Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


22. Death And Rebirth

Before the fight, Emily stared at Simmer between her blade. Summer was just about to hone in when Anakin's Jedi interceptor revealed itself behind Emily.

Emily turned. Anakin fired the ship's laser cannons as he flew to the roof. Emily deflected the blasts, but Anakin knew every attempt counted. Before he could land and join Summer, however, Emily's lightsaber came up and ran through the fighter, piercing its engines. Anakin's ship fell 99 meters to the ground below, exploding upon contact and killing Anakin. This will be a day long remembered, Emily thought. It has seen the deaths of Steven, Anakin, and Jay. It will soon see the death of Summer.

With more fury than ever, Summer charged Emily. Emily, however, managed to block Summer's every move with ease. Slowly but surely, she drove Summer back and around the rooftop. Summer finally managed to knock Emily over, who hit the ground hard. She brought her lightsaber down, but Emily knocked it aside and jumped to her feet. She rushed at Summer and slashed at her several times, blocking several more angry blows in the process, before their blades locked.

Emily knocked Summer over the edge, who landed heavily on a balcony. Emily looked down and kicked Summer's lightsaber over the edge. Summer caught it with one of her hands, using the other to continue clinging to the balcony's rail. Then Emily slashed repeatedly, trying to goad Summer into action.

Time seemed to slow. Summer remembered what Steven had taught her. Anger is the common for inside all of us. With it, you will never succeed. And now Summer realized just what he meant. She looked up at Emily, finally able to calm herself. And then she leaped from the balcony and landed behind Emily, kicking up her lightsaber with it. She caught it and surprised Emily with a blow to the midsection.

Emily screamed as her body plunged down the 30-story roof. When she hit the ground, her body exploded in a release of violent energy.

However, on her way down she had managed to slash Summer fatally before the fall. Summer clutched her chest, then collapsed.

As Helen and Andrew came running in, the sight before them told a chilling story. Although Emily was gone, Summer was dying, and Steven was holding her tight.

"You--you're alive," Summer said, stroking Steven's cheek, as if to tell her he was really there.

"Of course I'm alive!" Steven said, near tears. "I was only unconscious from the startling pain! Oh, this is all my fault..."

"Maybe...things are better...are better now." Summer coughed, and her breathing was hoarse.

"Don't say that," said Steven. "You'll be all right." But as soon as he had spoken the words, he doubted whether that was true.

"At least...I'm with, and for...for the last time," Summer replied, her voice weaker than ever.

Steven sighed, and gently caught Summer's arm in his.

And then Summer's head fell back, and her eyes closed completely. She was dead.

"NO!" Steven shouted, hardly able to take in the sight. "Please, no!" He hugged her corpse and cried. Helen couldn't help but wipe a tear as well.

And then, the ominous wind brought Anakin and Jay's heads together. On the roof, the rain began to sparkle and change colors. Steven looked around in shock. And then Summer's corpse rose into the air, above Steven's head. Her corpse stood upright in the air, and her hair folded toward her face. And then her foot kicked out, and her torn sleeves and broken fingernails mended. Her eyes turned blue like Steven's, and her hair mended itself.

Steven was so shocked, he didn't even notice the rain had stopped. Summer dropped slowly to the ground. He took a step forward, but a brief spurt of lasers scared him back.

Summer got up and turned to face Steven. She was alive! " you know what happened?"

"No," Steven replied. "What did happen?"

"It was magic," said Summer. "When two brothers' heads touch, it creates an extraordinary magic. It is good magic. Not black."

"Oh, Summer..." Stevne reached forward and caught Summer in his arms. Summer returned the hug, and suddenly fireworks appeared above them atop the school. The hole in the metal prism mended itself, the pole returned position, and the statue mended itself.

And then Anakin and Jay spiraled onto the roof, who had also come back to life. "Anakin! Jay! We're all back!" said Summer before engaging all three in a bear hug.

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