Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


17. 8

                                    I sat with my back pressed against the wall for what felt like forever, until Luke came skipping by and around the corner only to quickly turn back around and come back to sit down next to me. "You alright Rose?" He asked as he got comfortable next to me on the not so comfortable floor. 

"Yeah, its just... its just Michael." I sighed, Luke just nodded, understanding where I was coming from. He put his arm around me in to comforting way, pulling me into his chest. 

"Whats he done. You know you can talk to me right?" Luke said making me feel like I actually have someone that I can talk to with all the problems I have so that I don't annoy Michael all the time with them. 

"Nothing... But really that's the point. Its can be hard to keep up with him sometimes, like one minute he is all cuddly and romantic and then the next he's shutting me out and walking away from me and I guess it just hurts, you know." I rambled finally letting it out. 

"Yeah, I know what you mean but what I've noticed that he is only really open and smiley when you are around. It's like you are his light. Sound cheesy doesn't it. But don't worry its the same with Calum, he has days when he doesn't want to know anyone and ignores me and then there are days when he wont keep his hands to himself." Luke Giggled, making me cringe, thinking what he meant by that. "Anyway, he'll do it from time to time. Has he asked you to be his girlfriend yet or what?" The nosy side of Luke was coming out again. 

"No Luke, why would he? Its like he doesn't even want to be with me right now. God I probably sound like a whinny brat right about now." I said laughing standing up and offering a hand to Luke. 

"Hey, I'm meant to do that." He complained but still taking my hand and pulling himself up.

We slowly walked down to the den as the bell went again, we all of a sudden got swallowed up in tones of people leaving classrooms and dorm rooms mostly boys - being in the boys closest to the boys dorms. In the swam of people I lost Luke and was surrounded by unfamiliar faces trying to get out as fast as they could, everyone was to close to me! Everyone was so close. I couldn't breath as my head started to spin making me yet again slide down a wall, no one stopped to see if I was okay, just giving me glares when they almost tripped over my feet. Soon but not soon enough everyone was out and I was the only one sat in the hall way trying to get my breathing back but it felt impossible. 

"In for 4, out for 8." I kept repeating over and over again. But it never worked. 

"Rose! Rose!" Shouted a voice, that I knew to well. Michael. My voice was non-existence so that I couldn't even make a noise to make him come over to where I am. I saw Michael come over to me and pick me up in his arms, pulling me close to his chest. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for... hell I don't know but this is my fault. I should have cared more about you... I really do lo..." And that's all I could hear before I passed out, what was he going to say! I have never been so annoyed with myself. 





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