Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


1. Prologue

The girl that plays with fire is crazy that's what they all said to me 'you're crazy man you play with fire.' Why am I crazy and I'm not even a man. Fine I like to burn things but that like not evil or mentle only because I like the yellow flame that shows off of the burning thing doesnt make me mentle okay? Good. Everyone used to be scared of me. I have no idea why. Yeah maybe I 'accedently' burnt down the science block when I was in year 8 but that was not my fault that was this girls, Chloes, fault you see. She was the one who walked into my lighter as I was trying to set fire to this frog, and it may have got onto her hair and she went all girly about it and started to run around and it may have gotten on the blinds and the blinds went up in smoke. But how is that my fault?

That when the school thought that it was best for me to be sent to this school for like the special kids. Yeah there is some nice kid here like this guy, Zayn, he has been my best friend her for about 3 year now. He was the one that showed me around that place when I got here. He is in here because he just went crazy at school, he has anger issues and its scary you have no idea what he is going to do to him self or others. He said that he almost killed a kid with his fists, if it wasnt for a teacher that kid would be in a morgue.

Me and Zayn have a big group of friends there is: Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis they are together and they are so cute. Then you have Ashton, Luke and Calum. They are in here for different things like Ashton beat up these guys because they looked at Luke the wrong way. Luke is here because the was caught selling drugs. Niall and Liam are in here for the same thing and that is they destroyed more than one classroom by either setting fire to it or gassing the room. But I'm not sure why the other 3 are in here they really keep to themselves, yeah they talk to us but they dont really let us in, if that makes sense. Well I know why Harry is in here he told me when he had this brake down last week. He said me and Louis are the only ones that know why he is here and me and Louis are only ones he really talks to. He is in here because he tried to jump of the school roof.

Louis saved him.

So anyway enough about my wonderful friends, I'm the girl the fire starter.

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