Cullens Play Truth Or Dare

In this story Alice and Emmett convince Edward and Bella to play truth or dare with the hole family. Renesmee is at Charlie's for the week and Jacob didn't imprint on Renesmee.


2. Play Time

Bella's P.O.V

As we sat in the circle Edward pulled me into his lap and wrapped his arms around my waist I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to night.

"Emmett truth or dare?" I asked

"Wait a second Bella I think we need some rulers first,ok?" Carlisle said, everyone mumbled yes.

"Ok than the rules: no police, stay in Washington, nothing that can harm us or humans and the consequence if you don't do the truth or dare is naked for the rest of the round and the person that gives you the truth or dare gets to choose how naked you get."

"That's a lot of rules," you say to your self but of course with the super vampire hearing Edward has he chuckled and said "Love, you are going to think that once we start it is out of hand but you should see how it gets when there is NO rules."

"Ok so I was stupid to say we will play can we just get back to the game, ok so Emmett truth or dare?"

"Dare of course little sis!"

I mentally laughed to myself and lifted my shield so Edward could see my plan and him and Alice started laughing. I guess it would turn out good.


Hey it would be a great help if you guys could comment some truth or dares please please please, I would love you if you could and thank you for reading! :)

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