Boys Vs Girls: Part 2: The Fate of the Towers

The School War has officially begun. Emily Watson is still on the verge of destruction! As the war rages on, friends will bond, relationships will strengthen, two villains will separate, and a great goodness is revealed!


20. Attack Of The Boys

Inside the Girls' Meeting Room, still located in Tower Placement, Emily conducted one last meeting. The girls were excited, but Emily finally managed to hush them.

"A brilliant plan," she admitted formally, "but with heavy losses. I wish Helen were still here." The girls agreed. They all liked her. "Yeah, and--" Just then, she saw Helen and Steven leading a squad of boys past the window overlooking their meeting room. "Did you see that? The boys are here! Get your weapons!"

The girls climbed down from their elevated chairs and drew their guns. Emily, her lightsaber at the ready, led the girls downstairs and into a hall. There they began a search for the boys. They can't have gone far, Emily thought.

And then Anakin jumped out and ignited his lightsaber. Dozens of boys crowded behind him. The girls poured into the hallway and opened fire. To Emily's shock, the boys managed to cut down the squad with ease. After ordering an emergency squad in for backup, Emily searched for Steven amid the mayhem but didn't see him. Finally, she disappeared from the troops and fended off several boys before doing an extensive search for her prey.


Inside the jail cell, Jay spun a tornado which blew down the jail door. The guard was asleep, but the blast woke him up. Now released, Jay walked over and grabbed the lightsaber the guard had stolen.

"You said you would release Summer," said Jay, and cocked his weapon. "Let her go!"

"Get a grip," said the guard. "Why are you trying to kill the girls at your school?"

"We aren't," said Jay. "They're trying to kill us. Emily thought we were annoying, and built a project to ruin our friendships with any girls or adults. When we called her a zero for it and started leaving out the girls, Emily attacked Steven with a flamethrower. And then Steven said we had to fight back, and asked Anakin and me to make weapons. The girls launched another attack that night, and we countered it. Emily has been trying to kill us since, and tried to get us arrested for life with lies that we were trying to kill her. We are acting in self-defense, and are innocent."

The guard scratched his chin. "OK. I'm sorry for going through with it." And with Emily being the daughter of the Thunderqueen, how I doubt Jay's lying. He got up and released Summer. "You are free now. Please, do what you can for your school."


Back at Tower Placement, the boys seemed to be making progress...and then Beethoven rocketed upward and landed in the battle. Although Helen had been fighting back-to-back with Andrew, she went after Beethoven upon seeing him land.

Beethoven turned around and opened fire. Helen deflected the blasts with her lightsaber. She was almost on Beethoven when he rocketed upward and used his boot spurs to cling to a wall. Luckily, Helen had a grapple hook, and she swung upward. However, up there Beethoven managed to disarm Helen. He cocked his gun at her. "Now I will do what I should have done 9 years ago!" He fired on Helen, but Helen swung around to avoid them. He doesn't learn, now does he? She extended her foot, bowling Beethoven over and knocking him off the wall. and Beethoven fell and hit the ground hard. Helen leaped to the ground.

Weak and dazed, Beethoven realized he had underestimated Helen's loyalty to the boys. He'd ever doubted Helen's physical abilities, but he hadn't predicted Helen was so stuck to the Boy-Team cause now. and pleaded for Helen not to kill him.

Helen refused. "How can you beg mercy of me, when you yourself show so little of it?" At those words she saw genuine fear in Beethoven's eyes. She stepped forward and ran her lightsaber through Beethoven's chest.

Beethoven II was dead.

Around her, Helen could feel girls dying, overwhelmed by the enemy. No matter how many girls came, the boys slashed them all. A few boys joined the bodies that littered the floor, but the girls were definitely at loss.

Meanwhile, Emily stalked the halls in search of Steven. At last she found him inspecting the Boy Trap she had built a year ago. "Not so fast! We girls aren't finished yet." She took a step forward. "You have the advantage. What more could you want?"

"You wouldn't give me that," Steven replied, leaping down from the tower. "Forgiveness--an end to the war."

"Of course," Emily replied. "I'll leave you in peace." She brought her hand up, and a surge of lightning hit Steven and knocked him into the far wall. Then she raised her hand, moving in for the kill.


As Anakin clashed with the girls, he suddenly found himself back-to-back with Jay. "I found you!" he said. "We've got to knock out the controls to their base. I know the way. Follow me!" He grabbed Jay's hand and led him out of the base.

Both brothers left the fight and tore across the neighborhood. "Where are we going?" asked Jay as they rushed across an empty street.

"Home!" Anakin said.

Jay was still confused, but followed Anakin there. At home, Anakin mounted his fighter. Just as confused as ever, Jay did the same and they flew off toward the school in formation.

Ahead, fighters encircled the base, ready to protect it. "Fighters, straight ahead," Anakin said pointing.

"Roger, Ani," said Jay, and opened fire. Anakin took out a fighter with his laser cannons and moved closer to the base. The fighters zoomed in, and laser blasts and smoke filled the air.

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