“I dream of leaving and never looking back. But it’s impossible.”

“Then take my hand and we’ll run together.”

Rosalie Brookes is running. She’s always running, that’s all she does. She’s lost, running from her deepest and darkest nightmares. The creature within her, its claws tight in her heart, has made her kill everyone she loves. Since watching her mother being murdered through her five year old eyes she’s had a secret. But she’s about to reveal her secret for the first time. To the man that saved her the night she was running.

Harry’s lost. He’s always lost. He’s lost everyone and needs to care for someone to make him complete. His twisted past of drinking and drugs is forgotten about. He’s escaped his problems and now wants to help Rosalie do the same.

Someone will bring their messed up worlds together. They have a lot more in common than they think. And that may save their lives one day.


This is the second version of this story I've made so enjoy!


63. Aquavirine

The young boy’s eyes shot up from the dead body, rage burning in his orbs. I raised my fists in front of me, silently challenging him. His gaze flickered over my shoulder, a small nod shared between him and the two men behind me.

A knee slammed into the back of my own from behind, shoulders gripped harshly. I collapsed down onto my knees, grunting at the impact. The young boy’s leg lifted in the air, foot smashing under my chin over the dead body between us. Harry’s screaming echoed around us as my body flew back, back crashing to the floor. I grunted, head spinning as it smashed into the hard floor of the ring. But my senses were still able to able to pick up three bodies surrounding me, towering over my woozy form.

My left ankle was suddenly tightly gripped, my body jolting into action. My instincts acted against the restraint. I blinked rapidly as I madly tried to yank my ankle from Louis’ grip, growling up to him. Rage burnt at my heart, body ready to shove him away, but my wrists were held and pinned to the floor above my head by Blonde Curls. His other hand was clutching my throat. Both ankles were now gripped and restrained to the floor by Louis. My body was wide open for attack.

I squirmed about madly, head flinging from side to side, but Louis just laughed at me. He knew he had control of me, just like the night at the camp. I growled up to him, the hand around my throat tightening. The young boy knelt down between my spread legs, hands pressed into the ring outside of my thighs. Harry screamed out before his voice died out, a weak whimper forced from him. I held my breath as the young boy’s head dipped down, running his long teeth down my inner thigh, grinning at the strained reaction from me. I attempted wriggling out of my bonds, but his long fingers wrapped around my right thigh, teeth dangerously close to my leg. He let his teeth poke at my thigh, torturing me slowly. I let out a shaky breath, body trembling madly with fright. Why was he doing this? He had me under control, so why not end it all now? Why not bite my neck? It’ll be quicker.

“I’m going to make sure you suffer,” he mumbled as if hearing my thoughts. Biting me in the leg will take longer for the Aquavirine to enter my heart. That was my torture.

“Hold her still,” the young boy barked as I wriggled madly.

The hand around my throat tightened, making me gasp for air. I squeezed my eyes shut, sharp teeth poking at my inner leg. Hot tears pricked at my eyes, feeling the young boy’s hot breath through the material of my jeans.

“I’m going to enjoy watching you suffer,” he spat, teeth ripping through the material of my jeans.

I held my breath, the boy’s teeth dipping into the skin of my thigh. My body went out of control, squirming and fighting madly to be freed. But it was no use.

This was torture. I could feel every layer of skin being cut into, my veins being ripped open. My head flung back, a shear cry of pain echoing around us. The agony was indescribable. My entirety stiffened, a burning sensation in the veins of my leg. The young boy smirked as he slowly sank his teeth into me, enjoying my agonising noises.

“Stop!” a voice cried. “You’re hurting her. Stop!”

Harry’s voice was drowned out by my screams of agony, tears running down my face. The beast in me wasn’t liking this. It was thrashing about under my skin, controlling every part of my body so I could escape. I had no control of my actions anymore. It was up to the beast to get me out of here.

