Born into the business of assassins, she works in the shadows doing the dirty work of the seemingly innocent - but despite being a cold blooded killing machine, she's felt a feeling most others like her will not; love. Her male partner, however, is completely clueless - and, seemingly, a bit too preoccupied. Hosting secrets he pretends not to know of, and a past he's seemingly forgotten - his story seems all too much ideal. When a new mission comes along, however, his true colours will shine, and she's faced with the decision of to love.... or to live.


3. Part 2 - Jessica

Getting out of the two male's road was my primary plan as I gravitated away from them and towards what I only thought to be nibbles. I picked at a few and watched Jessie and Mr. Phillips walk away through the twin double doors and out of site.

A moment of panic struck me; this hadn't been covered in the plan - or at least, not to leave this soon. Leaving this quick and in front of many would become suspicious. I was sure Jessie of all people would be aware of that.

A conflict of thoughts hit me hard - I stay here and be clueless or I leave and add to the suspicion and risk of being caught.

The situation was as risky as it could get - we'd entered a public area posing as party go-ers, when no one knew us, and we knew no one. Screw it, I'm going in.

Walking casually after them, no-one turned and asked what I was doing - which was to be expected, but if something went wrong and someone asked about suspicious behaviour...

I hadn't left it long enough to lose them, and I could hear them talking just ahead. From behind, my mind strayed and admired the fitting of Jessie's suit - it really was nice.

"Its been years, boy," James said to Jessie, who only gave him a look I couldn't make out and snorted. "Your parents are proud."

Parents? Jessie knew nothing about his past - he'd been clincally examined, he'd been tested. He remembered nothing.

"Yeah, well considering I spent the past few years myself risking my life for the cause, I'd expect them to be," Jessie replied in a monotone and continued in a brisk cold walk that James was struggling to keep up with.

"It was for the best - we remove the threat and we got enough inside information to last a lifetime."

What inside information? Why was Jessie talking about this with a target?

"Yeah, well it's all over now."

They opened another double door, carved and painted in all its pricy glory and they disappeared behind it. Up by the door, I pushed my ear into a crack and listened carefully.

"I don't want to have any bloodshed tonight, Phillips," I heard Jessie say.

"All will be fine once we're off the premises and we lose that partner - you can go back now, you can go back home."

The air began to feel funny, and the food I'd managed to eat before following after was coming right back up as a sickening realisation dawned on me; he wasn't on my side at all.

Quickly in my head I formed escape plans, plans that could easily save me from the situation - I could immediately report back the situation and have agents far better than myself step in and shut down whatever was going to happen.

Except I didn't get that far.

"I believe the party's that way, madam," The voice said.

I jumped in fright and banged into the door as I peered up at the unexpected figure. I hadn't heard them coming at all. I nod up at the man and stand up right carefully, but it was already too late - the room behind us had fell silent, and now only the small patter of footsteps rang out as they came towards the door.

The door opened, and there peeking out beyond the frame was Jessie. "Hey-what are you doing here?" he innocently asked, as if he presumed I hadn't heard a thing and was simply checking up on him.

The door opened wider to reveal the stocky frame of James Phillips and he didn't look pleased. "You can leave," he dismissed the man behind me who backed off with a nod and left the suspicious scene as it was, although I was sure there were more like him everywhere waiting to pounce. It was moments like this that the holes in our plot began to shine. "And you can come in."

Jessie gave the man a look as if to tell him to stop, but it didn't stop the large hand that shot out and grasped my upper arm to haul me into the room. That landed a kick straight to his thigh.

"Little-," he yelled in pain, immediatly bending over to hold his thigh which I admit I kicked harder than probably needed.

My feet spun and took me in the opposite direction, but Jessie caught me with ease and slammed me face first into the wall. "I'm sorry," was all he said, before I felt his hand slowly cup the back of my head and then the wall quickly approaching my face.


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