for years that had eased soon settled back in my chest again. I held my breath as he continued.

“When Louis sucked the venom out of your body, not all of the beast was killed inside of you. There were still fragments left. Louis told me this would happen. It’s been growing inside of you ever since, growing stronger again. You’re still…”

“A vampire,” I finished.

Harry nodded solemnly, head bowed down to fiddle with my fingers. Of course I still was. My body has healed already, in what I’m assuming is a matter of days since the day in the ring. I don’t know how long I’ve been unconscious, but the bite marks, the chunks ripped out of my body were all healed.

As I thought about this, a smile crept onto my face, broadening by the second. A warm sensation ran through my body, the one I’ve wanted all my life.

“I don’t care,” I whispered.


“I’m still a vampire, but I don’t care. Do you know why?”

Harry had grown silent above me. He shook his head at me, eyes searching mine as if seeking the reason for my strange behaviour towards the news.

“Because I have control,” I spoke.

I suddenly changed our positions using my speed, flipping us over so I was now straddling. Harry’s eyes grew wide with shock at, causing my smile to burst into a full grin. His confused expression told me I had to explain.

“My whole life has been about control, Samuel controlling my life, me trying to control my abilities, you controlling my feelings with your luscious locks,” I laughed, reaching down to ruffle his curls with my hand. He jerked his head away, that dimpled smile I thought I’d never see again playing on his lips. “And now I have it. It’s like a warm sensation in my muscles. I can feel it. I’m stronger, more powerful. The beast’s still there, but my mind is stronger now. Because of you, Styles. The training sessions, the meditation, but more importantly your support and your love. What happened in that boxing club helped me to grow stronger. All this time I’ve wanted this control, to be able to use my abilities and yet still live a normal life. What we’ve been fighting for has finally come, Styles. Samuel’s given me my power back.”

Harry took my hands in his, squeezing them both tightly. “I’m proud of you, Rosalie,” he whispered, planting a soft kiss to the ring wrapped around my wedding finger.

I laughed softly, arching my back forward to bend down to him. A corner of his mouth curled up as the gap between our lips grew shorter. My heart began to race in my chest at the thought of finally having my first, undisturbed kiss with Harry. Harry slowly let out the breath, warm heat fanning over my lips. I cupped either side of Harry’s neck, bringing my head down to brush my lips on his.

“Rosie,” he whispered.

A smile broke out on my face at the sound of Harry’s raspy tone say my name. His fingers were clasped around my sides, squeezing them tight. My right hand left his neck to let my fingers comb through my hair before fisting a chunk, holding him down in place.

“Oh God,” he breathed as I tugged on his curls, forcing my body tighter against his at the same time. His bulging crotch pressed hard into me, back arching up slightly from the mattress. I confidently pushed my hips down to his again, eliciting a throaty grunt from Harry. His eyes were closed, his head wanting to tilt further back, but my hand clenched around his curls wouldn’t allow him to. I wanted to kiss him. Properly.

I held my breath in my lungs, wiping away the thick fog from my mind. My mind finally opened up, displaying a gorgeous view ahead of me. The cottage stood in plain view as I sat on the roof, a wide smile across my lips. I soon felt an arm sneak around my shoulders. I wasn’t alone. I turned my head to the side, coming face to face with an angel. I let out a long sigh, taking in every feature of my saviour, the one who’s changed my life for the better. He saved me. He refuses to call himself a hero, but he’ll always be mine. And I’ll never forget it.


My eyes fluttered open, coming face to face with the angel again. A worried expression was morphed onto his face, eyebrows furrowed in concern.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked quietly.

I knew the answer. The heavy pressure forced upon my heart had lifted. The beast was still in me, but I was the stronger one now. Samuel had gone from my life, the one person who tormented the beast in me the most, to trick it into escaping to attack the ones I loved. I finally understood now. Samuel made sure my life was a misery. He was probably behind each killing, making my foster parents monsters to me, causing me to attack Niall, making Scarlett seduce Zayn, setting those thugs onto me and Liam. He was controlling each one. But by doing this, by kissing Harry, I was beating Samuel, but most importantly I could finally give Harry what he wants. My kiss.

I nodded.

