In The Summer

When Chris's sister died Chris promised that she would look after her three daughters Ashley,Devin and Octavia put then one day she bumps into her childhood best friend Michael Clliford the last time they saw each other was when Michael met Aston,Calum and Luke and they started the band 5 Seconds Of Summer and when they started to tour Michael promised to never forget Chris but when she got a boyfriend hey best friend Rebecca told Michael about it he wasn't happy he was going to surprise her by saying that he always had a crush on her but Chris never knew how he felt but her friend always things that she does.


2. My Childhood Best Friend

It has been five hours since Lilly died Ashley has been up in her room all day Devin has been the one helping me move my stuff in while Octavia has been out with her friends but Devin said she might be out with her boyfriend that Lilly didn't approve of because he has been in jail five times not once not twice five bloody times and once he almost killed a guy in a fight but she doesn't see it Lilly as tired to talk to her about it but she wont listen. (Phone Rings)


''Hello is Chris Muller.''

''Yes this is she who is this.''

''This is officer Johnson its about your niece Octavia.''

''Oh god ill be there in 10 minutes.''


                                                               Michael's POV

''Hey guys did you hear about the good news.''

''What is it Mikey.''

''We can get a break from touring and can go home,''

''About time we need a break it'll be good to see our old friends even Chris,Lilly,Charlie,Kylie and Kyle hey Mikey now you can tell Chris your feelings towards her.''

''Oh shut up Luke.''


                                                              Chris's POV

''Okay Officer what has happened.''

''Well your niece Octavia was with her boyfriend Albert Adams.''

''Oh that's his name you learn something new everyday sorry ma'am continue.''

''Well they were got shoplifting now i know this is her first time doing something that involves crime so this is a warning.''

''But what has happened to Albert.''

''Well he is in jail again for a few months because he has done some damage as well but Octavia your lucky that you have a warning but i don't want to see you hear again ok.''

''Thank you so much ma'am we just had a really bad day because she just lost her mum five hours ago Lilly Muller but i know Octavia is a good girl i promise but Octavia do you have anything you want to say.''

''Yes i'm sorry ma'am i didn't know what i was doing and i will never ever do that again and till Albert from Octavia that were done and that i never want to see his face again.''

''Well again sorry for your loss but i will tell him that but i guess we are done here because i know you got to younger kids and is anyone looking after them.''

''Um no well Devin is looking her Ashley but shes 14 so that okay right because Ashley is 8 so its fine.''

''Okay well have a good night.''

''Okay thanks ma'am about everything.''


I can't believe she done that well the good thing is she broke up with Albert i hope i know what i'm doing here and i hope Lilly is proud but it's going to be a pain in the ass to plan it poor Ashley she has been crying all night and i think Octavia is trying to get on my good side and Devin is being Devin but i still need to tell her friends rest of the family which isn't going to be fun because mum and dad are making me do it because i am the tough one in the family but Octavia and Ruby (my best friend) are helping me tell everyone and planing it.


Hey guys hope you like the this so far sorry for the lack of uploads i have been ill and busy but yeah .

Love Mariesa


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