Fire Starter /m.c\

A girl, A fire starter.
A boy, A fire starter.


3. 1

"I am so sorry, Im so clumsey most of the time." I paniced standing up when I looked up I notices I had walked into a guy that I've never seen round her before and when you have been here as long as I have you remeber all the faces. No new people ever come in here but some do leave. 

"No its all my fault no worries. I'm new here so, whats your name?" He had the same australian accesnt like Ash, Luke and Cal but it was stronger than them. He had such cool hair it was a blond with a light pinky purple at the sides, his eyes were a light greeny colour. Wow he was beautiful. I know you dont call boys beautiful but he is. 

"Um... Im Rose, but everyone called me Ro. What about you?" I asked my hands sweaty with neruves. Why am I so nervous for? He is just a boy, all my friends are boys. 

"Michael." He said with this cheeky grin, the nervousness washed away as we walked down the corridors to the dorms.

"So, why are you here?" I asked curiosity getting the best of me.

"fire."  was all he said as his face dropped and his eyes got darker but then as quickly as it dropped it was back up to a full blown out grin, his eyes were still slightly darker. 

"But anyway what room are you in?" He asked looking down at me as we walk but as he looked down at me he walked into the wall falling over, and making me laugh.

After laughing so hard I was crying, I helped Michael up. "You alright Mickey."  

"MIckey?" He asked grabbing my head jumping up.

"Yeah, a nickname." I smiled as he nodded, a goofy grin on his face.  

He went really shy and looked down at the floor "I've never had a nickname before. Thank you Rose." Once he said it I noticed a light blush on his face and I could feel the heat on my cheeks. 

"You're welcome, anyway I'm in room 32G. What about you?" We started to walk round the pillar and down the G and H rooms. The G was on the left side of the hall and the H was on the right. 

"I'm 64G, actually."  Michael said pointing at the room just oposite mine. "Why are you in this side of the school, I swear this side is all boys?" He asked raising a eye brow at me.

"No dont think of me like that, I've never slept with someone, I've never been touched like that. I've never had a boyfriend. I'm just on this side because well, I dont get on with girls. When they first put me in here, I was in with the girls and well things got bad, like real bad. My anxiety and shit started up again and yeah. It's all good now. I've got my friends, I'll introduce them to you if you want?" By the time I finished explaining we had reached our doors. 

"Yeah that would be nice thanks." Michael smiled waving bye and opening his door and walking in. I stood there for a bit before doing the same and seeing Zayn sat on my bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked walking over to my cup bored.

"I was bored and all the others are asleep apart from Louis and Harry and they are in the den talking and I dont want to go in there." He explained as I just rolled my eyes. "But who were you talking to?" 

"The new guy Michael." I said walking into the bathroom and brushing my teeth.

"Whats he in here for Ro?" He asked like he new something I didnt.

"All he said was fire, so like me I guess." I said but it came out more of a mumble of words but some how Zayn got what I was saying a nodded his head and walked out my bedroom door waving bye. 


I lied in bed looking up at the ceiling, everyone was asleep but when ever I closed my eye the orange red and yellow of a flame would be there. I couldnt get it out of my head, all I wanted to do was set alight something. I toke a deep breath and thats when I could smell something. I could smell... A cigarette?

Getting out of bed and walking to the door the smell just got stronger and stronger. When I opened the door I could tell where it was coming from, there was a light coming from inside the room, also a light gray mist coming from under the door. I didnt know what my feet where doing they just walked over to the door and before I even realized what I was doing the door had been opened.

Showing Micheal a cigarette between his red chapped lips that I wouldnt mind kissing. 
We didnt say anything to each other, he just moved out of the way so I could get throw into his room. We still didnt say anything as we sat down on the sofa in his room and he handed me his cigarette, I placed it to my lips and inhaled the smoke filling my lungs. It had been a while since I did this and it felt different, it was nice. 

I let out the smoke, resting my head back against the sofa and putting the cigarette against my lips again inhaling and letting it out again, a smile on my face. I handed i back to Michael but he just lent forward placing the cigarette in the ashtray. I looked at him smiling.

"Do this before I see?" He whispered leaning in closer.

"Yeah." I said just below a whisper against his lips. My tongue darted out licking his lips but as my tongue touched his lips he opened them lightly sucking on my tongue. 

We both laughed as he let go of my tongue and fell back against the sofa. Michaels lips didnt stop there as he kissed my neck taking me by surprise, he lightly sucked on the same spot making me whimper out a "Michael." 

"Room inspections!" Shouted one of the teachers.

"Shit!" Me and Michael both shouted at the same time. We were both smoking, that means having to light a fire and I wasnt aloud near fire and I dont think Michael was meant to either. Then to top it off I was in his room after hours. 

"I need to get to my room and like now." I panicked as Michael just nodded and walked out of his room and telling me to follow him.

As we walked out the teacher was down the hall i quickly ran over to my room as Michael went to talk to the teacher to 'distract him.'

But it worked I was in my room safe when he came to check it.       


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