Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


10. 4.5


The den has been my room the past week, since that dream, I know it was just a stupid dream but I don't know what to believe. At least this week I might be able to take my mind of it since lessons start on Monday, 3 days from now. I miss rooming with Michael but every time I look at him all I can think about is what happened in that god forsaken dream! It was most likely my fault that they got hurt... It normal is.


'Flick... Flick... Flick' every time I would open my lighter it would make that noise, it was getting boring (even tho the flick is some what calming) all the boys were out playing football or on an annual date night, now turned double date night. I stood up sticking my lighter in my back pocket of my jeans and walked down the halls toward the student office. "Rose, your time table." Shouted one of the teachers coming closer to me and holding out the piece of paper, "and you will stay in Mr. Cliffords room and not that room you call 'den' and No, its, ands or buts." 




"I said no buts!" And with that she went into her class room. 


I won't act my age 

No, I won't act my age 

I'll still feel the same around you 


"Yes." I answered with a smile on my face, humming the tune of Nialls ring town, that he set on my phone, it is his song.


"Z-Zayn" Cried Niall.


"What! Is he okay?" I asked as the smile turned into a frown. 


"Yeah, hes... he's fine but Micheal isnt , please come help." Niall was now in full blown tears. 


"Okay, Ni on my way just stay calm okay, stay calm." I said running throw the halls trying to find the boys, they've been playing football, so they must be in the courts. 


"Zayn Fucking Malik! What are you doing?!" I shouted as I pushed open the double doors to our court. 


"What does it loom like I'm beating your boyfriends, your brat!" He shouted back punching Michael in the face, making blood pour out of his nose. 


He inst my boyfriend... is he? Well he hasn't asked me. I tried to breath and stay calm from the amount of blood that was coming out of his nose. But as I was about to find Niall and calm him down, out stormed Liam, red faced and hands clenched into fists. "Zayn!" Liam shouted as Zayn stood frozen, Michael shirt still in his fists. 


"I told you to call me when your angry." Liam said his fists unclenching, his face becoming the normal colour, maybe even a little to pail. Liam walked over calmly as Zayn put Michael down and ran into Liam falling into his arms. 


"I'm sorry." He kept panting - sort of in between a cry and a trying to breath - against Liams shoulder, his head pushed in between his head and shoulder. Liam sighed wrapping his arms around Zayns waist, running a hand up and down his back. Whilst this was all happening I was with Michael his head in my lap as he tried to breath, the blood had stopped. Niall was sat next to us resting his head on top of his knees as he looked straight ahead of him. In was running my hands throw his haor , even though he has dyed his hair so many times it is still so soft. 


"Micheal, why is your hair so soft?" I asked looking down at him and smiling. 


" I was born with magic hair." 


I heard Niall next to us giggle at what Michael said making my smile even bigger. "We heard what happened is everyone okay!?" Louis shouted as he dragged Harry throw the double doors and toward us. 


"Yeah everyone is fine Lou, hey Harry." Harry just waved, still having food in his mouth. Louis pulled Harry down to sit with us, next to Niall, Liam and Zayn, just like everyone else were looking up at the sky... 


Its funny how it can go from almost getting beat on up to laying on the floor looking up at the sky at the different shaped clouds. 



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