Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


14. 6.5 Rose

​"Class, we are doing an experiment today." Shouted Rose year 8 teacher over all the gossiping pre-teens. "But we will have to be careful because we are going to be using sharp object and some people in this class room might find it a bit disgusting." As the teacher started to explain everything the gossiping had stopped but Roses head had not risen from the table. Her hand was in her pocket holding onto her lighter, she liked her lighter, it kept her calm and the bright orange was always her favourite colour.

"Ms, what are we actually doing?" Asked Chloe this spoil brat, that feels the constant need to pick on Rose. But Rose is the type of person that wouldn't do anything to anyone that hurt her... Well until she had enough.   

"Well Chloe, we are going to dissect the different parts of a frog." Ms explained, everyone of the girls moaned in disgust and even some of the boys did. 

"But what about the frogs family?" Asked Chloe, as the bitch finished her sentence her cronies snickered as if they knew something no one else knew. 

Before anyone knew it Rose had jumped over the tables that separated her and Chloe. The class sat in silence as they wacthed Rose grabbed Chloe by her collar, looking dead into her eyes and pulled out the lighter she was holding on to earlier and held it up to Chloe's hair. Everyone was stuck to their seats watching the sene unfold before them.

"Wanna say that again?" Asked Rose, her eyes going a darker colour, and Chloes face started to go pale.

"What happened to your family Rose?" That was it Rose turned for the worst and Chloe saw the evil in her eyes. As Chloes saw the evil, she started to shake and soon started begging. "Rose, I'm sorry, it was a joke. I'm sorry please Rose, you can sit with us at our table. We can  be friends, I never want to hurt you and I'm sorry. Rose please listen to me, I'm Sorry." Then there was that o-so famous clink to Rose ears. Rose then just stood back watching as Chloes back-combed bleach blond hair caught alight.

"That sorry is a bit late Chloes, and I wouldnt want to sit at your table full of fake people, and I know your dad is cheating on your mother with another man." She said let out a little giggle as Chloes cronies either sat there shocked or flapping their arms around trying to stop the flames creeping up on the rest of her head. 

The teacher soon came back to what was happening and grabbed a fire extinguisher and sprayed Chloes hair with it, making her squeal about her hair, that was half as what it was before. 

"Ms look what she did?" Cried Chloe as Rose just smirked.

Well done Ro. Said the voice in her head that was never knew was there before, but the voice made Rose smile. 

About 3 days later Rose was sat in this room on her own, for the past 3 days that all she has been in a room on her own. Away from Chloe and everyone. She didnt mind she didnt really like the people here anyway. 

"Rose can you come with me please." Said one of the head teachers.

 Maybe she will send you away Ro, away from here. We both want that. 

Rose followed her into the office where the depute sat with 3 people she didn't know. "Rose we feel like you would be better moving schools, this school will help you. It for people like you, where you will be able to be yourself without people stopping you. This is Ms Hemmings-" she pointed the blond that was sat to the left of me "- and she is willing for you to go to her school. I advise you to go but it is up to you." Rose just looked at the head dead in the eyes making her feel uncomfortable, once she had completed her mini mission to make her uncomfortable.

Ms Hemmings spoke "Rose, I believe, we would love to have you at our school. We, I mean only I and the 2 other governors, know what happened with a certain Chloes girl a few days ago and we believe that we can provide a safe environment to let you set fire to things in our back garden, and I also believe that the people that we will introduce you to many different people that may become your best friends."

Thats one hell of a speech, but if it gets us out of here go for it. 

Rose shrugged her shoulders.





Sorry its late, we have our mocks last and this weeks so it is a tad late...


Anyway Twenty One Pilots are amazing, I recommended you to listen to them, and if anyone has a good FanFic of them please send me the link, I can't find any anywhere. - T

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