Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


16. 7.5

We were all stood outside waiting to see what was happening, why the alarms went off and because we have to go outside when the alarms went off. "What's going on?" Asked Calum as he walked over to us, still in his football kit. Lukes eyes went running down his sweaty body, letting out a little moan - good thing Calum didn't hear - that made me laugh.

"Your guess is as good as ours Cal." Michael said as he lent against the big oak tree and pulled me down into his chest, making me cuddle against him and Ashton sending me a wink.

"Okay, class is everyone here and out of the building?" Shouted Liz as she looked at the form tutors and got the registrations. After they all nodded and handed her the papers, Liz let out a small sigh, which no one noticed other than me and Luke, making us both exchanged a look. This is bad. "Good, we have been informed that someone has been setting off these alarms as a warning. A warning to what we do not know but I would like people to not be on there own when walking around after 8pm and before 7am." A hum of students voices rose as Liz stopped talking and started to walk over to us. 

"Are you lot okay? I thought something had happened to you guys. I thought you guys were the ones that set of the alarm." Liz whispered so only we could hear her. "You know what happened last time." This made me sink my head in shame. 

"What? You cant just say that! I'm sorry Liz but you cant say that about her. That was years ago with what happened and there is no reason for you to bring it up!" Michael shouted, as he lightly pushed me off him and stood up and walked off.

"I'm sorry Rose, I didn't mean to say it like that." Liz said looking like she was actually sorry. 

"It's okay, I know you didn't. I'll go talk to Michael." I nodded to her quickly trying to catch up with Michael. "Michael wait up!" 

"What Rose!?" shouted Michael as he turned around, his eyes had changed to a much darker colour, just like that time he mentioned the fire the first time we met. 

"Liz didn't mean what she said. She even said sorry to me." I said walking closer to him slowly - like you would with a wild tiger. 

"That's not the point! She shouldn't of said it any way." Michael said his eyes still dark and getting darker, his hands slowly turning into fists. 

"Michael, please calm down." I whispered as I got to him and grabbed a hold of his clenched fists. "There is nothing to get angry about. I'm not upset am I?" I asked looking up into his eyes, slowly seeing the colour turn back to the colour I was slowly falling for. 

"No, you're not upset. I'm sorry, my fault." Michael said, dropping my hand a walking on. My heart sank down into my stomach, not even a see you later. As Michael turned the corner I sighed a slid down the wall, resting my head in-between my knees. 


"Rosie, Roy. I'm so sorry." Mrs Howard cried running over to the children and hugging them close. 

Rose and Roy both shared a look of confusion, being only 5, they didn't understand why she was crying so much. 

"Mrs Howard why are you crying?" Asked Rose pulling away from the older woman.

"I'm sorry but your father, he is no longer with us. He died in a shouting today at work." Mrs Howard told the children, it didn't hit Rose what had happened to her Dad for another 5 minutes but once she did. Her whole word collapse around her. 

Because Rose and Roy were only 5 the Howards got full custody of them, because they didn't have any family - there mother died when the twins were 3 years old, the other family members were to old or just didn't want them. From then on Roy went quiet, went full board into his drawing and he rarely ever talked. But as for Rose it hit her harder than anyway, as she got older her behaviour got worse and worse.


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