“Trust me, Harold,” I whispered., smirking at him.

Harry returned it, taking his bottom lip between his teeth. His eyes fell closed as I let my lips graze his again, taking his bottom lip between my teeth to gently pull it back out again. I sucked at it lightly, soft groans falling from Harry’s mouth. I loved to tease him.

“Rosie,” he groaned.

I smirked down to him as his eyes opened. Normally I could tease him, but couldn’t go any further than that. But now I could. And I was gonna make it last.

Harry’s eyes fell closed once again at the feeling of my breath warming his lips. He hummed with approval at the closeness between us, a whole new territory for the both of us. A new beginning to our relationship.

I whispered Harry’s name lowly, slowly grinding my hips against his. He let out strained moans, desperately moving his hips with mine. My fingertips scratched roughly on his scalp, his curls soft against my skin. I smirked down to my fiancé as he leaned towards my scratching, groans tumbling from his mouth at the sensation. I soon had my face buried into Harry’s neck. My tongue slipped out of my mouth, slowly gliding up his neck. And this time I didn’t feel it, the urge to plunge my teeth through his neck. All I felt was love and compassion.

I smiled to myself as I closed my hand around his hair, roughly pulling at it. Harry’s head tilted back, groaning throatily as my tongue glided up his skin. My stomach flipped at the noises coming from the man below me, wishing this moment could last longer. But as his bulge grew stiffer against me, I knew that he couldn’t wait much longer. And neither could I. I had to feel him, taste him properly without this beast interrupting us. I needed him now.

“I’ve never wanted to do this so much in my life before,” I finally whispered.

Then I kissed him.

It was a brand new sensation. I’d never done it this slow, this passionate before. No distractions, no one to stop this from happening. I’ve never wanted it so much. I kept my eyes closed, feeling Harry’s tongue slowly glide over my bottom lip. Pleasure bounded through my body, warmth emitting from deep in my stomach. A moan vibrated between us as I gave him access into my mouth, our hips still rolling against each other’s. I felt Harry’s hand lift from my side, his fist closing around a chunk of the hair on the back of my head. I grunted as Harry used my own rough action against me. He was so close to me. I could feel his body heat cascading over my skin, tending to my sore muscles. As Harry’s tongue delved into my mouth, making the most of the rare intimate time we were sharing, his chest vibrated against mine. I grinned as he groaned continuously into my mouth, fingers tangled in my hair. Our noses brushed against each other, Harry’s taste swirling around in my mouth. I’d imagined doing this before, so many times, but I never thought it would feel this perfect. My life was back to normal…mostly. I was still this beast, but I could kiss Harry. And I knew from this day on that that thought will keep me going in the future, my future with Harry.

I finally broke away from him. Harry let out a content sigh before lifting his head from the pillow to desperately brush his lips against mine as if savouring my taste. He groaned softly before lowering his head back down to the pillow, his tongue gliding over his own lips. He took his bottom lip between his teeth, dark curls spread out over the pillow. Pressing my forehead to Harry’s, I gazed into those hypnotising eyes. I remembered the first time my eyes met his. I knew from that day on I’d love him.

Harry kept our eyes locked as we held each other close. I rubbed my thumb against his cheek before parting my lips to speak the words I’ve wanted to say since the beginning of all of this.

“I’m finally in control,” I whispered.

And I kissed him again. It was more passionate this time, Harry’s hands slowly sneaking down my arched back to squeeze them into the back of my trackies. He pushed against my bare arse, bringing my body closer to his. I let out a sigh of satisfaction as his bulge pressed hard into me, causing Harry to grin against my lips. I soon felt his upper body rise from the mattress, our lips still locked. I fisted the front of his shirt as he lifted his torso from the bed, our lips moving at a much faster pace now. I sat back slightly on Harry’s legs as he brought our chests closer. He had me right where he wanted me.

Harry suddenly spun us around, my body trapped under his. He didn't have the speed I possessed, but his sudden action still surprised me. His large hands were still pressed against the skin of my arse, squeezing teasingly. I gazed up at him, watching a seductive smirk dance on his lips. My entirety was at Harry's mercy now. He could do whatever he pleased with me.

"Now just relax," he murmured to me. "I want to show you how much control I have."

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