I was in so much pain as the Aquavirine entered my system. With each heart beat it got just that bit closer to my heart. That was the moment when I knew I wouldn’t get out of here alive. I’ve been bitten. It’s over for me. But it still didn’t stop me from fighting, fighting for Harry’s release, for his safety. I’m going to get him out of here alive if it kills me.

That’s when the beast took control. Before I knew it, I managed to get my left ankle free, the young boy’s teeth still sinking further into my right thigh. As soon as my bonds were released from my ankle, I hooked my leg around the boy’s neck, trapping his head between my thighs. His teeth ripped out of my leg, the pressure of the constriction to his neck causing a hiss of pain to escape him. I forced away the burning of my leg and squeezed my thighs tighter together. I could barely recognise myself, grinning as I watched my opponent gasp for air, his fingernails clawing at my thighs. I knew it wouldn’t kill him, but the noises of pain coming from him gave me more determination to carry on.

The other two men tried pulled me back, every part of my body clawed at so I would release him. Louis’ fingers were around my throat, spitting down at me to let him go. Harry’s screams were muffled as my weakening heart pounded in my ears. I didn’t have much time left. I had to stop all of this.

Blonde Curls was knelt beside my legs, trying to pry them open to free the young boy’s neck. That’s when I saw it, the perfect opportunity to strike at my victim, like a serpent ready to attack its prey. And I seized it, knowing my time was limited. I had no time to think about it.

I knocked my fist into Louis’ face, his body crashing back to the ring. My upper body rose from the floor, quickly opening my thighs. The young boy coughed and spluttered, but barely had time to catch his breath. I grabbed Blonde Curls’ jaw, using all my remaining strength after the wound to my leg to plunge his dripping teeth into the young boy’s neck. The boy instantly stopped breathing, eyes widening as the blue liquid entered his system. He let out a tiny whimper before his eyes fell shut. He violently twitched and whimpered, until he finally lay limp. His lolling head rested heavily against the bite on my inner thigh as the last breath hissed out through his teeth.

Blonde Curls had scrambled to his feet in shock to what he had done. I could see Louis was seething, knowing I now had a fighting chance of winning, of getting myself, but more importantly Harry, out of here today.

I shoved at the young boy’s cold shoulders, his dead body rolling off of my leg. He landed on the floor with a thud, my body trying to scramble up to my feet. I cried out with pain as I put pressure on my right leg, falling back down to the floor. I heard footsteps quickly approaching me, giving me the sudden urge to get up to my feet. Ignoring the fizzling pain shooting through my veins towards my heart, numbing my right leg almost completely, I managed to stay balanced on my feet. Just as my head shot up to take on my opponent, I got a sudden punch to the jaw, sending me flying.

My back crashed into the rope around the ring. I felt sick, woozy with the pain, but I had to keep on fighting. For Harry.

I glared at the Blonde Curls who had punched me, screaming out as I lunged for him, my fist connecting with his nose. He stumbled back as I took a few seconds to recover from the pain, keeping my breathing steady in case I’d pass out. I’d have no chance then.

I’d never felt this sort of pain before. I was so used to healing overnight. I told myself I wanted pain, I wanted to bleed to feel normal. I forgot how crushingly agonising it was.

Footsteps approached me from behind. I could barely stay steady on the spot. I spun around too quickly, left fist swinging around with me. Louis easily dodged my attack, my weak body stumbling forward. I was close to falling to my knees, but the eye contact I maintained with Harry kept me going just that little bit more. I leaned onto the ropes for support, smiling weakly over to Harry’s body. But it slowly faded from my lips, my heart breaking in my chest. Harry was shaking his head at me, his bottom lip between his teeth.

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces. I needed his support. It was the only thing keeping me going. But he was telling me to stop. Harry tore his teary eyes from mine, body thrashing about in the man’s muscled arms in an attempt to free himself.

“Samuel, please,” Harry begged. “Don’t do this to her. Let her live and you can have me. I’ll do anything you want me to do, as long as she lives.”

Samuel just tightened his arm around Harry’s stomach until he could barely breathe. Harry gasped, head rolling back onto Samuel’s shoulder. He sobbed weakly, tears dripping down his cheeks.

