Please Don't Go (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Valerie Cochran and Niall Horan first met when Niall moved from Ireland to America in third grade. They're inseparable until eighth grade, but they meet again when Niall is on One Direction's "Up All Night" tour. Valerie doesn't remember Niall at first, but then he calls her by the nickname he gave her. Will they become more than just friends?


13. Close Call



Valerie’s POV


I’m now five months pregnant with Niall’s baby girl, and her name will be Louise Marie Horan, after Aunt Mary Lou.  Oh, yeah, and Niall and I are boyfriend/girlfriend now.


Amber is three now, and she considers Niall her daddy.


Harry has been texting Husnal, who lives in India, over the last five months and can’t wait to see her again.


Zayn and Shaza have been together for the last three months.  Apparently, Shaza had been in the middle of finalizing her divorce when she met Zayn, so Zayn had to wait.  This gave Zayn time to dump Perrie, which she was none too happy about.  When Shaza’s divorce was finally finalized, Zayn took Shaza on a date, and sparks flew.




Husnal’s POV


I got to New York the afternoon of the concert I’d won a ticket to.  I hadn’t told Mom or Daddy I’d even entered the contest, because I knew they wouldn’t approve.


Harry was waiting for me at the gate and smiled when he saw me.  “Husnal!  Long time, no see!” he said, hugging me.  “You’ve grown a couple inches since the last time I saw you!”


“And you’re wearing a bandana.  I like it!” I remarked.


“Thanks, love.  Come along and let me introduce you to everyone you haven’t met.”


I grabbed my bags, went through customs, and followed Harry to the tour bus.




Sarah’s POV


Harry boarded the bus with a pretty Indian girl of about sixteen.  She had several suitcases with her.


“Everyone, I’d like you to meet Husnal.  She’s the girl I’ve been texting for the last five months,” Harry introduced.  “Husnal, you’ve met the lads, and the girls are Sarah, Izzy, and Shaza.  There’s also Valerie, Niall’s girlfriend, but she’s back home babysitting the kids.”


“Nice to meet you,” I said, shaking Husnal’s hand.  “Why do you have so many suitcases?  We’re only gonna be in New York for a couple days.”


“Oh, I’m not going back to India,” she said.  “I’m running away.”


All five guys’ jaws dropped.  There was silence until Harry broke it with, “But…why?  Your parents will be worried sick!”


“Nah, they won’t care.  Besides, I’m sick of being Muslim, and I wanna be with you!”


(A/N: Husnal, I know you like being Muslim, but this is fiction lln)


“If they really love you, they’ll care…but I’ll let you stay.  You’re just so cute and innocent!”




Harry’s POV


The day after our big concert at Madison Square Garden, I took Husnal to an Indian restaurant for our first date, as per her request.  We both ordered lamb curry and made small talk while we ate our food.


After dinner, we went to the hotel room.  I suggested we have sex, to which Husnal gave a hesitant reaction.


“I don’t know…my daddy might find out, and he’d kill me if he found out I was pregnant,” she said.  “In fact, I’m already in trouble if he finds out we were dating.”


“I understand if you’re not ready.  No pressure,” I said.


“Thanks for understanding, Harry.”


“You’re welcome.”


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