Will u forgive ?

Lies, lies, and even more lies. That's how it all started.
Tears, laughs, smiles, and more tears. That's how it grew.
But at the end of the road, will they be able to forgive ?


3. chapter 3

Chapter 3

"What the hell is wrong with you? And on your first day of work?! Johnson get up right now, and you better have an explanation " My boss started yelling. Yay, cause he think I liked it maybe? This day was getting better and better. I got hurt, my thigh and palm were bleeding, and last but not least I was probably gonna get fired on my first day of work. But before I could answer at all curly took my defence :"it's not her fault at all, sir. There was this crazy man running like mad and he pushed her in the process. "

"Is this true, Johnson?" My boss sighed, irritation clear in his voice.

I nodded. At this point, better not talk at all. He walked away while mumbling something like 'just clean this up'. It was kinda nice that curls defended me. Well of course if not I would've punched him in the face but still. It felt nice. The guys didn't have to ask me if I was okay once they saw the blood, so they helped me up and sat me on a chair.

"Harry hand me your headband would you ?" Blue eyes told the other- who's name is Harry , I assume , cute name by the way - and yes I was gonna call him blue eyes cause I didn't know his real name and his eyes were his most interesting feature. " shut up", my sub conscience told me. My thigh was hurting like crazy, my palm even more, and I was thinking thinking about cute names and beautiful eyes ? Way to go , Kath.... Er, Jessica. Way to go. I winced in pain when he put the head band around my palm to stop the bleeding. Really thoughtful though. " thanks", I mumbled while directing my gaze towards curly. "I'll wash the headband as soon as I get home and I'll return it to you somehow".

"Don't worry Hun , you don't have to", Harry told me, his eyes full of concern.

"Well thanks again then", I smiled, blushing. What? Was it a crime to blush in front of a nice yet so attractive guy? Yes, that's what I was thinking about. Talking about shame.

"And by the way thank you too", I smiled while facing blue eyes. "It was really nothing. But at least now you owe me" , he said with a smirk. Really ? Couldn't he just be nice for once? Whatever. I thanked them again and went to get them new coffees, cause after all , it wasn't their fault ,then I cleaned up the mess of broken glass. Then I went back to the guys table. "Anything else? " I asked with a warm smile. They shook their heads, and it was the end of my shift, anyway. Thankfully I might say. I was about to leave when the 2 guys stood up and were like "we're driving you home. You can't possibly walk with a bleeding thigh. Besides having a hot girl in my car is not such a bad idea after all. ". Voilà, big return of mr. Perv and here it is! And for a second I actually thought he might be sweet. But it wouldn't be that bad, would it ? I still needed a ride.

" I agree, but only because my thigh is really hurting right now and I can walk properly I told him while getting in the backseat of his convertible. I had to explain my self cause there's noway on earth I'd want them to think that I was interested in any of them. Cause seriously now, I've got much bigger problems than dating right know. Way bigger. The drive was kinda quiet if it wasn't from Harry and Louis - now I knew his name , or at least that's what I could read on his keychain. From a time to another I would guide them through the London streets to Zayn's house. When we arrived I thanked them and waved them goodbye but they still insisted on coming. Before I had a chance to knock at the door , it opened and Zayn appeared in the doorframe. In a few seconds, his smile faded and his expression changed into a worried one when his saw my wounds. I tried to give him a reassuring smile so he could stop worrying, but he didn't. Instead, he welcomed Harry and Louis real quick and lead me to the bathroom where there was a first aid kit. As he rubbed my cuts to disinfect them, I winced in pain. He looked at me in the eye and asked " What happened?" So I told him the hole incident and how it was 'not that big of a deal'. It was cute how he was worried about me . When he was done with my hand and thigh, they were all covered in bandages, but I could tell it felt a hole lot better. I managed to thank him somehow, and we exited the bathroom. I noticed there were in addition to Harry and Louis there were 2 guys that I didn't notice before. One had dirty blond hair with a pair of wonderful blues eyes while the other had short brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Zayn introduced me:

" Niall , Liam , this my cousin Jessica. Jessica, these 2 are Niall ", motioning to blondie , "and Liam ", pointing to the other. I waved to both of them a polite 'hello'.