“She’s going to die today,” he spat into Harry’s ear. “And you’re going to watch it.”

His arms finally loosened, a long sigh quickly escaping Harry’s lungs. He let his head fall forward, tears silently falling to his feet.

Anger roared inside my body, but I barely had time to react. My shoulders were gripped, my frame forced backwards. I tripped over my own feet, my shaking form surrounded by Louis and Curls. My torso was lightly pushed at, my body stumbling back and forth. They circled my body, pushing and shoving me around, clearly enjoying my defenceless state.

“Fight me,” I mumbled, my voice croaky and sore. “Stop being cowards and fight me like men.”

I swung my right fist around, Louis smirking as I missed him by a fair distance, feet stumbling forward. I groaned weakly, the pain in my leg unbearable now. I staggered forward a few more steps before finally giving up, crashing down onto my knees. Heavy thuds approached me from behind, Harry distant voice telling me to look around, to defend myself, but I’d given up all hope. I’m coming to the end now.

I felt a sudden strike to the back, knocking me face down onto the ring floor. I cursed breathlessly, wiping away the tears from my cheeks. My left ankle was gripped tightly, my body roughly spun around. I crashed onto my back, barely able to express my pain with a groan. I let out a silent breath, the tears showing I’d given up.

I slowly lifted my heavy head from the ring, a familiar shadowy figure standing by my feet. They knew I couldn’t fight anymore. I’ve used up all my energy now. It’s over.

Curls knelt down beside my body, his hand cupping my chin to tilt my head back far. He grinned at the exposed skin to my neck, a sharp tongue slicing over his thin lips with hunger.

“Finally,” he whispered. “I have you.”

My body tensed with his words. Only one man ‘had me’. He stole my heart and now it’s finally burning out. I did this for him. I’d sacrifice myself to keep Harry safe when I’m gone. And even though I didn’t accomplish it today I’ll die happy knowing that I tried.

“Rosie!” Harry cried.

I heard Harry screaming my name outside the ring. It sounded so far away, the fizzling of my body ringing in my ears.

“Rosalie, fight,” Harry yelled. “I was wrong. Fight for me. Don’t give up. I’m not letting you die on me!”

My chin was released, eliciting a small sigh from me. A few punches were sent flying at my face, head shooting from side to side with the impact of each blow. I grunted softly, letting the man use me in any way he wanted to.

“Listen to me!” Harry screamed frantically. “Don’t stop fighting, Rosie. Think of us; think of all the times we’ve spent together in this room these past few weeks.”

I let a small smile commandeer my face, the blows to my face ceasing finally. My head was made to lean to the right, the skin of my neck exposed. The man smirked down to me, Louis watching us from my feet.

“What about last night?” Harry asked. “Rosie, I meant what I said. I love you and one day we’ll do it. I promise you that.”

I grinned widely, eyes shut as my thumb rubbed over the ring on my wedding finger. My eyes fluttered back open as Harry’s words flew around the room.

“I love you, Rosalie. And one day you’ll be my wife.”

Those words, those sweet, heart-warming words finally gave me the boost I needed. I loved this man. I will forever. One day we’ll be married. And I believed it.

My dark eyes glared up at Curls above me. His back had arched, sharp teeth aimed up at the ceiling. He hissed out slowly, jaw widening to an extraordinary length. He was ready to attack me, stab his dripping teeth into my neck and kill me. But Harry still wasn’t safe. Once I was gone Harry would be Samuel’s. He’d make Harry into what I am today, a bloodsucking beast. I am not going to die knowing I could have done more.

The man’s head snapped down, penetrable eyes glaring down at me. The blue liquid dripped from his teeth, a wicked smile slashed across his face.

“Goodbye, Rosalie.”

“Rosalie, no!”

The man’s back bent over, head soaring down to attack, to almost feed at my neck. But I didn’t let him.

I brought my hands up to my exposed neck, using the little strength I had left to defend myself. I didn’t know how I’d get out of this situation, but I’m not going to give up.

