Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


18. Fight In The Classroom

Even during the war, school continued. But one day, Emily had a plan.

When Mr. Danny left the classroom to print copies of a test, he said Helen was briefly in charge.

"WHAT?!" Furious, Beethoven grabbed a blaster and fired at Helen. Helen ignited her lightsaber and deflected the blasts. One nearly hit Steven, and he rushed for his weapon. Before long, the entire classroom had engaged in battle.

Amid the din, Emily saw that Steven was distracted and attempted to slash him. However, her lightsaber came down on a bar of blue light. Summer stood over Steven, her face a mix of struggle and anger.

Emily was bewildered. "You're not with us; you're against us!" And then her blade moved quickly, and she attacked Summer in a rage. Emily easily drove Summer back. Steven watched with surprise as Summer blocked Emily's angry slashes. And then he blocked a flying bullet, and turned his attention back to the surrounding battle.

Meanwhile, Emily attempted to overtake Summer by leaping over her head. However, Summer whirled around and blocked the surprise attack. She's getting desperate, she thought.

Helen rushed for the door and saw Mr. Danny heading down the hall. "Teacher's coming," she said, half to herself.

That's the last thing we need. For the teachers to intervene in the war. Emily signaled to the girls, and they stopped shooting. As Mr. Danny grew ever nearer, everyone deactivated their weapons and stowed them in their desks. Summer wondered why, but did the same. To defend herself from Emily's attack was all that was necessary, and there was no chance now.

As Mr. Danny walked in, Steven shook his head. He knew he ought to rebuke Summer for blowing her cover to satisfy her personal feelings. But if she had not done so, he very likely would be dead, and the other boys to follow. She still has much to learn, but then again, so do I.

And then Mr. Danny saw a hole in the wall, torn by a flying laser blast. It was time, now, to speak up. "People have been dying here. Stop fighting!"

Furious, Emily released a surge of lightning, slamming Mr. Danny into the wall and knocking him out. As Helen rushed to check on him, Emily rushed out of the classroom. It wasn't until she reached the other end of the hall that she slowed and made her way to the office.

Once there, she used her powers to subdue the office faculty so she could make a call unnoticed. She picked up the phone and hastily dialed 9-1-1.

After ringing briefly, a familiar man's voice asked her to leave a message. Emily sighed, then spoke in the most helpless tone she could muster. "Hello. This is Emily Olsen Watson speaking. The school is a wreck! All the boys are trying to kill us because of a science fair project. You must contact me!" She hung up the phone. Let's see the boys get out of this...

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