Boys Vs Girls - Part 2

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


19. Prison Break

Although Emily had made the call in secret, Summer sent a message to the boys. Emily had told her the plan, and it worried her. Now that her cover was blown, there was no doubt she'd be arrested as well.

The students finished class with Mr. Danny, then moved on to the last period. Their new teacher taught calmly, though the boys could hardly take it in.

"Guys," Summer called in a strangled voice. "Look."

The Boy-Team generals joined her at the window. Two police cruisers were pulling up 30 stories below.

A few minutes later, the PA system burst to life. "Would Steven Thompson please come to the office, please? Steven Thompson to the office."

With a sinking heart, Summer told herself that there were a million reasons Steven could have been called down there. But she knew Emily's plan was working.

Summer waited in agony for Steven to return. He never came back. Through panic-stricken eyes, Andrew communicated the news. From his seat by the window, Andrew had the perfect view of Steven being driven away by his parents.

"Would Jay Organa report to the office, please? Jay Organa."

"What's with our class today?" Mr. Danny joked. "Did you guys commit murder or something?" He frowned at the raw fear on Jay's ashen face. "I was only kidding."

Like Steven, Jay did not return to class.

Before long, all the boys were arrested. Even Summer was there.

However, Summer had a plan. When she noticed a pole in her cell, she ripped a hook off the coat rack and stuck it to the pole. Then she extended it beyond the jail bars, where the hook snagged the keys from the sleeping jail guard. Then she reeled them in and freed herself. She tossed the keys to Anakin, who caught them, freed himself, and passed them to Jay. This action repeated itself until all the boys on Summer's right were free.

"Pass it to the left!" Anakin ordered.

Summer nodded and handed the keys to Kolby. Kolby freed himself and passed the keys to Steven. Steven passed it to Robert, who passed it to Colby. But then Shaun dropped the keys. The metallic clang awoke the guard. Before Anakin could do anything, he triggered the alarm, alerting several jail guards and their commander.

Wielding a baton, the commander shouted "Onward!" and the guards attacked. The boys fought back with their lightsabers, but they could not hold the guards for long. The jail force slowly drove them back, knocking out several of them in the process.

Suddenly, Summer heard shouting behind her and turned. "I don't believe it," she said quietly.

A moment later, hordes of boys came rushing at the jail force, their lightsabers blazing with fury. They cut down at least a dozen jail guards before the rest slowly stepped back.

"No! Fight, you cowards!" shouted the commander.

Most of the dove in for a retake, and several surrounded important-looking Andrew. Andrew looked around, shocked. And suddenly a jail door flew at the ring of guards, bashing them. Anakin had directed it with the Force.

Jay, too, came close to death. A guard managed to disarm him, and would have beheaded him if Steven hadn't cut them down.

Eventually, the commander began to feel his troops' fear and ordered them to retreat. The surviving troops were more than happy to.

Anakin gave his lightsaber a twirl. "It's time to stop Emily."

"Agreed," said Summer. The boys began to file out...and the commander showed up from behind and caught Summer's neck! Summer gagged, trying to wrestle free.

"What a prison you've found," said the guard. "Summer Petersen, is it? He pushed her back in her cell and took her lightsaber. After closing the door, he turned to the rest. "Summer will die, lest one of you take her place. Who will come and be locked in jail for life?"

Steven was about to step forward, but Jay stopped him. "I'll go. The boys need you to lead them. I'll do it."

Jay stepped forward. The commander seized him and locked him up three cells away from Summer.

"Now, give us Summer back," said Steven.

The commander chuckled, and Steven rolled his eyes. "You kids are far too trusting. If I let Summer go, she would murder many of her own for years to come. I am keeping both of them for the rest of their lives. Go, and be glad it isn't you."

Anakin signaled, and the boys filed out. Hopefully my brother has a backup plan...

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