“Shit!” I cried.

Curls’ teeth had sunk into the side of my hand, the Aquavirine pushed into my veins. My back arched from the floor of the ring, but I didn’t give up fighting. I wrapped my claws around the man’s neck, using all my power to keep him back. I held his neck securely, Curls pushing down, wanting his teeth in my neck.

“For fuck sake!” Louis bellowed. “Get it over with! Kill her.”

I groaned in pain, body thrashing about to keep the man at bay. My eyes were scrunched closed, teeth gritted as I fought him off. My right leg had gone completely numb now, my left leg tingling as the liquid spread out across my body. It was torture. I was slowly dying. But Harry never stopped calling out to me, cheering me on, even though he was cut off by attacks from Samuel. But he still called out, however much pain he was in. It gave me that final urge to fight for us. Harry was doing it. And so could I.

With one final push, I slammed the man off of me and up into the air. I watched the man fly up above me. Images flashed back to me, the day of my first kill, the day I discovered who I was made to be.

I had pushed my hands into his chest, throwing him up into the air. He crashed down onto the ground by me…his leg bent back awkwardly.

Curls flew up, his back smashing into the bars above us before crashing back down to the ground. He landed heavily next to me with a hard thud, weak groans emanating from his feeble body.

I let out a deep sigh, my hand now released from the grip of his poisoned teeth. But I barely had time to recover as my eyes latched onto a rage filled figure lunging at me from my feet. My senses buzzed through my body, the vibrations of strength taking over my actions. The beast in me was angry now. It wanted its revenge.

My left leg lifted from the ground, knee bending back towards my chest. Louis’ arms were outstretched, body jumping down to me. I let a wicked grin commander my face as my foot smashed into Louis’ stomach. I grunted with the impact of the kick, sending my opponent flying back. The sound of a heavy grunt before a thud told me he’d crashed to the bars of the cage around us, his body laying the other side of the ring.

Curls spat down to the ground beside me, pushing himself to roll onto his back. He coughed and spluttered beside me, his head slowly turning to face me.

“This was the part where you ran, wasn’t it?” he croaked. “I remember that day well. You always run away. Face it, Rosalie. You’ve been a bitch since the beginning of all of this.”

My jaw stiffened. The corners of his mouth curled up into a devilish smirk. He knew all too well the effect that word had on me. And he was about to experience it again.

I took a deep breath, holding the air in my lungs as I rolled myself over and onto my opponent. I fisted his shirt in my large hands, roughly shaking him back and forth. I could feel my head beginning to loll, but I shook it vigorously, eyes blinking rapidly to keep myself strong. My hazy gaze let me watch the victorious smile dance on the man’s lips, clearly enjoying my weak state.

“Rosie, don’t give up,” a voice echoed before a loud crack echoed in the room. Harry whimpered weakly before harsh words were spat lowly to him. But I couldn’t make them out. My senses would have picked them up, but the words were just noises to me. The beast was dying in me. I was weakening. I was turning human. A human body wouldn’t be able to cope with much pain.

I felt my eyelids grow heavy, the final energy in my muscles dying out. Harry’s cries were distant now, the whole world around me hazy. I could make out the smirk on the man’s face below me, but he didn’t know I had one last fight left in me. The beast was calling out to me, warning me of something. That’s when my senses picked up the final thing, the last thing that would aid me in suspending my death. I heard heavy breathing behind me, a dark presence marching towards us. So I used the last of my strength to defend myself for the last time.

I felt Louis near us quickly, soon at our feet, ready to pounce.

“It’s over, girl,” the muscled man whispered up to me. “We’ve won.”

I smirked at his words, knowing all too well what’s coming next.

“I don’t think so,” I replied.

The man grinned up at me, mocking me. I seized all my power in my body to roll us over, the man’s solid body now lying on top of me. I knew what fate awaited this man, and it worked. Louis landed on top of the man, teeth plunged into his neck by mistake as I used the man to shield Louis’ attack. Curls’ head flung back, cursing loudly up to the ceiling. His shoulders had been gripped, head forced to the side as Louis believed it to be me until the very last second. It was too late by then. I’d tricked them for the final time.

