Cullens Play Truth Or Dare

In this story Alice and Emmett convince Edward and Bella to play truth or dare with the hole family. Renesmee is at Charlie's for the week and Jacob didn't imprint on Renesmee.


3. fun Begins

Bella's P.O.V

"Emmett I dare you to let Alice dress you up as a barbie girl and then you have to dance and sing barbie girl in the mall on the cafeteria table."

"What!!!" Emmett yelled at me. "Rose your not going to let her do this are you?"

"Sorry Em but it will be pretty funny so yes I am going to let her do this."

By now all of us were laughing so hard at Emmett and his reaction.

"Fine come on Alice," Emmett grumbled and up stairs they went.


Sorry I haven't updated in a long time I had mind block so if you guys could suggest some things would be a great help and sorry my chapter is short. love yea :)

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