Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


6. 2 1/2

That day we spent the day just me and Michael getting to know each other I have learned he doesnt have any brother or sister and his birthday is 3 days before mine. 

"C'mon, I need to dye my hair a different colour, but I dont know what colour to do?" Michael said from in the bathroom as I was on his bed scrolling throw my phone. 

Roy - Rose!! I drew you a picture of Mum do you want it?

Me -  No Roy I dont.

Roy - Why not? Hows school by the way might come see?

Me -  No dont Roy, not now please.

Roy - Is it getting bad again?

Me - Yeah but nothing I cant handle, this guy has cigarettes I can have so it all good. I have to go I love you Roy.

Roy - Please be careful I cant lose you to. I love you Ro

Sighing loudly at my brother he is such a nerd all he does is sit at his desk and draws, he lives at Mrs and Mr Howards (Julie and Mark) house cause they said that he isnt aloud to live on his own because he wouldnt survive. He realize on them to much, were I lived with them till I was 14. That's when I got sent here all because of one stupid girl! But I guess I have always had a thing for fire.

"Rosie?" Michael said a walking out the bathroom, "You didnt ans- are you okay? You have gone a bit pale was it something I said?" My dad was the only one that called my Roise.

"Yeah I'm fine lets go get that hair dye." We quickly dropped the subject but that didnt stop Michael giving me a weird look. 

"Bye Jim." I waved bye to the security man that was one of the best. He was the best. 

"Bye Ro stay out of trouble missy and you to Mr. Clifford." He said raising his eye brows chuckling with a roll of his eyes.

"We are just buying hair dye Jim, no trouble." I shouted  tugging Michael out the doors with me.

"How do you know his first name?" Michael asked lacing our fingers together swinging them back and forward. 

"He was the one that helped set out the first fire that I started." I told him pulling my hand away from him and crossing them over my chest not looking at his face even tho I know there was a pained expression from the sigh he let slip his lips. 

"Okay, the shop is just round that corner." 

When we entered the shop it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, it was run down and looked a mess, the paint on the walls were pealing and the floor was all cracked and broken. 

"Michael,  is this the right place?" I asked subconsciously moving closer to him.

"Yea Ro it is. Hey Luc." He said waving to a girl about our age behind the counter and walked closer to her.

"What colour today Mick?" She said resting her elbows on the desk in front of her, her top low cut showing Michael everything she had to offer. 

"Red. Oh and can I have 2 packets of cigarettes please Luc." Was all he said not looking even looking at her. She glared at me like I did anything and turned around grabbing Michaels hair dye and passing it to him 

"On the house." She giggled playing with her hair making me chuckle. "What you laughing at?" 

"You." Was I all had to say before we exited the shop, with a pissed off Luc and a laughing Michael.

"You know she fancies you right?" I asked this time I was the one to lace my fingers throw Michaels free hand. 

He looked down at our hands smiled and looked back at me "Yeah, but I've told her over and over that I dont like her. She doesnt get the hint. Anyway I think I have a crush on Luke." He laughed as I stooped walking and my jaw dropped 

"Ro I'm joking. He fancies that guy Calum." 

"How do you know this?" I asked as we started to walk again.

"When you passed out yesterday, we sat there talking. Zayn sees you as a sister he has to protect and gave me the whole 'you look after her, if you hurt her I'll hurt you' talk and Luke kept looking over at Calum like he loved the guy so I asked him when it was just us to." Mickey explained as we saw the big old fashioned school where we spend most of our time.

"Cool." As we got to the security front I dropped Michaels hand, but this time he understood why. 

"Whats in the bag Mr. Clifford. No drugs aloud in the premises, that includes cigarettes." Jim joked as Michaels face went white. 

"No Jim just red hair dye." I said giving Jim a kiss on the cheek and running up the satires the bag in my hand now. 

"She is a nutter that girl, you look after her Michael." I could hear Jim say making me giggle and both boys look up at the steps where I sat. 

"C'mon Mickey, we got hair to dye." I shouted standing up as Michael came running up to me hitting my arse and picking me up flinging me over his shoulder walking into his room. 

"What was that for Clifford." I said as he set me on my feet on top of his bed, as I dropped the bag to the floor on by the side of the bed. 

"You lied to Jim." He stated smirking up at me, well more of my boobs.

"Mickey eyes up here love." I laughed as Michaels cheeks turned red with embarrassment, but looked up so he was actually looking into my eyes. 

"Sorry about that Ro." He said pushing me down so I fell on my back but bounced cause of the springs in the bed. I sat up on my elbows watching Michael as he grabbed the bag from the floor and pulling out the hair dye placing it on the desk and grabbing out the 2 packets of cigarettes and throwing one at me, making it hit me straight nose. 

Michael placed his pack in the draw by the side of the bed and opened the hair dye pulling the bottle out of the card board packet. He grabbed the other tube and squeezed the stuff into the main bottle, shaking it together to make a straight badge colour.

"Can you put it in my hair for me?" He asked handing me the gloves as I sat up next to him. He moved so he was sat inbetween my legs, his back to me as he passed me the bottle. Squirting some of the dye into his hair and running my glove covered fingers throw his hair making sure that it covered all of it so there was no bits missing. Once the dye was all gone as Michaels hair was fully covered in the dye we both sat on the floor talking.

"Why do you dye your hair?" I asked taking a drag from my cigarette passing it to Michael as he did the same.

"I guess I like to be different, I dont like just one colour really." He said going to lean his head back on the bed before I stopped him.

It was quiet after that but not a awkward silence, a nice silence.

"Times up, mind helping me Rose?" Michael asked standing up and taking my hand in his pulling me up and walking into the bathroom. I sat on the toilet lid and watched as Michael washed all the dye out of his hair. By the time it was all out the bath was red, the mess of the bath didnt bother him as he walked out leaving me, and it bothered me. When I left the bathroom with a clean bath I saw Michael standing there red dryed hair and shirtless. I slowly walked up to him checking him out.

"Like what you see Ro?" He asked cheekily, I just bit my lip nodding. When I got closer to him my hand wouldnt listen to my brain and reached up running my hand throw his freshly dyed hair. 

"Its nice I like it." I whispered as Michael grabbed my hips and the next thing I knew a pair of strong, chapped but smoth lips where on mine moving slowly. My hand were still in his hair so I lightly tugged on the ends of it and Michael let out a low moan in the back of his throat. Just as I felt Michael tongue against my bottom lip, the door opened showing a very happy hyped up Luke. 

"Get in there Michael" Luke said walking in and shutting the door.

"Fuck off Luke get out!" Michael said moving closer to me as I felt his hard-on.

"No Luke its fine why so happy?" I asked smiling as Michael playfully glared at me.

"Calum asked me out!!" He shouted jumping around like a little school girl. 

"Thats so cool!" I shouted jumping up and down with him, as Michael grounded in annoyance

"Whats up with- ohh." Luke said when he said Michael little problem down stares. "Ros kisses turn you on that much? You will have to give my some tips Ro" We both laughed as Michael stormed off to the bathroom. 

"So you and Mickey, hey?" Luke asked sitting on the bed as I sat next to him.

"Yeah I mean I really like him, like hes really wow, you know. And my god cant he kiss." I said falling back onto Michaels bed sighing happily. 

"As long as you are happy Ro." Luke said laying down next to me. 

"And I am happy with Michael, I so happy." 

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