The man squirmed madly between us, Louis ripping his poisoned teeth out of his ally’s neck. My eyes met Louis’ furious gaze. He was silent, eyes never letting go of mine. He spat down to the ground beside our piled up bodies, staring down at me the whole time.

Curls’ head finally fell down onto my shoulder. It was just me and Louis left. One more man then I’d have Samuel to myself.

Louis climbed off of us, fisting the back of his ally’s shirt to haul him off of me. He flung the dead body across the ring, the man landing somewhere around us with a heavy bang. Louis silently towered over me, fingers curling into a ball by his sides.

That’s when the inevitable happened. I thought I could fight for a little longer, the sudden pain shocking me immensely. I couldn’t give up now. It was almost over. Louis was the only one left. I thought I could do it; I thought I could live for a few more minutes. I craved for that little amount of time. But I didn’t have it. It was over.

My chest heaved, pain fizzling across my skin. I could feel the Aquavirine pumping through my veins, my heart slowing down with each beat it took. I was dying. I was finally dying.

“Rosie,” Harry sobbed. “Rosie, stay awake. Don’t go. Don’t leave me!”

His voice shook with sadness as his eyes took in my weakening state. I continued to stare up through the bars above my head, refusing to watch Harry cry. A lone tear dripped from the corner of my eye, silently trickling down my cheek. I tried to push myself up on the floor of the ring, but my arms shook so hard I could barely lift my torso. My body convulsed like the beast inside of me was scorching my body. Fast. Tears streamed down my face as pained cries fell through my lips. My burning body was engulfed by an inner flame. A fire was raging in me, killing me from the inside. Harry’s pleading to be turned himself, for my body to be left alone, was drowned out by my shrieks of pain.

A dark shadow was soon cast over me, a figure leaning over my damaged body. Louis was stood above me, grinning down at my dying body. His foot pressed harshly into my stomach, forcing pained whimpers to fall through my lips. He gritted his teeth as his foot twisted painfully against my skin. I cried out in agony, my body unable to defend itself with the amount of wounds inflicted on me.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” he snarled, a wry grin slashed across his face.

“No!” Harry screamed.

Louis’ deep laugh echoed around us as he removed his foot from me to bend down. All I could do was whimper as the front of my shirt was fisted, my frail body lifted from the ground. I hung heavily in the air, staring at my constrictor through dropped eyelids. My hands weakly clasped over Louis’ fist around the material of my shirt, pained coughs forced from my mouth.

“Stop!” Harry cried. “I-I’ll do anything. Turn me. Kill me. Do anything you want to me! I don’t care! Just leave her alone. Please!”

Louis grinned at Harry’s pleads, amusement glistening in his eyes. “I’m going to enjoy this even more,” he snarled, “watching Harry break down as his precious girlfriend is killed right in front of her. I can’t wait to see this.”

Rage burnt inside of me. I hissed out through my teeth at the sensation of a wave of fire ripping through me, burning every part of my body. My heart was on fire. The beast was fighting its way out of my body, tearing apart my muscles and ripping through my flesh to try and escape. It hurt. It really hurt.

My body was lowered slightly for Louis’ lips to graze my ear. I whimpered innocently, tears spilling over my eyes.

“Harry will make a good vampire,” Louis whispered. “I’ll make sure of it.”

His hot breath trickled down my neck, burning at my skin. My gaze fell upon a slouched Harry against Samuel, tears staining his cheeks. He cried out, struggling in Samuel’s hold, but Samuel barely batted an eyelid, eyes locked his last man to survived, the man ready to kill me.

My body flinched, Louis’ teeth lightly dragged down my neck. He let out a long breath, hot tingles shooting through my veins. My eyes never let go of Harry’s, tears silently falling down my face. The mere thought of Harry becoming one of me, being in Samuel’s control forever gave me the most pain I’ve ever felt. It wasn’t the burning or stabbing of my heart. It was the heartache Harry’s future life gave me. I’d let him down today. I’d put him in so much danger. I love Harry. It breaks my heart seeing him like this.

