Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


11. 5

"Class calm down! I know its just thee beginning of a new school year and the last lesson but please, shut up!" Shouted Mr Patten, which to be honest I think he might jut be about to have a mental brake down any minute. "Rose feet off the table and that cigarette out." He said, banging his fist on the table, making everyone jump in their seats. 


"Yeah Rose, feet off the table." Pipped in Michael as he took a drag from his cigarette smirking at me and Mr Patten, winking at me he then blow the smoke into his face. Ever since that thing at the courts me and Michael have gone back to the way it used to be between us. 


"Get out!" Shouted MR Patten at Michael and me, his face was going red with anger as Micky laughed picking his bag up, grabbing my hand and walking out. 


"You are going to get in so much shit with Liz." I laughed making faces to the other boys in the class next to mine and Michaels.  I could see them throw the window, they were laughing as their teacher was shouting at the to get the hell out of his class room. So soon the 3 boys - Luke, Calum and Ashton - came walking out.


"Fuxk you, Hill!" Shouted Ashton as all 5 of us walked down the hall. As the others rushed ahead to the games room me and Luke stayed behind. 


"Micheal has a crush on you, you know." Luke said like it was nothing and elbowed my side. 


"Shut up Luke, no he doesn't." I whispered scrapping my feet along the floor, looking forward toward Michael. "NO, he has a thing for that girl at that shop he get his hair dye from." I said ignoring the images from the dream that were flashing throw my head.


"What? That slag!" Luke laughed but soon his laughter faded. "She tried to get with Calum, even though she saw us holding hands she still tried." He rolled his eye and I couldn't help but laugh.


As we opened the door to the games room, the 3 boys went silent and look at me and Luke like we have grown 3 heads. "Why have you guys all of a sudden stopped talking and why are you looking at us like that?" Luke asked but then soon forgot about them when Calum gave him puppy dog eyes. They are hiding something Rose 


Just as we set up a game the flow flow open making everyone jump and Michael grab my hand like a scared 5 year old. "MICHAEL CLIFFORD!" 


"Hey Liz, what happening?" Michael smiled giving Liz an innocent look. 


"You know exactly what. Why did you get sent out of Mr. Pattens class?" Liz asked calmly sitting on the sofa next to me. 

"Because 1. the dick dont like me and 2. I had my feet on the desk and smoked in his face." Michael explained, as cool as a cucumber.


Liz just nodded her head and sighed standing up and walking to the door, "That a strike Michael, 3 and your gone, and I'm only letting it slid for Rose because we just got her to calm down and we dont want any more sillyness do we guys?"


There was a chorus of "No Liz" apart from Luke who said "No Mum." and she was gone   






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