The Days Of Our Life

"Sometimes I feel like a war."

Caitlin has a case of Crazy. Or MHS. What ever you want to call it. She is basically mental and can't do anything. Her life is so boring, all she ever does is go to the Talk Shack and read. But when the handsome, charming, slightly loopy Kye Halo comes swooping in, she wonders can love exist? And when she under goes a dangerous operation that, if goes wrong, could end her life, will Kye be there for her? Or will a mysterious hero come out from behind the fog and reveal himself to be her knight in shining armour?


1. For...








For my best friends: Stephanie McCartney, Natalie Maldon and Lily Bailey.

Stephanie for always being there for me and giving the characters their quirkiness and craziness.

Natalie for being my therapist and giving the characters their fashionable sides.

Lily for putting up with me and giving the characters their awesomeness and amazingness.

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