“Rosie?” Harry sobbed.

My attention focused back onto his sweet voice, the last thing I hoped to hear before I was ripped from this world.

“I love you, Rosie,” Harry cried. “I love you so much.”

A weak grin took over my face, tears streaming down my face. I repeated his words over and over inside my head, barely grasping onto consciousness. Harry was trying to choke back the tears, but was failing miserably. Thick drops ran down his bruised face, the aching of my heart heavier than ever before. I never even got to kiss him, not properly. This beast has always been a threat to the both of us. I just prayed that one day Harry would be happy again. He’d be in a proper relationship with someone normal, someone who could treat him right.

I gasped suddenly, the tip of Louis’ teeth digging into the skin of my neck. One bite. That’s all it took. One bite to the neck to kill a vampire instantly. I grasped onto Harry’s final words to me. Love. He loved me. That’s all I wanted to hear.

Louis hummed against my neck. I knew what it felt like to have a victim in your arms, ready to take their life away. But every time something tried to stop me. It sometimes did. With Harry. I’ve killed people before, but with Harry something tried to stop me. And it did many times. Before each attack the thought was always in the back of my mind. Love, love tried to stop me.

Then it hit me. It worked with me a few times, so maybe it could with someone else, someone as vulnerable as me, someone who’s been through the same pain as me.

“You parents,” I whispered.

Louis’ teeth grew still against my neck, his fist tightening around my shirt. I was getting the reaction I had hoped for. This was my only escape.

“How did they die?”

Louis’ body remained still, the silence unbearable. The question had hurt him. We’ve both been through the same, lost out families so we were forced to live in a foster home. I felt his fist slowly unclench, his breath held tight in his lungs. But it didn’t last long, my body raised higher into the air. My name was called out frantically, Louis growling up to me.

“That has nothing to do with this,” he spat. “I’m going to kill you, Brookes!”

“I know what its like,” I told him, “to lose someone you love so much. It hurts, doesn’t it? You feel so much pain. Your heart aches. You feel worthless, like it should have been you that had died, not them. You blame yourself, every day of your life believing it was your fault. If you’d done something different you could have stopped it. You analyse every moment of that day, hating yourself for not being able to save them. The pain of missing them hurts more than anything. I understand that, Louis. I understand you.”

Tears formed in Louis’ eyes at my words, his bottom lip quivering. The blue liquid still dripped from his mouth, his tears flowing with it. I was still dangling in the air above my killer, but I didn’t feel threatened anymore. The rage burning in Louis’ eyes had fizzled out, his gaze lowering to my chest.

“A car crash,” he finally responded. “Their bodies had been mangled. The car must have been attacked by something. To this day I don’t know who did it. But as I looked at their dead bodies in that morgue, I noticed these…these bite marks on their necks….”

My eyes widened at his words. Images of my parent’s deaths flashed in my mind, then Harry’s words of his parent’s death when he told me about it. The bite marks. Only one person can inflict such marks on a person’s skin.

“I was told it must have been an animal that had attacked the car and my parents in it,” Louis continued. “But I didn’t believe it. The bite marks were deeper than an animal could go. But now I’ll never find out.”

My eyes locked with Harry’s, his eyes wide with shock also. I gazed over at the silent man grasping hold of Harry’s battered body, his teeth gritted in his mouth.

“Kill her,” he spat to Louis. “Do it already.”

“I know who did it,” I blurted out.

Louis’ eyes shot up to meet mine. I could feel the liquid growing close to my heart, ready to strike. I didn’t have much time left, but my main priority was to get Harry out of here alive.

“I know who killed your parents.”

“Bite her,” Samuel barked. “Fucking kill her. Louis!”

“Who?” he asked shakily. I took one final glance over Louis’ shoulder, my body still lifted in the air.

“Him,” I spat.

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