"Zayn, how come you never told us you has such a hot cousin like this pretty girl here?" Niall smirked at Zayn. Just great. This was a disaster. This day was a complete disaster. I wasn't really in a position to have guys hit on me right. Zayn slapped the back of his mate's neck. They started to argue but in a friendly way, with them bugging him about me, Zayn meeting Louis and Harry , blah blah blah, a guys night out you could say. I went to Zayn's bedroom cause I really didn't think I'd have anything to do with their conversation, whatever. Later on, the door opened. It was Zayn.

- Guys night over already ?

- Yeah well they were getting all annoying so I sent them back home", he said while winking at me.

"By the way do you wanna shower or something? "

Of course I did. It's been 2 whole days, I've probably started to stink, but well I really didn't wanna bother Zayn. I already felt bad enough about lying to him while he was being so nice, but since he was the one asking, I nodded, so he gave me some T-shirt that would probably be way too big on me and would probably cover half my thighs, and a towel. I thanked him and went straight to the bathroom. The moment I went into the shower , I felt relaxed. The sensation of hot water brushing against your soft skin, just great. It was the only thing that calmed me down at the moment. Once I was done- cause I couldn't stay in there forever although I wanted to so bad - I wrapped the towel around myself, and bam! It hit me. I didn't have any spare underwear. And I really didn't think that asking Zayn for a bra would change much about it. Just great. I washed the ones I was wearing before and dried them , well as much as I could dry them anyways and put them back on. Man they felt cold compared to my warm body. Then I put on Zayn's T-shirt. Mid thigh , just like I expected. I looked at myself in the mirror and put my hair in a messy bun. Not that bad, I must admit. I went out of the bathroom, and to the living room. Zayn was already wearing some T-shirt and shorts he was gonna sleep in , and man he was hot. He was watching some kinda movie and when he saw me he asked:

- Wanna join?

- Sure , why not ?

I mean sure , it was just a movie, what harm could it cause. At least, that's what I thought until I found out it was a horror movie. A HORROR MOVIE. Holy shit. I know I've never had the chance to mention it before, but I don't really get along with THAT kind of movies. No no no. Please tell me this was not happenin. The movie was seriously horrible - it was not called scary for nothing - and at some point, I started screaming and hugging Zayn real tight. And that's when I realised that was the horror part. Hugging Zayn. I did unconsciously. And I immediately let go of him while apologising as the movie was ending so he turned the TV off and couldn't stop laughing.

" You could've told me you weren't into horror movies. I don't bite y'know?

- Yeah well I didn't know it was one and that's why I agreed to watch in the first place.

- I think maybe you should go sleep. You look really tired.

- Noway I'm going to sleep after what I just saw.

- C'mon, you can't stay awake all night.

- Well, I don't think I dare to sleep either.

- Then I'll stay with you.

- Huh?

- I'll stay next to you until you fall asleep. Deal?

- All I know is I'm certainly not gonna go alone.

He smiled and I followed him to his room. He sat on the edge of the bed, I laid down next to him and tried to fall asleep. I soon felt a gentle hand stroking my hair and it instantly made me calm down and fall into a peaceful slumber.

* Next morning *

I woke up from the rays of light coming from the window. And suddenly I felt something on my shoulder. I took a look and this something was actually a someone - Zayn. He was so cute sleeping like that, and there's nothing in the the world that could've made me want to wake him up. He looked like an angel. I studied his face's features in every possible way, and I had no words to describe it. Oh yeah, I know a word. Perfect. Heavenly perfect.

" You know, it's really naughty to stare at people in their sleep", he said , still half asleep. Gosh, I was caught.

- It's not like that", I mumbled. "I was figuring out a way to move without waking you. ".

He smiled. THAT smile. I almost slapped myself. What was the hell wrong with me? Liking a boy that I barely knew, and who definitely didn't feel the same way. Yeah right. Great. I got up , to the bathroom, morning routine. Then I went to prepare breakfast, since I kind of overslept and my work started soon. I was surprised when I saw Zayn took care of everything.

