Will u forgive ?

Lies, lies, and even more lies. That's how it all started.
Tears, laughs, smiles, and more tears. That's how it grew.
But at the end of the road, will they be able to forgive ?


4. chapter 4


"I am NOT going in there, not with you anyways", I said. What ? I can barely handle living with him in the same house, driving with him on his motorbike, going shopping with him, but now this? This was too much. I mean, I've never done this before. And I didn't think I was ready to do it anytime soon.

"But why? It's really not that big of a deal, y'know. Plus, don't you think you need some...underwear? I mean in case you didn't know, I don't really have any bras or..." He smirked at me.

- Okay, fine I get it, you don't have to explain it to me. I'm going but, maybe, you don't have to come with me inside, cause well,....umm.

I blushed. And bit my lip. I really didn't know what to do. I was really going to do this , wasn't I? And I didn't think Zayn would do as I said, would he ? Of course he would. He kept that smirk plastered on his face and guided me in by the waist. I was still in panic mode on the inside, but I thought that it might actually look normal (I hoped) if I didn't look so alarmed. So I decided to play along. I relaxed my muscles and put on a smile on my face. Then I held Zayn's hand which obviously took him by surprise since his body stiffened a little then he smiled clearly amused. Well, I preferred the surprised part , cause it made me think like 'that'll teach him'. And I think we made it work cause the people in the store didn't seem to notice anything weird about us. We probably looked like some couple. A couple. Just the thought of made me stop dead in my tracks. What the hell was I thinking about? This was really not the best time to like this guy. Not at all. I was so drowned in my stupid thoughts that I didn't notice Zayn talking to me until he pinched me.

"Ouch! What the heck?! What was that for?", I asked clearly annoyed.

- You wouldn't answer and in case you didn't notice yet I really don't like being ignored.

- Yeah well that was your only option? Really now ?

- That was the funniest anyways, he was laughing now. You should've seen your face. Jessica Johnson , I officially love teasing you. It just make me feel great.

- And make me miserable , I said sarcastically.

- Yeah , alright , that too. He chuckled. Anyway , what size cup are you?

Yeah now he crossed the line. My cheeks heated up.

- Lower your voice , you idiot. They're gonna here you. Teasing me is one thing , but embarrassing me is totally different thing.

I was burning with anger , well actually embarrassment . And that point I didn't really think about how nice he was being by buying me stuff , I was really annoyed.

- Relax, would ya ? Hundreds of couples come here together , with the guys being pervs, so they'll just think we're one of them. No big deal.

I forgot that I was mad at him at the idea of him thinking of us as a couple. My heart was racing, and it may've not meant anything to him , but it kicked all my walls in. I definitely had feelings for him, and even though I knew it was wrong, I wasn't gonna deny it. Not anymore. But I wasn't gonna tell him. Never. Or not maybe just not now.

- I think I'll choose these on my own.

I said while sticking my tongue out and with a smile.

- Okay, but you gotta buy this , faking disappointment , while handing me a dark purple lace bra, You know, cause it matches your white skin.

I took it from him and it happened to be my size. It was really beautiful. And he was right. This colour matches me perfectly. I chose a few more : red, neon green, fuchsia and aqua. And obviously while I was choosing for myself I didn't notice that mr. Perv here was choosing me a night gown. It was truly beautiful: it was made of a pale pink silk , but there's noway I was wearing it. Reason, you may ask: that's because my friend here wouldn't let me come out of the dressing room without seeing me in it , and as stubborn as I was, it amused him. What choice did I have? None. Damn it. Why did he always win ?

I opened the door just a tiny bit so he couldn't see me.

- See ? Now can I please take this off?

- Smartass, you take me for a fool or what? You are not coming out before I see what you look like. So be a good girl and show up now.

- Letting you see me in this is not something a good girl would do.

- Whatever. Just lemme see.

I turned around so my back would face the door and mumbled a silent 'open' and instantly he did so. So much for hiding your curiosity , pervy boy. He stayed quiet for a few, and I could feel him eying me from the back, then he finally said, like it was the most natural thing to say:

- You know it's not easy to see your face with your butt facing me. Turn around.

I was real glad that he couldn't see my face or else he could've seen my cheeks burning.

- NEVER in a million years.

- Oh don't be so stubborn.

- No.....

Too late. He was already grabbing me by the shoulders and turning me around so I was facing him. That's when I realised that our faces were just inches apart.

I think I saw a flash of lust in his eyes. But I was too mesmerised by his heavenly beautiful hazel eyes. Too hypnotised to notice that his face was now much closer to mine. Dangerously close.


Finally an update!!!!!!! I know this chapter is kinda short, but I really like the turn of events. *evil laugh* Don't think too dirty though, not yet anyways. I'll try to update once more this week to make it up for the late short but good chapter, and thank u all 4 readin this story

Luv uuuuu xoxo

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