Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


7. 3

Its been a week since that kiss and me and Michael are still behaving the same way we did before, I keep trying to ignore my feelings for him but it doesnt seem to be working. 

Michaels POV:

My feeling for Rose are getting stronger but I know she doesnt feel the same way, she doesnt know anything about me, well she does but not why I am here and that a big part of me. Right now me and all the boys are sat in this den thing that they have, its really cool. I have gotten really close with Ash, Cal and Luke. More Luke than anyone.  They were playing Fifa, Harry had, had another episode and him and Louis where in bed, not like that. Then Liam was still in isolation for the big explosion, Zayn and Niall were some place eating food. 

"Do you guys smell that?" Asked Ashton the first time he said anything in about 4 hours. 

"Yeah it smells like um..." Everyone was smelling the air then I got the smell.

"Fire!" I said to the boys, jumping up and running to Roses room, that when I heard giggles and the smell of smoke got worse. Without even thinking I burst throw the door, seeing Rose with a evil glint in her eye looking over at me then down where the smell was coming from a small fire lay in a tin, her hand right over the top, her eyes locked with mine as she lowered her hand.

"Ro, what are you doing? Stop!" I shouted running forward pushing her away from it but as I did that, I accidental kicked over the tin and the fire that was in it fell onto the carpet making the fire spread around the room. The yellow, orange and red flames where spreading but enough to handle at the time being. 

All Rose kept doing was laughing, laughing and laughing, an evil laugh. It was a menacing laugh. I looked round her room and scared that the things will catch fire but as I looked there was nothing in her room, just the picture of her Mum and Dad, where are they? 

"Roise we need to get out of her, come with me." I whispered as she stopped laughing.

"Daddy?" She asked as she stopped laugh and looked at me. Right then she sounded so innocent, so vulnerable, like she was a little girl again.

"No Roise I'm Michael, your friend. Now please we need to get out of her." 

"Wheres my daddy!" She kept shouting over and over, the fire was going whiled the smoke was filling the room, it was getting hard to breath but I didnt know what to do she kept moving around. She stopped dead when the door flung open. "Daddy?" Rose asked making me look behind me to see Jim standing there with a fire extinguisher like that would to anything.

He shouted for someone to call the firemen as he tried to control the fire and telling me to pick her up and follow him, as I tried to picked her up (bridal style) she started kicking and screaming, but soon the smoke got to much and she fainted. So I flung her over my shoulder like the day we kissed. In the distance I could hear the sirens, as I passed everyone's rooms I saw that everyone had there head stuck out wanting to see what was going on. 

"What the fuck have you done?!" Zayn shouted storming down the halls to me, I just ignored him passing him and walking outside to see if an ambulance was here to take Rose to the hospital. 

"Excuse me sir is this the girl who started the fire?" A paramedic came over to us.

"I-I dont K-know, but she, she was in the room and so was I but she fainted. Whats wrong with her?" I asked as worry made its way all over my body. The paramedic tried to take Rose away from me, that only made me hold her tighter to my chest. 

"Sir you are going to have to let her go." He kept saying as I shock my head looking down at the beautiful girl in my arms, I looked back up at the paramedic that was trying hard to not show that he was sorry for me. Slowly I let him take her out of my arms knowing it was best for her, he then left me frozen in my spot as she was put into the back of the ambulanceZayn was trying to get in the back with her but they wouldnt let him. The students and teachers were in shock and panic, everyone around me ran around, it was in like slow motion but I couldnt care. The first thing I have cared about was taken out of my arms. 

Its been a day now. 

Its been 2 days, she still hasnt come back. I'm to scared to go find her, everyone has visited her. I havent been to any of my classes I havent left my room, I havent eaten in 2 days. But the funny thing is, I'm not even hungry.

"Michael you havent been out of your room in ages." Zayn said throw my door. At first he hated my guts but when Ashton told him that it wasnt my fault and Luke with his big mouth and the help of Calum told him my feelings for Rose, Zayn was at my door on his knees begging for forgiveness. I did forgive him but now he wont leave me alone. 

I let out a sob thinking about what happened, I kept blaming myself, it was my fault if I didnt knock over that fucking bin she would be here in my arms. "Mick she want to see you, please come with me to the hospital please. If not for yourself for me." I heard Zayn says as he slid down the door. Now if you open the door he will fall flat on his back. The voices in my head said, as I smiled evilly and opened the door making him indeed fall on his back. 

"Fine but Im doing it for her not you Z." I said walking down the hall Zayn following behind.

"She likes you, you know that." He said jogging slightly to catch up with me.

I sighed deciding wither or not to tell him, in the end I just left it opening the door not even bothering to talk to Jim.  





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