Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


8. Summer Vs Helen

Summer called up Steven.

"Hi, Steven. I decided I wanted to come after all. Steven? Steven?"

No answer.

I have a bad feeling about this. "Steven..." He was in trouble. She could feel it!

She rushed to her modified car and flew to Tower Placement Elementary.

There she moved cautiously through a deserted hall. Suddenly, she saw a group approaching on the other end through a side hallway. Leading it was Ursula, Emily's close friend. Behind her, two robots pushed a bed down the corridor. At first Summer couldn't tell who was in there.

But then the thought struck her.

Steven! They've got Steven!

Suddenly, the robots turned tail and started firing. With an impressive use of Form V, Summer aimed the bullets back at the robots, blasting them.

And then Ursula started firing.

Summer thrusted the bullets toward Ursula, but none of them hit their target. However, one deflected bolt hit the ceiling, and pieces of it fell down on Ursula, pinning her to the ground. Before she knew it, the robots had disappeared with Ursula's weak form.

Another group of robots started firing. Summer evaded them and stopped at a door leading into a dark chamber. As she took a step forward, a metal door crashed down behind her. Summer was cut off from the hall.

Keeping her lightsaber clutched in her hand, Summer looked ahead of her. She was inside of the room with the metal pit! The room was deathly quiet, except for the steam escaping a few pipes. It appeared to her she was the only person in this chamber of strange machinery and chemical containers, but she sensed she was not alone.

"Helen, I feel your presence. Show yourself," she taunted, "or are you too chicken to face me?"

While Summer spoke, the escaping steam began to billow out in large clouds. Then Helen appeared and stepped on the narrow walkway above the chamber.

Summer took a cautious step near her. She felt completely ready to face Helen this time, one geek to another. She climbed up the stairs toward Helen. Once up there, she ignited the laser-like blade. At the same moment, Helen ignited hers.

Summer attacked, but with a defensive spin, Helen parried the attack.

And then they stood, staring at each other for an endless moment through their crossed weapons. Summer could feel the platform shake.

Using her lightsaber to parry Summer's aggressive moves, Helen spoke calmly. "You are more powerful than I had assumed."

"It gets better!" said Summer with another thrust.

"You might want to consider that," Helen replied. With a strong kick, she sent Summer flying down the stairs. She landed right in front of the metal pit, having lost grip of her weapon. In a moment Helen was with her.

"Your destiny lies with the girls," Helen said. "Come and join us, and we will all be your friends. Steven only befriended you because he's using you!"

Helen's influence was incredibly strong; it seemed to Summer like a physical punch. Don't listen to her. She is lying, trying to lead me astray.

Behind her, the metal pit activated.

"You'll have to kill me first," she said.

"That won't be necessary," said Helen. A slash of her blade at Summer's feet caught her off balance and caused her to jump back...right into the metal pit!

"You're too easy for my liking," Helen said. "I could use a real challenge about now."

"Time will tell."

Helen spun around. How could she speak after being in there so long? Indeed, Summer was clinging to a hose pouring melatonin gas into the pit.

"Impressive," said Helen. "Your agility is impressive."

Summer leaped down, threw the blanket in Helen's face, and retrieved her weapon.

Their lightsabers crossed again.

"Steven has taught you well," said Helen. "Now, unleash your hatred. I was just as involved in the Boy Trap as Emily. Come, take your revenge."

Summer knew this was true, but she would not be swayed. "I will not become Emily's slave."

With a fierce but controlled series of attacks, Helen kicked Summer off the ledge.

As she fell, Summer thought she was a goner...but then she landed in a large elevator! She headed for the top floor, but it stopped at the 18th floor. Summer found herself in a deserted section of the school. She had no idea why the elevator stopped there, but she stepped out anyway. There were still the stairs. The only thing in the room was a shadow...of Helen!

Summer grasped her deadly weapon, tightly gripping the handle in both hands.

But with every blow, parry, and thrust with their weapons, Helen was tiring, while Summer seemed fresher than ever. Suddenly, Summer cut a ring under Helen, causing her to fall down through it and past the structure holding up the building.

Summer casually deactivated her blade. It was time to find Steven.

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