Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


2. 1/2

It was around about June when I got sent to this new school, we have to stay in dorms and only aloud out every 2 weeks. It like a boarding school but worse, like we have less school hours then normal school which is amazing but like its boring we cant really do anything except stay in in our rooms or the common room. Or the den that were we stay most of the time me, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Harry, Louis, Ash, Luke and Cal. Not many people know about the den its like our secret. The teacher do, they said we could have it as our place to go, which is really nice of them but to be honest I think its because Luke's mum is one of the governors. But trust me that doesn't stop him or us for causing trouble.  

"Oi, are we going to the den today?" Zayn asked as he flung one arm round my shoulder and the other round Liams. Liam just shrugged Zayn's arm off making me laugh. Liam doesn't really like to be touched in anyway, he used to get angry when Zayn did that but now he has just gotten used to it.  

"Yeah, I will beat your ass at black ops" and with that Zayn ran down the long corridor and round the corner. 

"He is so easy to please." Laughed Liam, I just laughed along with him knowing that he was right but it was better then him being angry. Liam just shook his head and toke off in a run which I did to and beat him to the door knocking on it, just in case one of the boys was naked. They have a habit of doing that and I don't want to see there dicks again, one time is enough. 

The door was flung open by non other then a boxer clad Niall  "Heyy Girl" He shouted pulling me into a hug followed by Liam. As I said before Liam was not happy he was being hugged. 

"Ni, get off me please" Liam said twitching ever so slightly. 

"Oh yeah sorry" Niall said going red in the cheeks. Aww bless 

As I walked in all the others where sat on the sofa, well not everyone. "Wheres Harry and Louis?" 

"Nurse" Niall simple said walking over to the tinny kitchen we had in the den, really it was just a fridge and a microwave.

"Why?" I asked okay its not like them to just go there for no reason, Louis hates the nurse, but then he would do anything for Harry. All the boys just shrugged. 

"Can we play now?" Zayn whined as I shook my head still worried about Ash and walked over and sat down next to Zayn grabbing a controller.

"Are you ready?!" Zayn shouted jumping up and down.

"Yeah, yeah lets go." I sighed knowing I will win.

About 3 hours later and me having a winning streak Zayn had finally had enough.

"YOU ARE A CHEAT!" He shouted as I just sat there and shrugged as Zayn sighed and sat down on the sofa next to me resting his head back and putting his arm round my shoulder pulling me into him


"Whats the time?" I asked. 


"About 7:30pm." Liam answered, I looked round the room and all the other where asleep. Luke and Calum were snuggled together Luke's head on Calum's chest and there legs tangled together on the 4 seater. Niall was sat on the floor head on the sofa snoring lightly while Ashton was watching the Tv with his head in Niall's lap, Liam was in the kitchen type thing  making food. Harry and Louis were yet to come back. 


"Zayn?" I asked my head on his chest 

"mmm" He said sleepy 

"Where is Harry and Louis?" 

"I dont know Ro." 

"oh okay." I sighed still really worried about the boys but settled down snuggling close to Zayn for him warmness. As I started to drift of I couldn't help but think what this place would look like if it was up in flames but I quickly shock that out of my head I love this place to much. 

"I told you Louis I'm fine!" Someone shouted slamming the door open waking everyone up. I lifted my head off of Zayn's chest and looked to see who it was. Harry was in tears, Louis hugging him tight. 

"I'm broken Lou, so broken" He whispered into Louis shoulder as Louis just held him looking at the room and soon enough he realized  everyone was in the room.


"Um... Haz everyone is here" Lou whispered into his hair, Harry just hid his face into the space between Louis shoulder and jaw.  

"Are you okay Harry?" I asked getting up from Zayn and walking over to Harry 

"Yeah I'm fine." Harry said drying his tears and walking over to the sofa followed by a worried Louis. "Whats the time?" Harry asked aimlessly. 

"11:45pm" Liam said does the guy always now the time or something. 

"I think we should all go to bed dont you?" The boys all nodded in response getting up, walking out the door. The only people left in the room was me, Harry and Louis. 
"What happened?" I asked sat with the two boys. Harry was sat in Louis lap head against his chest drifting in and out of contentiousness

"Did he you know?" Louis just shock his head 'yes' and that where we left it. 

"Okay, I'll leave you to yeah? See you tomorrow" I said to the two only getting a nod from Louis and a 'mmm' for Harry. I walked out the door and closing it shut quietly not to walk the two.  As soon as I turned the corner I bumped into someone.


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