Please Don't Go (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Valerie Cochran and Niall Horan first met when Niall moved from Ireland to America in third grade. They're inseparable until eighth grade, but they meet again when Niall is on One Direction's "Up All Night" tour. Valerie doesn't remember Niall at first, but then he calls her by the nickname he gave her. Will they become more than just friends?


16. Another Close Call

Chapter 16


My face went pale.  “What?!  But that’s impossible!  She’s only five months pregnant!”


“Actually, it is possible, Mr. Horan.  She told us her, ah…ex-boyfriend came and almost kidnapped her, which caused her to go into panic mode and have contractions.”


“He actually did it?!  I didn’t think he had the balls to come all the way from America!  We’ll be there straight away.  Hey, who’s crying?”


“Miss Cochran had two little girls with her, and they’re probably scared and hungry. It is dinnertime, after all.”


“That’s true.  Tell Valerie we’ll be there soon.”


“I will, Mr. Horan.  Goodbye.”


I hung up and told everyone what happened, finishing with, “So, Liam, make a U-turn and go to St. James’ Hospital.”


Without a word, Liam did exactly as told, and we were soon in front of St. James’ Hospital.  When we got there, we were told to wait.


I spent much of the next hour pacing the floor, worrying about Valerie.  I was so afraid she’d miscarry and die, just like Amy.


Finally, I saw a doctor approach us.  “Mr. Horan?” he addressed me.


“Please tell me she didn’t miscarry and die!  That’s what happened to my last girlfriend!” I begged.


“Mr. Horan, your girlfriend’s fine.  We were able to stop the contractions.  She will, however, need to stay overnight to make sure she doesn’t have another contraction.”


“Oh, thank God!  Can we see her?”






Valerie’s POV


I was watching TV when there was a knock at the door.  “Come in!” I called.


The guys, Sarah, Izzy, Shaza, and Husnal came in.  Shaza was holding Aviva, and Niall was holding Amber.  “Hey, Cockatoo,” Niall said.  “The doctor said they were able to stop your contractions.”


“Yeah, they were,” I said.  “I was so worried, Niall!”


“Understandable.  So, since they saved the baby’s life, would you like to reconsider her name?  Maybe you could name her after one of the nurses?”


“Absolutely!  There was one named Tatiana who was really sweet.”


“Well, Tatiana it is, then!”


“I’m still gonna make her middle name Marie, though.”


“Tatiana Marie Horan—has a nice ring to it.  And it’s the same initials as ‘Take Me Home’.”


I giggled.  “Yeah, I just thought about that.  So, when do I get out?”


“In the morning, and then you’ll probably need to be on bed rest for quite a while.”




Niall’s POV


When we got home, I saw that I had a message from Greg on my phone.  I called voicemail to listen to it.


Hey, Niall.  It’s me.  I was wondering if you’d like to come to Mullingar for Christmas.  And bring Valerie with you.  I haven’t seen her in forever!


I deleted the voicemail and called Greg back.  He answered immediately.


“Hey, I just got your message,” I said.


“Great!  So, can you come?” Greg asked.  “Denise and I would love to have you.”


“Sorry, I can’t.  Valerie’s in the hospital because she’d gone into premature labor.  They stopped the contractions, thank God, but she’ll need to be on bed rest.  How about if you come to London instead?”


“Oh, you didn’t tell me she was pregnant.  How far along is she, and what’s she having?”


“She’s five months along and having a baby girl.  So, what do you think of my idea?”


“I love it!  We’ll be there on the 23rd.”

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