Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


2. Baby Eegan

Steven and Summer dropped out of the sky in a flying car that Summer had modified. Now it had two laser cannons and could fly. A hundred boys followed in a bus. How could there be so many? Summer wondered.

The battle had already begun. Ships exploded all around.

"This isn't practice, Summer," said Steven. "It's not a repeat of what we did before we left."

"Hmph," said Summer. "As if I already knew that. And I swear, I won't be so reckless this time."

BOOM! Their car took a hit. Summer looked out the window. The engines were smoking! Down below, Summer noticed a building. She didn't know why, but she had a strong feeling the baby was in there. It was their last shot.

She just barely managed to steer the car to a halt, but they couldn't make it past the roof. So that's where they landed. Thus they used their lightsabers to cut a hole in the roof and dropped in. The little baby, Eegan, was there somewhere.

The rooms were dark. Luckily, Summer had a flashlight. They looked down a few halls. Summer could also feel an evil aura. This wasn't good!

They finally noticed some stairs. But just as they were about to go down, a bunch of robots leaped out. Summer quickly destroyed all of them. Well, almost. Steven had to take out the last one. He wasn't happy that Summer had missed it, but he didn't say much. He just gestured Summer to come down the stairs.

"Those were Girl-Team robots!" said Summer. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Steven nodded. Then he noticed a door at the end of the hall. It was a dungeon! He cut a large ring in the door and he and Summer climbed through.

There was Eegan, crying at the back of the dungeon. He was tied to a pole high in the air. Even his arms couldn't move from handcuffs connected to strings. Summer leaped up and cut Eegan's ropes. He fell to the ground, and Steven caught him. Eegan coughed. Steven could feel his fever. This wasn't good!

"We've gotta find a way out of here!" said Summer.

Steven didn't answer. "Helen!"

So that explains it! thought Summer.

"She's here to kill Eegan!" said Steven. "Come on!" He ran toward the exit. Summer, with Eegan on her back, tried to keep up.

But it was too late. When they reached the stairs, four armed girls blocked the exit. Then Helen stepped out! She ignited her new lightsaber. She wouldn't let the two go without a fight.

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