- You didn't have to..... " I started, but he cut me right there and then :

- Yeah, but I wanted to. By the way , I'm driving you to work today.

- Seriously now? I asked raising an eyebrow.

- Yeah why not? Plus, it'll be fun.

I didn't argue back. I couldn't. Certainly not after he made me that puppy face look. Too much to handle. But I didn't know I'd regret it so much. It's true, he did drive me to work. On his motorbike.

- Holy shit, you've gotta be kidding.

- Not really, he said while handing me a helmet. C'mon, you're gonna be late.

And of course, as dumb as I was, I sat behind him and hugged his waist. When he started driving, I tightened my grip around him till we got there. That's not something I liked very much.

- You were really scared, weren't you? He asked with an amused smile playing on his lips.

- Not really , I lied, why?

- Well, you kinda knocked the oxygen out of my lungs , hugging so tight.

Oops. Nothing to add. He was right, and he won, once again. I thanked him and said goodbye. He kissed me on the cheek 'goodbye'.

Hell, that was new. Well whatever . My shift started in five. I started working and everything was just fine, until, what a coincidence! I thought sarcastically to myself when I saw the reunion of the devils - if you wonder who I mean, then it's Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam, ALL together.

Well that was gonna give me a hard time.

- Hello. What can I do for you ? I started as politely as I could. Not forgetting the fake smile of course.

- Hey there, baby. It's lil Jessica again. You look real happy, that must be because of your new attractive boyfriend. He drives you to work too? Sweet lovebirds.....

- Shut the fuck up.

It slipped from my mouth without me paying attention, but it didn't mean I regretted it. Not a single bit. And how did he know Zayn drove me here. Whatevs, I was not really in the mood for asking.

- Oh, little girl here is using a bad language today. What, bad night of sleep? Or did you? Don't tell me you .....*gasp* You naughty girl", Louis smirked and every body laughed at his comment , well, except me, in fact, I was boiling on the inside. This was going way too far. Assuming things like that? Who did they think they were?

- Okay you listen to me carefully. First of , he's not my boyfriend , second of, stop assuming stuff that have nothin to do with anything, cause it's really pissing me off. Now please , could you just order?

- Chillax, someone's cranky today. A round of smoothies for everyone. Happy now?

- Surprisingly yes, yes I am. I'll be right back."

What the heck?! It felt so good not seeing their faces for a while, even if for a few seconds. Like bothering me about Zayn was their favourite hobby ever. The costumer's king. Who said this stupid thing? I still had to bring back their orders. And to think work started perfectly that day. Anyways, I brought the stuff they asked for, and got a nice comment from Louis , as always.

"Good job, this time you didn't break everything. Applause. "

"Save it. ", I told him while walking away. I took care of other costumers, on and on without looking back at the devils. I continued working that day till the end of my shift, and was really surprised - rectification - really shocked when I saw Zayn waiting for me , helmet in hand. Buch of 'hello', 'what u doin here' and so. I noticed that we weren't going home.

- Where are we going?

- The mall

As if it was the most obvious answer.

- Okay, but why?

- Cause you need some clothes? Unless of course you'd like to wear mine which look pretty good on you I must say.

- Thanks.

That's all I said. Then I shut it. What was I supposed to say anyways. I just looked at the back of his neck , great posture. Broad shoulders. Here we go again.

Thankfully, soon enough we arrived to the mall.

- So where do you wanna go first ? He asked.

- Surprise me.

And that was my worst mistake. I realised it soon enough when we stood right in front of the store

- Really? I asked a little embarrassed.

But that's to be understood , cause the store he choose - out of all the stores in the mall, indeed he was still a guy, and I a girl - was Victoria's secrets.


Hey everyone

So this chapter is not really my favourite , but this relationship is definitely gonna grow - more than just a lingerie shop. Lol. Anyways, any thoughts about this story? Cause we would really love to know what you think. I'll update once a week, more if I have time. And we would really like to thank you for reading Will u forgive? Cz it means so much to us .

Luv u all , kisses xoxo

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