In The Summer

When Chris's sister died Chris promised that she would look after her three daughters Ashley,Devin and Octavia put then one day she bumps into her childhood best friend Michael Clliford the last time they saw each other was when Michael met Aston,Calum and Luke and they started the band 5 Seconds Of Summer and when they started to tour Michael promised to never forget Chris but when she got a boyfriend hey best friend Rebecca told Michael about it he wasn't happy he was going to surprise her by saying that he always had a crush on her but Chris never knew how he felt but her friend always things that she does.


1. Summer And Horrible News


                                                                          Chris POV

It was the start of the hoildays i was so happy it was my last year of collage and after it i get to graduate when i got home to my flat i got a phone call from my brother Charlie saying that my sister Lilly died from a car crash when she was going to pick up her daughters from school and i remembered the a made a promise to Lilly that i would look after them if she dies and now i have to go pick them up i take them to mum and dads house to break the news because Charlie wouldn't the whole family to be there my other brother and sister that are twins Kylie and Kyle to try and come down when i went to pick them up they asked why Lilly didn't pick them up i just stayed quite till we got to my mum and dads house when we got there i saw a police car i guess i was to late to tell them the youngest Ashley was really scared when we got into the house the police told us to sit down.

''Right Mr and Mrs Muller i have some bad news your daughter Lilly has been in a car crash.''

''WHAT no officer please say thats not true is she alive please tell me she's alive thats her three daughter's right there in tears.'' 

''I'm so sorry Mrs Muller she didn't make it she died an hour ago she was going to pick up her daughters from school when a big lorry came out of no where but if some one from the family and if one of her daugters came maybe the oldest.''

''I'll go sir and i'll take Octavia with me.''

''Sure follow me whats your name love.''

''Its Chris and thats Octavia miss.''


When we got to the hospital the toke us to a hall way that has a window when we got to the window there was a body with a sheet over it when they lefted it Octavia and I just burst into tears the police officer said ''Do you want to come with me to figure out where her daugters are going to stay.'' i just nodded they toke us to the police station.

''Right Miss Muller i just need to ask you a few questons queston number 1 are you over 18.''

''I'm going to turn 19 on the 20th August''

''Ok do you have a good record to look after kids.''

''Yes i used to look after my little brother and sister and when Octavia,Ashley and Devin were little i looked after them.''

''Ok last question does the girls have a dad close or did Lilly pick you to look after her kids.''

''The girls dad died when Ashley was a baby and i signed a concract to look after the girls if Lilly died.''

''Alright so you in the concract you have to move into the house where Lilly was staying because you only have a one bedroom flat.''


Ok guys i'm gong to stop right there in the next chapter i'm bring Michael in hope you like this chapter can't wait to wright the next chapter im starting to like this fan fic and i hope you guys will start to love.

love Mariesa xxxx

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