Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


7. Emily Watson's Trap

Caught in a Girl-Team trap!

There was a school art party, and all the boys came.

But when they opened the door to the gym, they found Emily at the back of the first bench, her lightsaber at the ready! The boys advanced on her, but she kicked aside and slashed her attackers effortlessly. And Helen was definitely getting better.

It was no use. The boys were officially outnumbered. Helen locked them all in dark classrooms.

But Emily stopped Helen and said she had a special attack for Steven. (Summer didn't want to come.)

When Steven walked by looking for the girls, Natalia, the only survivor from the arena, stunned Steven with a projectile from behind.

When Steven woke up, it was too late. He found himself in cords with Emily and Helen escorting him into a smoking, metal pit inside an unused level. It was a machine! They trapped Steven inside. A storm of smoke and sparks nearly broke the ceiling, but when it cleared, Steven was in a coma!

Now they planned to reset it for Summer. They knew she would come after Steven, but how she would find out they did not know.

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